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life IS beautiful
Stocked and loaded
Lori - landed
05/08/2010, Townsville, Far North QLD, Australia

Part 2 -

Well, I think I must be the only sailor (when I say sailor, I mean person who goes sailing, I have no affiliation with actual SAILING individuals, whom do the hard work, ie hoisting, steering, navigation - tho I do do it, just not *often*) who GAINS weight whilst sailing. On the water.

I thought it was a complete impossibility, but nope.
We eat WELL. Very well.
And to think, only once has it been FISH. Fresh. Michel oh Capt. Mick Sparrow, where is thee working rods? A trevali, and it was wee, wee, little trevali - we ate him up as a starter whilst I made lunch.

Another time, we had fresh squid. Oh, yummy.
Not plain, no, not plain old boring bbq squidleys for us, we made a salt and pepper batter. We had no actual flour, so we improvised with pancake mix.
You know, the *Just add water and shake* in a plastic bottle pancake mix? Well, it makes a divine sea food batter.

And again, once, (nope twice) I had fresh oysters. The first time, fresh off the rock, smashed out of it's shell (poor little guy - never knew what hit him) and straight into my BELLY!
I attempted them in Gloucester bay with a fresh chilli-mango salsa, but they bad boys were the size of my HAND, and choking one down, was enough - oddly, I am now off the oysters. BLECH!

But I daresay that those are the only times fish / seafood has crossed our lips, bar the stuff we rescue from a can.

I can say with certainty, that we eat well, our freezer and fridges are full of fresh - ish produce, and I manage to consistently have something within easy peasy reach. Plus everything manages to taste so good out on the water. SO GOOD. Chocolate mint cookies with coconut covered chocolate with my evening tea, EVERY night....Thats called civilized. Midnight snacks with Ever? Pfft - a necessity.

But Im not holding my breath for fresh fish tomorrow, Ive stocked us up on fish fingers!

6 words that make it all better
Lori / 20-25 Knots SE - 2-3metre seas
05/07/2010, Between Bowlers Green and Townsville

6 little words that made EVERYTHING better. Short of 2 shots of tequila and a cigar (which is NOT what I would of EVER ever ever drank or did before - Mum, not me, no siree).

Today, ahhh today (I know I said I needed a moment, but well, I just need to shoot this off first) had a few crap moments.
I suppose the swelly water (2-3 meters, I mean seriously the swell was almost coming up the back of our boat, it was SMASHING underneath us so hard, that we would HOP, the table would hop - it was yucka make not a lick of sense swell) that gave Ever and I seasickness AGAIN - man oh man, are we tired of that.
It was 20-25 knots of wind, good sailing wind, good good sailing wind. BAD BAD wind for Lori.
Before I begin. Michel is the Captain, no matter what is going on in our relationship, marriage, etc, there is NO equality on this boat. He is the boss, I do as he says. PERIOD. Im so okay with this...

Michel EXPLICITLY gave me instructions to POINT our BOAT to some degree or another towards the wind (details are not really needed). DEAD straight into the wind Lori, DEAD straight so he could pull the main sail down (now, you just wait until my next post about our wonderful MAIN SAIL, and our fun bonding over it yesterday! ohhh ahhhh fun and BONDING?).
So, being we were USING the wind to sail us towards the harbour (so we are NOT dead straight into the wind), I thought, it may be in our best interest and EASIEST for Michel to pull the sail down if I turned the boat to FACE THE WIND.
Oddly enough Michel agreed full heartedly with that!
Unfortunately for Lori, it took time for said boat to move around into the wind. I suppose it must of been expected of me to stop the earths rotation and slip it around, or make text Mother Nature, God, Buddha, Allah, or whom ever and ask for them to do their *thing*, and move the boat INSTANTANEOUSLY dead into the wind.
I didn't, it didn't, and it took time (plus I WAS not too un SCARED (is this a word, I think not) for me to move it SLOWLY, if I went to fast, I would of knocked Michel off the boat with the boom into the water. Which was full of 2-3 meter swells, big tides, waves, current, etc. But I did move it.
Not to Captain Michels happiness or pleasure, and out flies the YELLATHON.
Tempted as I was to join in, I didn't, I walked back into the saloon, and sat down, looking at the gorgeous view, grunting under my breath.

A little hand reaches out for me and in the sweetest voice, batting the longest eyelashes with big blue eyes underneath comes these words: *Mumma, Ever LOVES you SOOOO much.*

Everything is good with the world.

