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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
The Pacific View
05/14/2008, Near Coiba, Panama


Coco, Our Next Door Neighbor in the Jungle
05/14/2008, Near Coiba, Panama

and her adopted dog.

Keith and Mark In Front of Panama City

Mark left yesterday early in the morning. This photo was taken the day before after we returned from several days traveling to this surf camp town in the middle of the jungle. Along the way we looked at lots of real estate projects. This place appears to be booming economically in spite of the slowdown in the United States. It is exciting to see. I am presently staying with Matt at the home of a real estate agent from Germany named Albert. Matt is going to be staying here a lot more as an on-site developer and Albert has offered one of his extra rooms. Among our adventures yesterday was going to the air conditioning store to buy a new window unit for Matt's room. Air conditioning is next to a necessity here. It is certainly possible to get used to the steamy tropical weather. Most houses out of the city don't even have glass windows. They use ornate bricks which allow the breeze to come in. But these are people who grew up here and are used to that. It's easy for a newcomer to break out in an almost uncontrollable sweat in Panama in certain situations. When that happens, air conditioning is the best cure. It also feels very nice to come into the air conditioning from the outside. Considering how sticky it is here, I am thinking more about sailing north during the summer. But October and November are supposed to be the rainiest months of the year here so it may just be that down south it is like this. One day at a time for now. I got to skype with Jenn last night and she showed me the dogs while I spoke with the whole family over free video link from Panama to Tucson. Amazing. And this blog, sent out to the corners of the earth.

05/13/2008, San Carlos

Matt (the owner of Cody, see below) was invaluable to the last sailing trip in Singmeaway. He helped me to get the boat back to the the USA and brought us through the lost tire adventure in which a trailer tire came off while driving on the highway from San Carlos. He drove for 30 km with three out of four wheels on the trailer until we arrived at a shop for repairs. Matt is also going to help me get the Catalina 36 ready to sail in Oriental, NC. And I'm presently traveling and looking at real estate with him in Panama. More about the outfitting job in NC in future blogs. Thanks Matt!

Keith and Cody Just Inside San Carlos Harbor

I mentioned earlier that I would post the pictures from the April sailing trip. I'm relaxing here with my friend's dog, who made a fine sailing mate. This picture doesn't depict the heavy winds we dealt with all the way north and back and especially on the way into the marina, but the look on my face now that were docked gives some indication. Fortunately the damage to the boat was very minimal and was quickly made even better than new.

Back In Panama City

We´ve been having a great adventure through Panama. Thanks for the e mail mom and dad and others. Will post pictures upon my return in a few days.

Writing From Panama

I'm presently sitting at an ex pat cafe about 1.25 hours from Panama City. This is a very nice country. Tropical. Humid. Beautiful. We've got a casita right on the beach. Yesterday afternoon we played in the surf and had a ball. The water is warm and the air temperature is heavenly. No sheets or blankets necessary. Unfortunately our internet connection is dial-up speed so it won't upload a picture.

An Extra Day
05/07/2008, Sabino Mountain

I was granted a 24 hour free day by the airline and I've used it wisely so far. Called-off Jenn the dog sitter until tomorrow (she's a lot more than just that, of course), nice breakfast at the Waffle House near the airport, created a list of all the things I need to do before I leave town, took a serious hike with the dogs up killer hill the backwards way (depicted in the photo above)... I haven't done the rest of the day yet but its 9:09 a.m. and I have enough to do to fill a few days. So its feed the dogs and off I go.

The Hydrovane
05/06/2008, Boulder Canyon

I worked hard today, as hard or harder than when I was litigating. I did a bit of that too today, speaking to a client over the phone. I don't want to bore you, but I exchanged the 24 inch sandpaper with the 21 inch... it's already boring. The interesting thing is at the very end of the day the UPS guy came and delivered the Hydrovane. $180 or so in import duties. The driver wasn't sure how to handle it. We don't get a lot of Hydrovanes delivered to Tucson, Arizona. Tomorrow I leave for a week in Panama.

Bye Bye Excessive Personal Possessions
05/06/2008, Boulder Canyon

Still, so much to do today. Drop off the ice machine (sorry it can't come along), finish packing, try and get the Bounder to the shop for oil and final service, get the dogs set up. And much much more. Maybe I'll check in at the end of the day.


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