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The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.

03 October 2016 | Wash
13 July 2016 | Marina Real dry storage work area
08 July 2016 | Coronado, 4th of July, 2016
08 July 2016 | Facing the Dell at dusk
25 June 2016 | Summerhaven
19 June 2016 | Phoenix
13 June 2016 | To Marina Real Work Area
30 May 2016 | Commodore's Party
15 May 2016
10 May 2016 | On passage
10 May 2016 | San Carlos, Mexico
09 May 2016 | Slip 18, Marina Real
08 May 2016 | The Head

Anne the Sailing Golden Retriever

27 December 2007
Keith, late December, 2007
I only got to sail about two hours during the entire 5 day winter trip to San Carlos. Interestingly, however, I met more friends in that short period than I have in the last 5 months. I took the dogs with me ocean sailing for the first time this trip. They did pretty well. This is Anne as we head out of the harbor cruising downwind on just a slip of foresail. It was so windy, I didn't want to overdo it on their first real sailboat ride (second for Jake, see entry way below on now sold Hobie One and of course the entry about the failed zodiac entry operation less far down) so we came in after only a short experience on the water. All in due time.
Vessel Name: Oz
Vessel Make/Model: Cascade 36
Hailing Port: Tucson, Arizona
Keith is a 40 something year old Family Law Attorney from Tucson, Arizona who somehow managed to develop a love of sailboat cruising and adventure in spite of growing up in the desert. This blog used to be about how I took breaks from a successful career in law to become a coastal cruising sailor. [...]
Extra: Our sailing life has now come full circle back to San Carlos on the Sea Of Cortez.
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