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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
Video of early morning hike up Esperero Trail
01/25/2012, Sabino Canyon

While awaiting the completion of basic ocean cruising upgrades, check out a glimpse of a recent hike at Sabino Canyon.

The Plan
Cold, but nice - maybe I can take the baby in the stoller outside today
01/18/2012, Boulder Canyon

Sarah and Keith's late-model Catalina 25 is much more modest, in terms of cost and expenses, than my last sailboat. I was under a somewhat severe budget this time and needed to get the most safety and comfort for the buck. The Wing is a pretty solid platform, considering its size, but I've begun moving forward on some relatively minor upgrades to make the sailboat safer and more comfortable for family cruising. The following is my current project list: Replace crazed and cracked plexi-windows so the view to the outside is more pristine; install large capacity porta-potty (the sailboat has a designated head space, but it does not appear this boat was sailed very much at all, particularly for periods of time requiring a porta-potty - better to start fresh with a modern new one); add basic depth sounder and chartplotter unit (it already has through-hulls for depth and analog speed wheel - I would like to get that hooked up as well so as to better gauge current.) It's also going to need a back-up anchor set-up in a quick deploy duffel... and a zodiac... and a small motor for that... and a few of those roll-up solar panels to add to the old-school panel when needed. Several of the projects are already underway at the Sailboat Shop at Lake Pleasant in Phoenix. When they are completed in a few weeks or so, I'm hoping to do another sail with Lynn and Dale, then overnight on the sailboat at Pleasant if possible, then take the mast down the next morning and bring her back to Tucson to store until the next sailing trip. When and where will that be. Stay tuned groupies.

It sails well
01/09/2012, Lake Pleasant, Arizona

I like this sailboat. Sturdy, but nimble. Roomy inside, considering it is 25 feet and trailers behind my 3/4 ton truck. I like the sailing rig too. Powers comfortably - safely. We have a larger and a smaller jib, but the Catalina hank-on 110 was just right for the 10-12 knot winds. Sarah thought it was too slow, but, having sailed in the open ocean, I prefer to sacrifice speed for sturdy. This '87 Catalina 25 Wing Keel is a very nice combination of the two. Perhaps there will be a time when Sarah will get the speed she imagines or even beyond her imagination. Our first sail was safe and largely uneventful. Lynn and Dale, the previous owners of the boat, gave us a nice introduction to the boat's particulars and when we finished, they agreed to go sailing with us again to go over more of the boat's systems. Here's to lots of pleasant adventures ahead.

Sarah at the Helm with Keith at her Side on our Catalina 25 Wing
Sunny, good wind, and nice
01/09/2012, Lake Pleasant


Sailing Life Back On
12/17/2011, Boulder Canyon, Tucson

Is it possible to have the good and the great, in one life, at the same time. That's what we're going to find out. Catalina 25 Wing Keel. Yet to be named. The new Singer Family Cruising Sailboat.

12/12/2011, Boulder Canyon 2

This seemingly unappetizing pot is the amazing Cholent that my father in law taught me how to make last Friday afternoon. My contribution was to holding the baby in the sling while she slept and video taping him on the HD camera for posterity. Now our children's children can watch and learn how to make the delicious, authentic, yet slightly southwestern version of this ancient dish eaten on the sabbath by our people since ancient times. Those meatball looking things are actually dumplings which have been soaking up the cholenty goodness at 250 degrees for like 10 hours overnight. Sarah and I tried it at 6:00 in the morning on Saturday, then had it for late breakfast again later that morning. Sooo good. Then we headed off to Phoenix with the baby for her company party, which took place at the Museum of Modern Art. Woke up at the hotel today and, after breakfast, drove up to Lake Pleasant to look at a sailboat I've had my eye on. I was kind of hoping it would be nasty close up so I wouldn't want it. The opposite turned out to be true. It is in great condition. Better than my last Catalina 25, newer and with better equipment. Though perplexed and understandably unnerved by my sailing compulsion, my wife has nonetheless determined to be supportive. Thanks, Sarah. However, I've written about getting back into it before and nothing came of it, so don't hold your breath. The next post could be of the new sailboat.... or just food.

