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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
Keith, hot, windy, and dusty.
05/22/2008, Between Tucson and Phoenix

I'm writing from the parking lot of the Walmart in Winslow, Arizona. The computer is being powered by an inverter plugged into the cigarette lighter of the Bounder. I've got classical music playing in the background. It is just starting to be light. The drive north from Tucson yesterday was rough. Heavy winds and hot conditions made the steering difficult at times, but we made around 350 miles, including a several hour stop in Flagstaff to play with Alyson and her kids.

Jenn Last Night
05/21/2008, Backyard

By the time I got everything loaded and organized enough to drive, it was just about 4:00 p.m. I decided I was too exhausted to rush off right away and thought it best to enjoy one more evening (including air conditioning) at the Boulder Canyon house. Cousin Jodi and childhood friend Jenn came over to enjoy the sunset. Matt and Albert in Panama City joined in for a time via Skype. Jenn and I enjoyed the speghetti, meatballs and salad my mother sent me off with. It is now 5:00 in the morning and I am about to take the dogs for a walk down in the wash. Then we'll head out. I've already had one unfortunate set back early this morning. I checked my e-mail and discovered I received a traffic ticket from one of those new computer photo-sensor systems. I was sure I had that light. Scary little brother. It uses sensors on the ground, takes photos from several angles, integrates that with the computer data feed from the traffic light, determines if there is a violation, and even offers a video. I hope they have a defensive driving school in Oriental, NC.

One Last Look At The View From Sabino Mountain
05/20/2008, Northeast Tucson, Arizona

This is the view as you drive out of my neighborhood. I went by it so many times over the last 5 years I practically stopped noticing.

Somebody Is Ready To Roll
05/20/2008, Outside the Garage, Boulder Canyon, Tucson

I'm into day four of the final push to take care of things in Tucson, clear out the house, load the Bounder, and head off towards North Carolina and Tropical Dreamer. So many material items that have to be dealt with. Throw away, give away, save, take. I'm really looking forward to simplifying. Jake and Anne have been watching me pack for the last several weeks and I'm sure they are stressed about it... actually they seem quite calm so long as we are all together. It reassures Jake that he is coming when I let him hang out in the Bounder while I pack it or clean it. He is definitely a traveling retriever. Anne, well she prefers to hang out inside the house within eyesight. It is looking like we may get out today. If not, then tomorrow.

Mom Helping Pack The Bounder
05/18/2008, Boulder Canyon, Tucson

Yes, that's correct, my Mother came over and helped me load my clothing, towels, linens, etc. into the Bounder. Thanks Mom! Before that, ex-cousin-in-law Guy helped me load things into the bottom to make the most of my space. He also helped me to install the versahaul, put the scooter on, and tie it down. It is a lot easier to do that with two people. The Bounder has a gross vehicle weight limit of 20,000 pounds. I don't know how close I am, but I am sure it is at least twice as heavy as its ever been while in my possession. We'll see how she does up hills on the trip eastward and then west through the Rocky Mountains in the early Fall. Come to think of it, there have been a lot of people who've helped me on this voyage so far. I could hardly have done it alone. Irwin helped me move my heavy things with his truck; Carol, Jenn and Leslie (my former legal assistants) helped me pack up and close the office and a million other things that made this voyage possible. Cousin Jodi drove me to pick up the Bounder from the shop this time and so many times before. She was there for all of the initial Bounder trips, including all the learning experiences. Matt is helping me in all sorts of ways. I am fortunate to have such people in my life. I am a lone traveler, but in a lot of ways it is the people in my life and who I encounter who make the experience possible and enjoyable.

Finally, Packing the Bounder
05/18/2008, Boulder Canyon, Tucson

I got a good start yesterday afternon. Big things are pretty much in. Lots of small stuff to store today. WIth all the nooks and crannies on the 34 foot Bounder, I can fit everything. However, the 9 foot pole assembly for the wind turbine won't fit underneath so its either going to have to travel inside or get tied to the roof. Fully loaded, we're going to be heavy, especially with the scooter on the back. I should finish packing the Bounder today and on my way by tomorrow or the next day. Tucson is favoring us with a few spectacular spring days. In a month, this place will be an oven.

Panama Luxury/Necessity
05/18/2008, Panama City, Panama

As a final visual tribute (a bit blurry, sorry) to the Panama Adventure, I offer a photo of the air conditioner Matt bought for his new room at Albert's flat. We were quite impressed with Albert for using the foam packing material as insulation between the unit and the wall, but, somehow it doesn't seem quite as grand from the detached perspective the picture presents. No seriously, that installation needs some serious finish. Note the remote control on the top - so one may adjust it from bed. Niiice.

The Road To the Jungle House
05/18/2008, Panama


Back Patio Jungle House
05/17/2008, Near Coiba, Panama

The night we spent in the jungle house was the only night I had my own room during the entire Panama trip. The room opened to a patio that had this incredible jungle view. I would go out there in the early morning and sunset regularly if I lived there. Too hot and steamy most of the rest of the day.

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