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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
A Fitting Stop
Keith, Spring
04/06/2008, Chiricahua National Monument

This was about as high as I could bike up the mountain. I went a big farther and turned around at China Boy formation.

Camping Breakfast, Keith Style
04/06/2008, Parked outside the monument

Those are eggs in a basket (or whatever you call them), raspberries, cut grapes, and sliced bananna, and ice water. Nobody said adventure travel had to be uncivilized.

White Tail Deer
Keith, Spring
04/06/2008, Chiricuahua National Monument

Deer were everywhere. In the fields, gullies, along the creek bed. This one let me get pretty close - so close I wouldn't go any closer for fear he would charge me. He's got that look.

Organ Pipe Formation
Keith, Spring
04/06/2008, Chiricahua National Monument

Using the timer I was able to capture yesterday's adventure while it was happening. Such beauty, thank goodness it is protected.

Land Cruising Over The Weekend
04/06/2008, Chiricahua National Monument

This was my camping spot last night. The picture was taken early this morning while I was walking the dogs. It is just outside the monument. My rig is too big to camp at the Bonita Campground. All the better as I had the site all to myself and it was so peaceful and beautiful and all that kind of stuff. You can see my bike (circa 1989) that I took half-way up the mountain range. That was hard. I napped after lunch yesterday when I returned from that ride. But the views... Wow.

My Sister and Neices and Nephew Having a Picnic In The Salt Lake City Airport
Keith, Spring 2008

I went skiing a few weeks ago with family and friends in Park City, Utah. Great time!

Home Made Spinich Salad
04/02/2008, Tucson


Old Floor
Keith - Spring
04/02/2008, Prison Camp, Mt. Lemmon, Tucson

I was hiking with the dogs through the ruins of the Prison Camp buildings and came across the last vestiges of what looks like a linoleum floor. I became fascinated with it. The tiles were almost completely removed (a very difficult job for those who have ever had the misfortune) except at the corner of the room, as if a bulldozer and demolition crew failed to complete their job entirely. As I studied other foundations, I discovered the same phenomenon again and again. I identified two colors which were used, a creme and a flaked red, presumably to match the red concrete floors they experimented with. Prison Camp was a Japanese internment and work camp during WWII. They helped build the Catalina Highway up Mt. Lemmon. I was taught about the internment camps in school, but I didn't know at the time we had one just outside of Tucson.

Prison Camp Campsite
Keith - Spring
04/02/2008, Mt. Lemmon


Keith At the Helm of the Bounder
04/02/2008, Driving up Mt. Lemmon near Tucson



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