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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
Teen Sailing School in Annapolis
Keith - early October, 2007

If I get really hard up for work, there's always this.

View from Annapolis On Land
Keith - early October, 2007

Looking into town.

Walking to Annapolis
Keith, early October, 2007

It was so beautiful, I didn't want to leave right away so I spent a day provisioning and walking into Annapolis. What a perfect place to start this sailing adventure.

Spa Creek Anchorage
Keith - late September, 2007

The view walking to shop.

First Night By Myself on the Chesapeake
Keith - late September, 2007
10/07/2007, Spa Creek, Annapolis

I decided to sail the boat around instead of shipping it across the country. Saved me about $7,500 bucks. I'm so glad I made that choice even though I had no idea what was in store for me. As I write this I've been sailing and motor sailing down the Chesapeake for about a week and I can see why it is considered some of the best cruising grounds in the USA. I never would have thought to experience this area but it has been simply beautiful and relaxing. The weather has been perfect for getting to know the workings of this machine. The picture shows what the sunset looks like this time of year in the dozens and dozens and dozens of rivers and creeks that flow into the Chesapeake and which are deep enough to anchor in. This place is like the United States Sea of Cortez.

Tropical Dreamer and Her Caretakers, Ken and Carol
Keith - late September, 2007
10/07/2007, Spa Creek, Annapolis

This is the 1995 Catalina 36 mkII tall rig and Ken and Carol, who took such good care of her from the time she was commissioned until late September, 2007. What great adventures await in this comfortable, rugged, and well equipped magic carpet.

View From the Window, First Morning
Keith - late September, 2007
10/07/2007, Spa Creek, Annapolis

Ken had me sleep in the front cabin that first night and I was quite comfortable, however, as I fell asleep, I was freaking out thinking that I was in way over my head. When I awoke to that simple view, I knew all was well.

Flying Across the Country for a Sailboat
Keith - late September, 2007
10/07/2007, Tucson, Arizona

This is me as I take off from Tucson to Baltimore Washington International to inspect and possibly buy Tropical Dreamer. Notice the apprehensive look on my face. A fitting expression for what I am about to do.

Sydney and Brett Sailing
Keith - 2004
09/25/2007, Coronado Island

Niece Sydney and Nephew Brett sailing what I understand is a Sabot in Coronado bay near the yacht club. This is a priceless image.

View from the Motorhome Window at Sunset
Keith - July, 2007
09/25/2007, RV Park San Carlos, Mexico

One of the best things about traveling in general and sailing in particular is that I get to really enjoy the sunrises and the sunsets. The light during these times... sublime.


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