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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
03/09/2008, Molino Basin

I took the dogs up for an overnight RV adventure to one of my favorite camp sites at Mt. Lemmon. It's about a 1/2 hour drive from the Bounder's storage spot.

Desert Morning Light
03/08/2008, Kitchen, Tucson

The view out my kitchen window on a workday morning.

The Price of Not Sailing (One of Them)
03/08/2008, Kitchen, Tucson


Another Sunrise at the Wash

I've got a huge trial starting today. The wash is very often the calm before the storm in my present life.

Flying in Tucson

Driving back from Mt. Lemmon, I happened along this hot air balloon flying low and crossing the way. When the conditions are right, Tucson is a spectacular place to fly. Some of these mornings lately have been making me long for my ultralight days.

Anne Backyard Morning
03/02/2008, Tucson


The Wash at Winter Morning's Light
03/01/2008, Tucson, Pantano Road

I'll be back to sailing in May, until then all I can do is continue to read the sailblogs of others, share the images and thoughts of the present, and work diligently to complete what I must get done in the next 60 days.

Sailor's Bliss

I dug up this picture from last October's adventures on the ICW.

A Wash Runs In the Desert
02/29/2008, Tucson

Who says there's no running water in southern, Arizona. The wash has been running for months. I've never experienced anything like it in all my years here. It comes from the Catalina mountains to the north of us. The weather conditions this past Fall and Winter have put an incredible amount of water up there. This is where it runs on its way down into the valley of the sun. The County has constructed large concrete sides to this watershed and upon these are the graded trails that we walk almost daily. Jake has been loving the water, no matter how cold. For months, I've been toweling them dry and clean when we get home from the back of the truck. My floors are not so thrilled anymore either.

Tucson Morning Routine
02/29/2008, Cloud Rd.

Driving to the wash early in the morning to take the dogs and myself for a walk. This is the neighborhood I was raised in. It is getting to be that time of year when the sun rises just in time to fit perfectly into my work routine. Sunsets are also happening right around the time I arrive home from work. I like those times of day. Peaceful.


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