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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
The Hydrovane
05/06/2008, Boulder Canyon

I worked hard today, as hard or harder than when I was litigating. I did a bit of that too today, speaking to a client over the phone. I don't want to bore you, but I exchanged the 24 inch sandpaper with the 21 inch... it's already boring. The interesting thing is at the very end of the day the UPS guy came and delivered the Hydrovane. $180 or so in import duties. The driver wasn't sure how to handle it. We don't get a lot of Hydrovanes delivered to Tucson, Arizona. Tomorrow I leave for a week in Panama.

Bye Bye Excessive Personal Possessions
05/06/2008, Boulder Canyon

Still, so much to do today. Drop off the ice machine (sorry it can't come along), finish packing, try and get the Bounder to the shop for oil and final service, get the dogs set up. And much much more. Maybe I'll check in at the end of the day.

The Pile Coming With Us
05/04/2008, Keith's Garage

I've basically divided my things into catagories. There are the items for long-term storage in the POD; the items being donated or thown away; the items you see here, which are coming with us on the Bounder and perhaps onto Tropical Dreamer; and the furniture, which is still in my house and may very well have to be stored later. Supposedly the house shows better to renters furnished. A tribute to my Mother, who purchased most everything in my house and donated it to me when she replaced the items with better ones. The BMW Funduro 650 on the right is actually going down the center of the POD with racheting straps to secure it. The Zuma 50 is coming with us! It will be secured to a Versahaul hanging from the tow hitch of the Bounder. I call it the Rover... And yes, that is indeed a double decker steamer coming along on the adventure.

More Desert Bloom
05/04/2008, Keith's house


The Prickly Pear Are Starting to Bloom
05/04/2008, Boulder Canyon Place


Singmeaway Consigned For Sail
05/03/2008, Sailboat Shop, Lake Pleasant, Arizona

I picked-up the Catalina 25 from the yard and drove up to far North Phoenix today to consign her at the Sailboat Shop. Things went smoothly. They said she was the best looking boat in the yard. That thanks to my friend in Tucson who helped me to get her ready.

My Former Life Being Stored
05/03/2008, Boulder Canyon, Tucson

This photo depicts pretty much just law office storage. I've still got to store my personal items from my house. That doesn't include the furniture (thanks for the spelling correction, Sydney). It will require at least another pod if the potential tenants want the place unfurnished.

The View From Boulder Canyon
05/02/2008, Tucson, Arizona

I will miss this view, especially at sunrise and sunset. I'm presently waiting for a freind to arrive to help me move some of the heavy furnature from my office to the extra bedroom at my house. Yesterday I spent time with another friend who is meeting me on the east coast to install the new equipment on the boat in North Carolina. He is already creating templates for the timber pads on the Hydrovane, which is supposed to arrive on Monday from England. Friends. Replacing work relationships. Nice.

The Pod Arrives
04/30/2008, Keith's House at Boulder Canyon

It's really happening! I started to feel the excitement when the truck arrived with the POD this morning. The next several days will involve storing things from the office and the house. Lots of things to be done in preparation for upcoming adventure.

Wind Generator Arrives
04/29/2008, Keith's House At Boulder Canyon

Things are really starting to transition to travel and adventure mode. First the 9 foot poles arrived. They will be used to mount the system. This morning I looked outside my front door and the generator itself was sitting there. I couldn't wait to open it up and have a look.


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