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Rory and Suzie's Excellent Adventure
The adventures of two dry-land farm kids who sell their house, bought and moved onto a boat, get retired, get a dog and prepare to take on the world. What were we thinking?
Picture of Bluewater Lake Campground
07/13/2013, Bluewater Lake, NM

Just a picture

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07/13/2013 | Dad & Mom
Glad to hear you are "One The Road Again!" and that your AC is fixed. Hugs to Denise & Eric when you see them. Beautiful country you are seeing. Stay cool & safe! Dad & mom
New air-conditioner and on the road
07/13/2013, Big Lake, AZ

Well, we finally have a new air-conditioner on the roof. I can't say enough about "Dillon's RV City" in Apache Junction. They called on Thursday and said "the factory left a thermocouple off the heat pump, you have air and furnace, but need a part for heat pump". We needed to get going, stopped in to pick up our coach and they had worked $480 credit for me from the factory. I was blown away at the effort they put in. We still have to get a piece put in in Olympia, but it is all paid for. My brother had been going thru a lung cancer scare, but we found out while we were there, NO CANCER, just a prolonged case of "Valley Fever". He took us out Prickly Pear hunting and we made numerous jars of jam and syrup. It was a great visit, but us "vagabonds" were ready to hit the road. We headed north, up by Sunrise ski area. We arrived at our campsite to find 67 degree temps., quite a drop from 113. It took awhile to find socks and a fleece jacket to wear. Next day we headed east, thru Gallup, NM to Bluewater campgrounds. Nice place nothing real spectacular. We might be getting jaded with all these amazing vistas we are seeing. Today we are back in Gallup, heading north, to the Mesa Verde National Monument. They don't like dogs, but we are going to spend the night and look around. Next few days we are going to hits some spots without reservations, none of the parks have been full, we are going to roll the dice on accomodations. Been pretty easy, we use ReserveAmerica or to set up camping spots.

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07/13/2013 | GB
We very rarely reserve ahead, may not get the perfect spot but then you are not under the gun to be somewhere either.
Can I Have one more bonus check?
07/13/2013, Gallup, NM

Wow, I would like this sale.

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07/13/2013 | GB
And they will probably want them put on after hours, oh, forgot, you just wanted the sale!!
Saga of the lost razor

Couple more months of no shaving

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07/10/2013 | GB
That is quite the crop of whiskers ya got there. Just a little white on the chin, you are gaining on me.
We are still alive!
07/10/2013, Mesa, AZ

Guess I better catch up. We left Winslow, Az headed to Pheonix area. Thru Flagstaff, past Slide Rock park to Sedona. A quick stop in Sedona, to pick up a requested crystal, then on to Mesa. My brother has lived in Mesa for the last couple of years. Our good friends, Mike and Pam Crakes just moved from Prineville to this area this week. We have tried at two places to get our airconditioning replaced. The level of customer service in this area leaves a little to be desired. I guess it is too many years at Les Schwab, and what I would expect. We did find a place and a great young man that is working to get us back on the road. Kudo's to "Dillon's" RV Repair and Brian. Life could be worse, we are staying at my brother's house, 3000 sq ft , a swimming pool and his pickup to drive around. They took us on a tour of the Western tourist spots, we went archery practicing, but it is time to get back on the road. Our next move is north to Eagar, AZ then into New Mexico.

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Zion National Park
07/01/2013, Utah

Our trip thru Zion Park was amazing. Twenty-five bucks to drive thru but well worth it. When we got back to our campsite, our coach air conditioner went belly up. Guess we haven't used it enough in Seattle. We ordered the part and it will meet us in Pheonix. We are spending the night in a motel to stay cool. Moving next to Winslow, AZ. its only supposed to be in the 90's during day and 70's at night.

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07/01/2013 | GB
When we did Zion it did not cost anything, although it may have had something to do with a "Golden Age Pass". Age does have it's advantages sometimes, but not many.

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