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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
Off On Another Sailing Adventure in Mexico
Keith - late December, 2007
12/27/2007, Hermosillo Toll Area

I took the last week of the year off and headed down to San Carlos, Mexico with Jake and Anne to get them more acclimated to sailing (I do it for them, of course). We flew the Bounder. Evidently, there are quite a few other people who travel to Mexico for the holidays because the line of cars before this toll lasted for well over an hour.

Hobie One is Sold
12/16/2007, Tucson, Arizona

This is the gentleman who purchased the Hobie One yesterday as he is about to drive away. In preparation for long-term cruising, I've started to sell many of the toys I accumulated when I was experiencing the trial lawyer life, including the Hobie One. While I was going through the boat with the purchaser, another guy was taking my Honda VTX 1300 for a test ride. He put a deposit on it and it will be gone by early this week. It doesn't make sense to possess all of these material objects if they just have to be stored while I am gone. The Hobie One has a sentimental place in my heart because it was the first sailboat I ever purchased and owned. Going to have to put Sailing Arizona on hold for now while I go ocean cruising. That little boat sure could fly when the wind kicked up. Hold on tight then, Robert.

40 days after cruising
12/02/2007, The Law Office of Keith A. Singer, Tucson, Arizona

At my desk at the Law Office. This photo was taken recently for my Collaborative Divorce listing and bio ( This time next year that whole scene will be but a compelling memory. I've decided to depart in May of 2008 for a long-term sailing and travel adventure.

20 Days After Cruising
11/09/2007, Tucson, Arizona

It's been about 20 days since I took my last cruising adventure. I've been litigating during most of my waking hours since then. Trial after trial, Client prep meeting after Client prep meeting. Reviewing Legal Assistant work product and supervising and prioritizing their projects. What the hell happened - I was on the water road to the Bahamas and instead I'm lying in bed awake at 2:35 in the morning reading other people's blogs because I'm too worked up from litigating to sleep properly. Giving up the good to go for the great takes a lot of courage, but maybe its not as crazy as the alternative.

County BBQ Lunch at Kings
Keith - late October, 2007
10/20/2007, Along the way to Rollie, NC

Even though I ate the rest of the country dinner in the early morning hours while I prepared Tropical Dreamer for storage, and even though I had just eaten a country breakfast at the Waffle House, I couldn't resist the country BBQ lunch buffet for $6.95 at Kings. I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say it was gluttonous. So much so that I had to pull into the back of a gas station and take a power nap in order to make it to Rollie Airport without getting too sleepy.

Breakfast In New Berg, NC
Keith, late October, 2007

No trip to the south is complete without a final breakfast at the Waffle House. The amount of southern drawl flying 'round in that diner was heart warming.

Rental Car to Get Back to Tucson
Keith - late October, 2007
10/20/2007, New Berg Airport, NC

The last day was long but surprisingly trouble free. Showered in the marina guest room, arranged a taxi from Oriental to New Berg (about 30 miles away), picked up a rental car at the New Berg Airport (all they had was this blue PT Cruiser - fun little thing with a four-banger engine that gets good mileage without seriously lacking in power), drove the 120 some miles from New Berg to Rollie, dropped off the car, caught a free Southwest Airlines (thanks to my parents giving me a free one way voucher) flight from Rollie to Chicago and then to Tucson, and then I was back. And here I am typing from my kitchen again in Tucson, Arizona.

One of the Churches in Oriental
Keith, 2007

After the boat was secured on the hard, I headed into town for a final meal. Along the way I came across this woman in a church washing the windows. I tried to capture the image but she turned away as soon as she saw me. I encountered many, many churches during my first voyage in Tropical Dreamer. Oriental had several and their population is less then 1000. Anyway, I arrived into town after a nice walk and had an incredible dinner at this country food place. Sweet tea (actually I mixed mine with regular since I'm still a lightweight), fried okra, salad, collards, chicken fried steak with pepper creme gravy, and these incredible hush puppies - a cross between fried dough and a corn bread donut. I couldn't eat it all and carried a plate home to eat later on that night.

Tropical Dreamer Blocked and Stored on the Hard
Keith - late October, 2007
10/20/2007, Oriental, NC

This is where I spent the last night. They set me up with shore power so I had lights, refrigeration, TV and Radio for comfort as I prepared her for storage. Getting up and down that ladder in the drizzling rain that night was a bit precarious, as was getting my luggage and other equipment down by myself. Don't know what I would have done if Jake and Anne would have been there. They couldn't have spent the night on the boat.

Going to the Hard
Keith, late October, 2007
10/20/2007, Oriental, NC



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