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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.

Jake on his first sailboat ride at Patagonia Lake in southern, Arizona. Cousin and other Golden, Anne waiting on the dock.

Hobie One at Lake Pleasant

Arizona sunset

Keith - Late summer - very early fall
09/22/2007, Tucson, Arizona

I've always wanted to name a sailing boat Lemon's Way in honor of my grandfather, Leonard Rofey of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, may he rest in peace; but I was worried people would think I was referring to the quality of the boat rather than the quality of my Pupup. Lemons was his nickname referring to his once golden yellow hair. Pupup (as I call him) may never have stepped foot on a sailboat, but what I'm trying to honor by the title of this sailing blog is his spirit of living for the day and not being willing/able to settle for a mundane life of daily toil. He worked during his life, just like I have, but in the end Pupup didn't have much to show for it. Nevertheless, there was another more adventurous side of Lemons. Not adventurous like sailing around the world. He and his cronies were the last of the old school east coast city hustlers who lived large, gambled big, skirted the edge of the law, and eventually found themselves in their 70s sharing toasted rye bread and decaf coffee at the donut shop each day before car pooling to the race track in search of that old feeling not quite possible to achieve through $2-$15 bets. If you asked him, Pupup never did worse than break even after a day of gambling on the horses. I'll try to employ the same attitude in this sailing blog. Anyway, Pupup's vice is a lot like sailing, except that ocean sailing is probably less economically sound than throwing an equivalent amount of money away over the years on the daily double and the trifecta. So even if in the end I have nothing of substance to show for it, at least I'll have this blog so that friends, family, and any interested dreamers can join my sailing adventures.


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