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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
Those 16 Inch Guns from Deck View
Keith - mid-October, 2007
10/13/2007, Norfolk, VA

Touring the exterior deck of the Battleship is free. I looked through all the portholes. Its like a view into history. It even has that old army smell. This ship saw battle in every war from WWII to Desert Storm.

USS Wisconson Battleship from Town
Keith - mid-October, 2007
10/13/2007, Morfolk, VA


Tall Ship in Norfolk
Keith - mid-October, 2007

This is a tour boat. It goes out every day for cruises around the harbor for a reasonable flat rate per person. Like the paddle boat ferry, it actually runs on diesel power.

Tropical Dreamer in Norfolk at Sunset
Keith - October 9, 2007

This was either right before or right after my little birthday party that I threw for myself on board. Steak and veggies dinner and all.

City View From Norfolk Anchorage
Keith - early October, 2007


War Ships Along Norfolk Harbor
Keith - early October, 2007

It took my well over an hour just to cruise through Norfolk Harbor. It was the deepest water I encountered thus far - 50 feet deep or more. I can see why this is such a perfect port - deep and well protected. I didn't know exactly where to go but I wound up just where I wanted to be, the anchorage opposite the city of Norfolk.

One of the Many Sailboats that Crossed My Path
Keith - early October, 2007
10/10/2007, On the Way to Norfork, VA

I tend to get passed by a lot of other sailboats, not because Tropical Dreamer is not fast, but because I tend not to run the engine too fast at this juncture. Ken says it can cruise at at least 6 knots or more. I tend to motor sail at between 5 and 6 so far. I get great gas mileage and I preserve my engine. What's the rush anyway.

Sunrise On the Way to Norfolk
Keith - early October, 2007
10/10/2007, Deltavilla, VA

The view of the sun rising from the water is one of the most beautiful views available to the mariner.

This Is How They Bring Cruising Boats Out of the Water
Keith - early October, 2007
10/10/2007, Deltaville Marina

This sailboat is well over 40 feet. It was sailed by a British couple. I noticed some scratching of the keel at the bottom. The gentleman informed me that happened around Cuba.

Country Road
Keith - early October, 2007

This is the view down the road back to the marina as I ride one of the marina bicycles back from an adventure in town.


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