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Perfect blue adventures
Aaron , fine , cold,cold,cold
06/05/2012, Mackay

Ok I finally got the courage to get wet and fit the new props !
Well my head and hands got wet as I was in my drysuit (Sook)
Any way it only took me around an hour for each one as I was super carefull not drop any pieces(and there are lots of bits on the autostreams)and only sacrificed one Allen key in the process.
Lou and I took the boat for a run to see how the pitch was and we managed to get 10.3 knots sitting on 2700rpm and at 1800rpm we were cruising along at 7.5 knots
I reckon we have a few more knots of hull speed we could squeeze out but I am pretty happy with those figures for the rpm so I will wait untill we head out for a couple of weeks at the reef and maybe a slight adjustment to the pitch then.
I also had a burst of energy today and finished off the saloon upholstery which was only a few buttons in the cushions but they came up pretty good.
Another job that was on the to do list was change the table supports over to a single pedastal so that it can now rotate as well as drop down to enable us a huge day bed come king size bed for any guests that may appear?


06/10/2012 | John Allison
Hi Team,
Good to see you've got the blog and can keep us all updated with whats happening. When do you aim to start travelling, and where's the first destination?
John & Sue xx
06/10/2012 | Aaron
Hey John ,sue
Looking at doing one of the indo rally's next year, still not certain which one yet but then head up thru to Thailand etc!
Any luck with Matilda yet? And what are u guys looking at getting next?
Aaron / 30 deg awesome
04/21/2012, Mackay

So after fixing/repairing the water heater 6 times due to fatigue on the welds from heating/ cooling forty million times which would start to leak!
so I have bought a new 40 litre 240v/ heat exchanger hot water system.
The out side can't rust as it is made from poly and with a 1200 w element it only takes about 20 minutes to heat up.
As with most things installation is never as easy as it should be !
Got it mounted ok on the rear side of the engine bulkhead so I can have a bit more room in the engine bay but when extending the water lines of course I did not have enough on board ( missed by 6 inches)
In the car I went and raced up to the only shop in town that stock the pipe the whole boat is plumbed in( guess what they close at 1 pm on a Saturday) time now was 1:15 Bugger!!!!!!!
Back to the boat and managed to get most if it done except for the engine side so that will have to wait till I get back from work next week.
So far it is going pretty good and we had hot water in about 15 minutes .

12/06/2012 | Roto
So cool to see you my bro ... U rock love u xx
New props.
03/30/2012, Mackay

Well after the lift we found our props were a little on the sad side so after looking around have decided to get some 17 inch autostream feathering props.
They arrived in the mail today so will try to fit them this weekend!
The old ones will get a rebuild from one of guys from work so should be ok to carry as spares just in case one gets damaged but the new ones look pretty bloody solid
Now just have to hold my breath long enough to fit them underwater?

WHAT A JOB 'at least I'm not mowing lawns'
03/20/2012, Mackay

Well after a delay of being able to haul out the boat we have finally got it all done.
However once we got it out of the water what we hoped would be a weekends work we soon discovered how wrong we were!!
Ended up having to strip the hulls all the back and re epoxy primer and then antifoul the hulls!
Thanks to mick ,rob ,Dan,borat and the whole family we ground away for 5 days but got it all done !
And even being a little bit bias LAHARA is looking awesome

03/20/2012 | Aaron Driver
03/30/2012 | Margaret Hamwood
LOL, I'm glad I met you before seeing this photo. :D

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