05/07/2010 | Ed & Lil (grandpa & Grandma)
That's quite the blog, holy crap I would have to be knocked out, I give your alot of credit of what you did, like I say my drawers would of been FULL. I am glad that you's all are stationary for now. I bet you had tears in your eyes when Ever said that to you- that got me kinda of chocked up.

Well happy Mother's day to a Wonderful Daughter- Kuddos to you.

Luv you's
30 degrees, and winter has arrived!
Lori / 20-25 Knots SE - 2-3metre seas
05/07/2010, Townsville, Far North QLD, Australia

Part 1.

Let me start by saying - MY GAWD. This is TOWNSVILLE? Its pretty fantastic here, people are OVERTLY super friendly (in the marina), helpful, kind, its rugged, old fashioned, pretty, clean, safe (or the 2KM we walked and know about), nice, sweet, what you expect and want from an OLD-ish town, historic buildings galore - adding to the ambience. A sea museum, a great marina, 2 or 3 more, RESTAURANTS, and pubs, and cafes, taxi ranks,!
What the?
When I was here last in 2005, I truly dont remember this fantastic city being this fantastic (mind you its been 4 short hours.).

Its taken us a lot more LONG hours to get her. Its been a few big crazy days.
Which I shall indulge in eventually, Im hiding them deep down inside! DEEP, deep deep, down inside.
Well not really, but we / am I utterly shattered from today's YELL-a-thon, well to be fair, that lasted 4 seconds! Today was just a continuous of yuck from the day before.

So, as I was rambling (Im watching Masterchief as well-another reason I LOVE being 12KN close to land ((or such) I get some TV to blank out too.) (Oh and Ever and Michel are sleeping, so I get to indulge in way too much chocolate, and super sweet tea.

Tonight, Michel and I and Ever, went out to dinner at "Benny's Wok" on Palmer Street. (This street has BOOMED).
If you dont know, T'ville is a bitter sweet memory for me, as this is my first Port O' Call in 2005 after I left Kabul, Afghanistan. I came here, as a PADI Dive Instructor to become a Commercial Dive Medic. Now if you know your Dive Types, you know that these are like chalk and cheese.
Anywhoooooo- I used to work in Benny's whilst studying and I truly only ate there once. But every night I slaved away, (waitressed-not so much slaved) it was always super busy, which is a good sign.
5 years on, its still super busy, serving mine and Michels favourite wine (Shaw and Smyth - South Australia), and great San Choy Boy, Mongolian Lamb, and something or other duck stir fry!
Ever was at the point of 'DAMN Parentals, it was a massive day on the water for me, I dont wanna eat, I dont wanna drink, I dont wanna have none of your cuddles, I WANT *something* - cant think of it now....' and was pretty irritable, but fell asleep in my ERGO (buy one if you have a child) carrier (child must e under 4 - FYI) on the walk back to the marina.

Soooo - YES, Ive some stories to tell, YES, it was a few big days on the water, and NO, I cant make it humorous or funny right now. I need more tea.

Kisses and love, and WOW - Townsville, Im sure some backpackers book or another can tell you, visit it. Me, on the second round, its so far not so bad.

05/07/2010 | Ed & Lil (granpa & grandma)
What a precious picture of Ever. Sounds like you's are having a great time and have arrived at your destination. have fun touring.

Love you's
Sand dollars abound
Lori / 5 knots SE, NO swell
05/05/2010, Shark Bay - Upstart Bay, QLD, Australia

5May 2010

(Ever GET OFF THE TABLE - awww how cute, she's doing yoga on the table - 'EVER GET OFF THE TABLE'-I'm so easily distracted by cuteness)

Shark Bay.
Picture this...........Australia 2010. (Unknown fact - The film Australia was partially filmed in BOWEN of all places. Where we were stuck ((in a good way Bowen - no bad Karma here) for 3 days. Not 18 hours.)
Michel, Ever and I stumble upon (actually it was well planned upon stopping) Upstart Bay.
To our knowledge not a whole lot is known about it, other than, after sailing 40KN, it's a safe, and covered bay for us to rest and go for the next day.
At the last moment, after a big day of sailing, and all of us being a tad tired, and not wanting to just GO GO GO in the morning, we - Michel (read I) decide to spend the day here.

