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Now we are the M/V HOPE
New boat Grand Banks 42 as of March 25 2014
A Quick Update from Dede
Admiral Dede

Hi Everyone. Back on board Lady Lady (for those of you who have NO idea re: her name, don't worry - I have changed it to "Noah's Ark!!"). Brother Phil and I brought the boat across the Chesapeake...w/rain (of course, what other kind of weather do I get when on board!!), and 3-5 foot seas over the bow. As Capt Jim slept below, Phil and I "navigated" our way thur the shipping channel and lost power...Capt Jim arose and helped put up the sails (our other source of power!!!!). We continued thru Kent Narrows, under a 63 ft bridge...only to find a bascule bridge immediately after!! So much for those expenisve cruising guides that tell you everything!! Anyway...guess what...the sun came out!! I had a little difficulty identifying it, but after awhile, I remembered what it was! St Michaels is beautiful...of course, that is when you can get to town because the docks were under water. All well now...looking forward to our departure tomorrow to ???? Stay tuned!!

Brother Phil's Visit!
Phil, - somebody's Brother

Well, obviously Jim slept most of the way on our Cruise! My interpretation of our voyage might be a little different from Jim's, but both are accurate somewhat. It's a good thing Admiral Dede took the helm or we would still be circling Chesapeake Bay! Rain, rain finally went away, and sun came another day...along with 20-30 knot winds! Damn, sailing is a tough sport!
Actually, I have felt very safe with Jim and Dede on board. They unlock my berth for breakfast and dinner, otherwise, I am only allowed limited visiting privileges in the main Salon (kidding of course!). I did venture out today while at St. Michael's and found that all the docks had disappeared! I realized that I wasn't dreaming, they were submerged with a high tide, so I waded to shore, nearly fell on my @#$ several times.
We have a heater on board, a blessing for this Florida guy.
I spent most of the night last night awake rubbing against the dock pilings with strong wind (the boat that is, not me). Dede let me escape this afternoon from my berth to go shopping with her. I was real good, did not spend a lot of money. Dede is a great cook and our meals on board are fantastic! I spend most of my time practicing getting on and off the boat and crunching over to crawl like a tike. Actually, it's great cause when you fall it's not far from the ground.
St. Michael's Md is a very beautiful community and we truely have enjoyed our visit. Tomorrow, I go back to my locked berth down below and we venture to Cambridge, Md. I am trying to be good the rest of the Cruise.
Actually, Jim and Dede are wonderful sailors, great hosts, and loving family.
I am having a wonderful time with them with many cherished memories to take home. I have posted below a pic that i took this afternoon at the St. Michael's Marina dock....Lady Lady is a jewel!
I am headed for shore on Saturday back to Florida.....great trip you guys!
LOL, Bro Phil

10/20/2011 | Donna - somebody's Daughter
Nice docks!!! Can't imagine what they look like when there is really bad weather! Happy to read you finally saw glimmers of the sun, Captain Jim is finally feeling a bit better, and prisoner Phil is kept well. : ) xxoo
St. Michaels
Sick Captain

We have been back to Rhode Island to Peter & Helen's sons wedding -it was beautiful. While we were home unfortunately we were informed that a dear friend had passed away Charlie Preble so we were able to offer our condolences to family. We arrived back in Maryland on a beautiful sunny Tuesday. Brother Phil picked us up and brought us back to the boat. Jim checked things out Phil and Dede went shopping. Wednesday it was windy and raining (so what else is new when Dede and I sail). Jim has come down with a nasty cold so he laid out courses for the crew left standing orders--got Lady off the dock and went to bed. We were going along fine -Jim came up from below and found that our course -although correct was only making 2 kts with wind and current against us---I guess we should have given it a little more gas! Well that was not part of the orders all he said was wake him if the wind shifted weather changed or we were crossing any shipping. He got us going on 'track' again at 5 kts and we made our way through Kent Island Narrows through the draw bridge. Jim put in more courses and went back to bed until St. Michaels. He got us on the dock -we tied up and he was snuggly asleep again!
Thursday--the tide was very high see the photo attached. Phil and Dede went to town to shop--Jim stayed in bed. At noon the captain rose from the dead and joined us for Key Lime Pie lunch! He was well enough to venture into town with us -first stop was a church rummage sale -Jim bought two bikes!!!
Renting bikes in Cape May was four times the cost of buying bikes end of season in St Michaels -we now have mountain bikes for our trip south.

Oh We were home for a week

The reason for the 'silent' nature of the blog is we were vhome from the 10th to the 18th.
We are now back on board and some "hot off the press" stuff will happen.

Sunday Day of Rest
Jim & Dede
10/09/2011, Severna Park Md.

Get rich Quick Scheme !
Count Your Blessings.

Spent the day with Grand Children-Breakfast-Ball game.
A quick trip to West Marine for reefing blocks.

Great Lay Over in severna Park Md.

Jim spent the day in the engine room. Dede spent the day with a sick "Logan". Logan had a high temperature and Dede nursed it back down. The engine had a temperature also and Jim "engineered" that back down. New engine circulating water pump -like the one in a car -replaced along with a new thermostat -a good fresh water flush and new Prestone coolant. All is wonderful now. While at it searched out every possible oil leak and tightened the pan bolts, timing chain cover and top valve cover.
Put new oil absorbing diapers in the bilge and have so far no drips--finally might have a clean bilge.
The weather has turned "PERFECT" 75 degrees and sunny with a 5-10 kt NW wind in the day and 50-60 degrees with calm wind for sleeping!! We could get to like this!!
Boat show tomorrow -trying not to buy any new toys for Lady Lady but the temptation is always there!
Did boat show yesterday--very good show. Bought stuff to control all lines from inside cockpit-no more on deck to reef!!
Dede spent day with grandchildren. Were both happy.

Phot of Lady at the dock last evening.

10/15/2011 | Conrad and kathy
Enjoying your blogs! Rain gone yet? Keep blogs going... We are following you! Enjoy all the small towns along the way. Be careful of the shoaling areas! Lol. Enjoy

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