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10 May 2010 | Horse Shoe Bay, QLD, Australia
09 May 2010 | Magnetic Island, Far North QLD, Austraila
08 May 2010 | Townsville, Far North QLD, Australia
08 May 2010 | Townsville, Far North QLD, Australia
08 May 2010 | Townsville, Far North QLD, Australia
07 May 2010 | Between Bowlers Green and Townsville
07 May 2010 | Townsville, Far North QLD, Australia
05 May 2010 | Shark Bay - Upstart Bay, QLD, Australia
04 May 2010 | Shark Bay
02 May 2010 | Bowen, QLD, Australia
01 May 2010 | Bowen, QLD, Australia
30 April 2010 | Boner Bay, QLD, Australia
28 April 2010 | Nara Inlet
26 April 2010 | Thomas Island, Northside
25 April 2010 | Thomas Island
24 April 2010 | Mackay, QLD, Australia

Stocked and loaded

08 May 2010 | Townsville, Far North QLD, Australia
Lori - landed
Part 2 -

Well, I think I must be the only sailor (when I say sailor, I mean person who goes sailing, I have no affiliation with actual SAILING individuals, whom do the hard work, ie hoisting, steering, navigation - tho I do do it, just not *often*) who GAINS weight whilst sailing. On the water.

I thought it was a complete impossibility, but nope.
We eat WELL. Very well.
And to think, only once has it been FISH. Fresh. Michel oh Capt. Mick Sparrow, where is thee working rods? A trevali, and it was wee, wee, little trevali - we ate him up as a starter whilst I made lunch.

Another time, we had fresh squid. Oh, yummy.
Not plain, no, not plain old boring bbq squidleys for us, we made a salt and pepper batter. We had no actual flour, so we improvised with pancake mix.
You know, the *Just add water and shake* in a plastic bottle pancake mix? Well, it makes a divine sea food batter.

And again, once, (nope twice) I had fresh oysters. The first time, fresh off the rock, smashed out of it's shell (poor little guy - never knew what hit him) and straight into my BELLY!
I attempted them in Gloucester bay with a fresh chilli-mango salsa, but they bad boys were the size of my HAND, and choking one down, was enough - oddly, I am now off the oysters. BLECH!

But I daresay that those are the only times fish / seafood has crossed our lips, bar the stuff we rescue from a can.

I can say with certainty, that we eat well, our freezer and fridges are full of fresh - ish produce, and I manage to consistently have something within easy peasy reach. Plus everything manages to taste so good out on the water. SO GOOD. Chocolate mint cookies with coconut covered chocolate with my evening tea, EVERY night....Thats called civilized. Midnight snacks with Ever? Pfft - a necessity.

But Im not holding my breath for fresh fish tomorrow, Ive stocked us up on fish fingers!

Vessel Name: La Dolce Vita
Vessel Make/Model: 2004 - 36ft - Schionning
Hailing Port: Mackay, QLD, Australia
Crew: Mike, Lori, Ever and Nemo
LDV is our first sailing Cat. We are relatively new to the live-aboard-sailing prospect -- with a 21 month old baby and a japanese fighting fish. [...]
Extra: This is the beginning of a wonderful adventure.
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Created 1 May 2010
Our first famdamily voyage on La Dolce Vita. We went from Mackay to Airlie, visiting every island in between for 5 weeks. Just magic.
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Created 24 April 2010

Who: Mike, Lori, Ever and Nemo
Port: Mackay, QLD, Australia