Keith at the Helm of the Star of India
Keith, cool and sunny.
12/01/2011, San Diego, California

My father in law and I visited several of the old tall ships, submarines, and steam transport and pleasure vessels on display near downtown San Diego, California. Great fun! Nice collection. I bet you can get into a very solid grove on that big boat if the sails are trimmed right and the conditions permit.

Three years from my last sail in a cruising sailboat
Keith, chilly outside. One of the two gas heating zones on a bit to keep off the chill
11/29/2011, Tucson, new house

An incredible trip so far. It's not yet 5:00 in the morning and I'm holding the baby in the front-pack carrier while she sleeps after my middle of the night feed. Our little girl is already sleeping long periods in the night, so the late night feed I pride myself in has become more of an early morning feed. Means more uninterrupted sleep for us. I almost get to sleep as much as before. It is worth comparing the life of sailboat cruiser and taking care of an infant child. The constant attention, maintenance, noises, keep you up at night... but also bringing great joy, satisfaction, and taking you where you cannot go by yourself. For those that combine the two, wow.

I actually convinced myself to buy another sailboat a few weeks back. A kick-ass blue water coaster cruiser that would almost fit into our extended garage. Sarah agreed to let me get it, bless her. Then I came to my senses momentarily and accepted that maybe it is best to just charter, considering my marriage and kid and all that sort of thing. The link to the boat, for as long as its up, is

Sarah and I were actually at Coronado boat rental a few days ago to do her first sailing experience. Sadly, we got there too late in the day and they weren't sending boats out. The winds were too light anyway, even for a beginner. Sarah mentioned as we left that she learned her first lesson about sailing and I told her she was right. It seems that there may already be a few couples that are interested to charter a big, nice sailing boat with us in some exotic place. While in San Diego for the Thanksgiving holiday, I toured the historic sailboats and submarines near downtown. It reminded me of the rigors of the sea... and the amazement of crossing them, exploring from the sailboat what lies on the other side, and then returning safely home.

The Next Greatest Adventure
Keith, nice
09/30/2011, St. Joseph's NICU

Today we are taking Celia home from the hospital!! And, I'm sad to say, Jake has joined Anne in eternal rest. Jake was a great dog and he stayed with us until shortly after our daughter was born. So now it's just Sarah, Celia and Keith. Three years ago I was sailing and could only dream of this kind of adventure.

Its been almost a year
Very early summer, starting to get hot, but still nice
05/01/2011, Boulder Canyon

Hello blog groupies! It's been 10 months since I last posted. Almost a year since I tied the knot. It's been 3 years since I returned from the sailing trip down the ICW, across to the Bahamas, down to Little Harbor, and back. Much has happened since. I got married! We're expecting! Anne gone to eternal rest. Grandpa Jake enjoying himself more than ever. Me too. My law practice is as busy as it was before I left, only better. Life has been good to me so far. I can't deny I sometimes miss the vagabond life of a solo sailor, but this new life is good too. How I passed so much time alone, on a boat, with the dogs, seems a mystery to me now. And yet I still think about how I can do it again. Don't worry yourselves, dear groupies, my sailing life isn't over, its just on hiatus. I'm quite sure my greatest sailing adventures, and my greatest adventures otherwise, are yet to come. Perhaps some of you will still have that auto-e-mail alert to let you know when I post them. If not, new groupies will fill the void... and if not internet groupies, family groupies. I'll try not to let another year pass before posting. Thank you for all of your comments and support. When I read back through the blog, that is what touches me the most. At this moment I can remember the times when my internet connection was so weak I couldn't even post a small picture. I remember times when I was living on Tropical Dreamer, anchored off Green Turtle Key, watching the spectacular sunrise, feeling the wake rocking the boat from the ferry several times each day. Those were lonely times, but adventurous times.


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