It's a wonderfully secure bay, with picturesque rocks poking out in the front, and the beach is a sandy coral (I'm so not good at describing....Google it).
Littered with sand dollars, and TIN HOUSES.
This area / bay is secluded from the mainland and supposedly only reachable by boat. (There are no roads leading to It.). (Well rumour has it, EVERYTHING must come by ship)
These houses (I had a good few peaks on our morning beach trek) are super cool! Completely made of tin on all sides and roof, with water tanks, big porches/patios, hammocks, TV aerials, air conditioning....(living life good boys) all with tinnies out front, quads, and little garages.
These places are where the BOYS go, for a week away - from the girls, they rough it, they tough it (or so they will say), they hunt, they fish, they watch the footie, and you get the idea - Michel loved it.
I was very impressed, but still waiting to hear in the distance; the faintest of banjo music playing the theme to Deliverance.
The beaches here, have fantastic rock formations, huge massive Flintstone - esque rocks, the bottoms of which are littered in OYSETERS. On any other day, YUM. But lately for me, I can not even think to eat one, let alone, imagine them in their shells.

So we searched for sand dollars, found some big crabs, ate a chicken roast, watched a baby shovel nose shark flit away from us, saw schools of fish, and all in all had another wonderful day.
Thank you Michel.
MUAAAH HAAAAAAAA UUUUAHHHH (Thats whale for Peace out).

Oh and the photos is of Ever about to go Kite Boarding.

05/05/2010 | Ed & Lil (grandpa & grandma)
You's are having a fantastic time, warm weather-instead of a fireplace on-which is a tad cool over here.
Ever must of enjoyed looking for sand dollars and teasing the fish, sue sure looks cute in her Kite boarding ouitfit- she has more guts than me.
Luv you's.
Shark Bait - I mean Bay
Lori - again with the Lori
05/04/2010, Shark Bay

We've been at sea so long, that Ever now speaks WHALE.
Its a humpback dialect I believe, but it's whale none the less.
I big shout out to that DVD for that, it keeps us in STITCHES laughing, and we are answering her back in Whale.
It works.

We had a big sail yesterday out of Bowen (Didja know that the film AUSTRALIA was filmed in Bowen? Well didja?) Us neither until a wee venture to the Information Booth of activities (aka only play by the park to buy an ice cream), and there it is in Big Old Visit Bowen and Take a Picture Here letters.
So now you know.

Back to the sail, it was big, long, and long. The weather had forcasted 20-25 knots of wind, and minimal swell, so we thought 'Here's our chance- lets go!'
Well, well, well, it was more like 5 knots of winds and no swell.
We puttered along for 8 hours up to Shark Bay. 8 hours.
Not even close.
I admit there are a PLETHORA of worse places to be, than on a sail boat cruising up the East coast of Australia, a PLETHORA.....shout out to my loved ones in Canada - 'How's that snow?' ' Pass the sunscreen'.
But it got a tad much yesterday, we were all in 'Im bored-you're bored-the earth is round-lets argue mode'.
So in order to keep a harmonious marriage (ever the complacent wife I am) - I made countless (23) cups of tea, and opened stash upon stash of chocolate cookie (Thank you Australia for the invention of Tim Tams and Chocolate Slice!)
On long, long sailing days, we eat. Alot.

Care packages most welcome.

05/04/2010 | Karlynn
I would send you a care package, but you taunt us about our snow in May. I am going to eat my chocolate covered coconut macaroons and think of your 8 boring hours. So there.
05/05/2010 | Ed & Lil (grandpa & grandma)
Heh I would take the sunscreen anyday,compared to snow & rain-kinda of crappy here Calgary.
Love you blog ,give the princess hugs & kisses.
Luv you's
05/08/2010 | Deb & Ted
Hi guys, it is wonderful to read all about your travels. Lori have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow. xxx
Wee little disclaimer
Lori - again with the Lori
05/02/2010, Bowen, QLD, Australia

I've just managed to add our photo gallery to the TOC - thats internet-smart-speak for table of contents.
Please be advised that the picture of my pedicure is not one that I have currently (which is not a photo you want to see now anyways - dear god - feet of the dead), but one I really like.

Please do not think I am that leisurely that I spend all the time doing my personal maintenance whilst my husband sails.
I have standards. I help.


05/02/2010 | Lil & Ed(grandpa & grandma)
Thanx for all the pictures and loved your blog.
It was great to talk to you's. The little princess is quite the gal.

Luv you's.
05/02/2010 | Kat, Mat, Cooper
Hey to you all, you look like your having a great time. We miss you all. Love all the pics it looks beautiful xoxox

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