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The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.

03 October 2016 | Wash
13 July 2016 | Marina Real dry storage work area
08 July 2016 | Coronado, 4th of July, 2016
08 July 2016 | Facing the Dell at dusk
25 June 2016 | Summerhaven
19 June 2016 | Phoenix
13 June 2016 | To Marina Real Work Area
30 May 2016 | Commodore's Party
15 May 2016
10 May 2016 | On passage
10 May 2016 | San Carlos, Mexico
09 May 2016 | Slip 18, Marina Real
08 May 2016 | The Head

The Entrance to Hotel Herrera

16 May 2008 | Panama
I'm sitting at the computer in the middle of a steamy night here in Panama. It is very peaceful. No honking horns or construction sounds. Those will start up again in a few hours. A very interesting day today. We met with a lawyer, a civil engineering team, and a restoration architect named Daniel who, along with his partner, took us on a historical tour of the hotel restoration project Matt is working on. Evidently the structure was built by a famous architect from Peru who went on to design many important buildings in Panama. The hotel was originally a house built for a man who later became president of Panama. It has fallen into disrepair, but is in better shape than a lot of the restoration projects going on in this area. In 5 or 10 more years (or less) the entire neighborhood will be restored and will significantly increase in value. The gentleman in the picture is Ernesto, the "caretaker" of the property. At first we had to yell through the door for Ernesto to let us in, but today the lady in the internet cafe downstairs revealed the secret entrance. The hotel may not look like much now, but just wait until its done. I have to admit I enjoyed taking part in the world of property development over the last long week. Tomorrow (or should I say later this morning) my already rescheduled flight leaves for Atlanta and then Tucson. This adventure has really flown by. When I return home, it will finally be time to pack up and head off to the big sailing trip.
Vessel Name: Oz
Vessel Make/Model: Cascade 36
Hailing Port: Tucson, Arizona
Keith is a 40 something year old Family Law Attorney from Tucson, Arizona who somehow managed to develop a love of sailboat cruising and adventure in spite of growing up in the desert. This blog used to be about how I took breaks from a successful career in law to become a coastal cruising sailor. [...]
Extra: Our sailing life has now come full circle back to San Carlos on the Sea Of Cortez.
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