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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
The Dogs After a Mountain Hike
02/16/2008, Mt. Lemmon, Tucson, Arizona

This is a photo of Jake and Anne in the back of my truck up at Mt. Lemmon after a hike up the Molino Basin trail. I take this hike every week or two, often with my cousin Jodi and her dogs. Mt. Lemmon is a huge national recreation area on the north side of Tucson, Arizona where I was born and raised and where I currently reside. The name has nothing to do with the name of the blog, though it is a nice coincidence. Sometimes I take the Bounder up for weekend trips here, but not lately because I've been working too much. But not for too much longer. I know my last several blogs have little to do with sailing, but I'm blogging even so.

Remembering Sailing Days
02/09/2008, Sea of Cortez (the picture), Tucson (presently)

Still working my way towards my next adventure.

Keith with Backpacking Friends
Keith - early 21st Century
01/28/2008, Poland

This is a random picture of me with random friends made on a backpacking trip through Europe a few years ago. Since then, I seem to have gotten old. I would like to do another such trip before too long, but I don't think hostels take dogs...

Sunset at Keith's house
Keith, mid-January, 2008
01/15/2008, Tucson, Arizona

This is the view from my backyard at sunset. The digital photo doesn't really capture it. Winter brings incredible sunsets to Tucson. Maybe that's where I learned it. I need to start advertising the rental of my home so I don't have to pay the mortgage while I'm gone, but I just can't bring myself to want to rent it. We'll see. Maybe just to low-impact winter visitors.

Back to Litigating
Keith, mid January, 2008
01/11/2008, Tucson

What more can I say except that I'll write again when I go back on the sailing adventure.

...Except this. In the meantime, I'm back to the litigation adventure. Finishing the existing cases and starting to shut er down. I have been taking on a few short term things, but I'm going to stop doing that too. It's hard to leave in certain ways.

The picture is from my first trip on Tropical Dreamer in October of 2007. The intercoastal waterway from Annapolis to Oriental, NC. I was on the water early that morning as the sun came up. I seem to be having fun according to the look on my face.

This morning I am in my kitchen along the foothills of northern, Tucson, Arizona. I am similarly awaiting the sunrise. Then going to pick up the Bounder from the shop later this morning (I'm getting it ready for the long trip this summer) and then I'll head into work.

I have a nice view from this stool of the city lights below and the growing light above. The city has been covered by fog some recent mornings, which is unusual for the desert in my experience. And we have had quite a lot of rain fall this winter, I think. The wash has been running for weeks. Jake loves that. He is a major water dog.

It is 6:48 a.m. The sun doesn't fully come up for another hour or so. It is beginning to get a very beautiful blue in the east as the sun rises behind the mountains surrounding this valley. I like to be outside walking the dogs then. Jake is nudging my arm to say they want to experience the morning too. Anne growls lightly in affirmation. I've just made coffee and set out the medications and vitamin, so we're cleared for take off.

I presently walk them every day. This will be a challenge on the water, of course. I try and take them on a walk where they can run free if possible. Golden Retrievers are positive, good natured sporting dogs. They love to run and explore and be active. They also love to sleep a lot. I want to be more like that.

Another Cruiser Heading Out for the Season While I Head Home
Keith, late December, 207
12/27/2007, Marina Seca

As I made arrangements for the tractor to pull Singmeaway back to the hard, this huge sailboat was on its way in. Once again I'm heading home just as the sailing community is heading off to adventure. The word going round was that any very large deep draft boats had to get into the water that day or wait until April due to seasonal low water conditions at the San Carlos Marina. The only alternative would be to to drop the mast, truck over to Marina Real (which evidently has a deeper ramp), raise the mast, and then launch. Much more expensive and difficult. I don't know if he made it in as I was on the road home by around noon. And here I am, unpacking and slowly getting back into the swing of things here in Tucson. Until next time.

Singmeaway Ready to Be Pulled Out
Keith, late December, 2007
12/27/2007, San Carlos, Marina

This is where the boat sat the entire time it was in the water except for the short sail I accomplished with Jake and Anne. Having it there gave me a measure of legitimacy at least in my mind. You could see it at the end of the ramp dock during the yacht club Christmas dinner (commencing with drinks at 1:00 p.m.).

The Bounder At Sunrise in San Carlos, Mexico
Keith, late December, 2007

I was able to walk the dogs half-way across the harbor from this spot.

Morning in San Carlos
Keith, late December, 207

I think I am a sun worshiper. Like the ancient people or something like that. Watching it come up and go down are my favorite times of day. When traveling generally and cruising on a sailboat specifically, there are often great sun watching experiences. When working, I sometimes miss the sunrise and often miss the sunset because the work is dictating the schedule. Litigation doesn't give a damn about that aspect of nature. My camping spot was situated so that I caught the sunrise from one side over the marina and the sunset from the other side behind the tetas. The placement of the sun (you know it rises and sets more or less north or south depending on the time of year) was right on center of both from where I sat. When you got all that going on nature-wise, you know you are where you should be at my brothers and sisters.

Anne the Sailing Golden Retriever
Keith, late December, 2007

I only got to sail about two hours during the entire 5 day winter trip to San Carlos. Interestingly, however, I met more friends in that short period than I have in the last 5 months. I took the dogs with me ocean sailing for the first time this trip. They did pretty well. This is Anne as we head out of the harbor cruising downwind on just a slip of foresail. It was so windy, I didn't want to overdo it on their first real sailboat ride (second for Jake, see entry way below on now sold Hobie One and of course the entry about the failed zodiac entry operation less far down) so we came in after only a short experience on the water. All in due time.


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