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10 May 2010 | Horse Shoe Bay, QLD, Australia
09 May 2010 | Magnetic Island, Far North QLD, Austraila
08 May 2010 | Townsville, Far North QLD, Australia
08 May 2010 | Townsville, Far North QLD, Australia
08 May 2010 | Townsville, Far North QLD, Australia
07 May 2010 | Between Bowlers Green and Townsville
07 May 2010 | Townsville, Far North QLD, Australia
05 May 2010 | Shark Bay - Upstart Bay, QLD, Australia
04 May 2010 | Shark Bay
02 May 2010 | Bowen, QLD, Australia
01 May 2010 | Bowen, QLD, Australia
30 April 2010 | Boner Bay, QLD, Australia
28 April 2010 | Nara Inlet
26 April 2010 | Thomas Island, Northside
25 April 2010 | Thomas Island
24 April 2010 | Mackay, QLD, Australia


24 April 2010 | Mackay, QLD, Australia
Lori / 20-25 knots SE - 2.2m seas
We've been in Mackay now for 9 days.
9 long and boring-ish (depending on the collective mood) days.
Sitting in the Marina waiting, waiting and waiting for the most opportune time to sail out.
Funny that. I always thought that one just WENT sailing and Mother Nature bended to the sailboat, I never took into appreciation all that goes into SAILING, such as well the wind. Obviously I knew about the wind, but be MN b-atch was a shock.
So begins our journey, part 1 --- after the dress rehearsal of December, and the lackadaisicalness of it all. (Our 5-week new sailing adventure on our first catamaran La Dolce Vita - which was amazing.)
I'm; we are going to take the life of sailing serious. Okay, I AM.
Miguel is there, oh so already the captain most sailboats need, baby girl is the passenger that all boats and vessels require. The instant injection of joy and laughter and projectile vomit - which incidentally induces the laughter from the stick up the bum -required set schedule mum -...panic attack insuring lady of leisure (whom did manage to turn that to a regimented schedule.... more so than the PPCLI)..E.
But please, please, please, try to understand, I TRY. I Do. A lot. Give a try a lot.
But more about me, sailing, sailing with my husband and our baby. (did I mention at times we can be polar opposites?) Not so much opposite as he is Jupiter and I am Pluto --- before the whole is it a star or is it not a star debate.
I hope to chronicle the savage, the lovely, the loving, the funny the sad, the miniscule, the wonderful of this new adventure of life that we are taking sailing. With us.
Or is it taking us?
P.S - Im still not very *GOOD* crew...oppsie (I'm still all about the magic enjoyment of it, not the hard work of it...)

Tomorrow we are sailing out of Mackay, the weather has turned for a much more comfortable 15-20 knots, 1.7m seas......uh huh, so we can venture to Thomas Island and discover it for the next few days.
We are all at the point of needing, requiring not to see cement.
From there we are heading North.
I type this whilst having a wonderful glass of Pinot Grigio, watching and listening to Miguel getting the boat/engines prepared for tomorrow, and half listening to the 4th viewing of the day of 'Finding Nemo', I smile realizing that this is just the beginning!
And I'm very excited!
Vessel Name: La Dolce Vita
Vessel Make/Model: 2004 - 36ft - Schionning
Hailing Port: Mackay, QLD, Australia
Crew: Mike, Lori, Ever and Nemo
LDV is our first sailing Cat. We are relatively new to the live-aboard-sailing prospect -- with a 21 month old baby and a japanese fighting fish. [...]
Extra: This is the beginning of a wonderful adventure.
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Some photo's of our soon to be released Mike-u-mentary.
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Our first famdamily voyage on La Dolce Vita. We went from Mackay to Airlie, visiting every island in between for 5 weeks. Just magic.
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Who: Mike, Lori, Ever and Nemo
Port: Mackay, QLD, Australia