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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
The Bounder At East Oklahoma City KOA
Keith, sticky but nice

I achieved a milestone today by staying in bed until 7:00 a.m. Haven't done that in as long as I can remember. The sun is coming out and the kampground is full of activity. We took a hike this morning through the many forest trails that surround this site. I was afraid we would get lost, but they all seem to end back at the park eventually. Jake and Anne are doing fine so far. I'm not doing so bad myself.

Traveling Meal
Keith, warm, humid
05/23/2008, KOA Kampground, Oklahoma City

What a day! I drove farther today than before. Got well into Oklahoma. Stopped at a Walmart but they were not welcoming there and it was really hot and humid and the internet connection was slow since verizon doesn't have broadband anywhere yet in Oklahoma except Tulsa. Fortunately, the next few places I'm going are properly connected according to the web site. I splurged almost $40 for this KOA outside Oklahoma City but I couldn't access the free wireless here because my card is not receiving for some reason. At least I have verizon as a consolation. It has worked everywhere, if slowly. Nevertheless, this KOA is THE BOMB. I've been to some campsites in my day, and this place is serious about their kamp experience (the kamp thing is a KOA trademark, and is so campy as to be adopted). I walked around with the dogs after dark and the entire place is packed this Friday night. No suprise. "Nice" weather, paved roads, nice facilities, meals delivered to your door if you wish, activities for adults and kids, breakfasts in the morning for $3, trails where the dogs can walk without a leash (no warning about leashes whatsoever!). I'm not leaving until the check-out time of 11:00. I may pay the extra $2 per hour until the mandatory check out at 1.

Pueblo Ruins
05/23/2008, Painted Desert National Monument

I really enjoy walking through ancient places, looking around, and thinking how it was to live in such a place so long ago with no running water, electricity, heat, cooling. The wind was really blowing. Evidently the structures protected the people from the weather, among other things. After I left the monument I drove several hundred miles east through New Mexico until I reached the place I am writing from, Santa Rosa. It is a town that thrived when route 66 passed through it but is now rather sleepy. Sleepy enough so that I parked in the parked lot of an abandoned Pizza Hut within sight of the main drag and nobody seemed to care. Walked the dogs this morning to this great town park with playgrounds and a lake. Time to head off for another day on the road.

Messages From The Ancients
05/23/2008, Painted Desert National Monument

There were thriving native communities living in the area now part of the monument. They farmed and hunted around 1000 years ago.

Painted Desert National Monument

I headed out east after spending the night in Winslow, Arizona. It was cold out and I cranked up the heater when I awoke. While walking the dogs in the morning, I came across three homeless people who had obviously spent that cold night sleeping behind a landrymat. Made me realize how fortunate I am. Drove about an hour and decided to visit the Painted Desert National Monument. I highly recommend this place, located about two hours east of Flagstaff off highway 40. Incredible. The picture doesn't even begin to do it justice. That is a piece of petrified wood at the bottom. There was petrified wood all over the ground in places and the colors of the landscape, it was like another planet or something. I stayed for several hours and explored many sites.

Adam, Paul, Sam, Anne, and Keith in Flagstaff

It was much cooler when we arrived in Flagstaff. We played outside in the backyard and had a ball on the trampoline. Especially Jake. It got rainy as I arrived at the Walmart parking log, but the Bounder doesn't care. I enjoyed the sunset while speaking to family over the phone. The video link to Panama was very clear thanks to the broadband available here in Winslow from my verizon card. Leaving soon for another day on the road.

Keith, hot, windy, and dusty.
05/22/2008, Between Tucson and Phoenix

I'm writing from the parking lot of the Walmart in Winslow, Arizona. The computer is being powered by an inverter plugged into the cigarette lighter of the Bounder. I've got classical music playing in the background. It is just starting to be light. The drive north from Tucson yesterday was rough. Heavy winds and hot conditions made the steering difficult at times, but we made around 350 miles, including a several hour stop in Flagstaff to play with Alyson and her kids.

Jenn Last Night
05/21/2008, Backyard

By the time I got everything loaded and organized enough to drive, it was just about 4:00 p.m. I decided I was too exhausted to rush off right away and thought it best to enjoy one more evening (including air conditioning) at the Boulder Canyon house. Cousin Jodi and childhood friend Jenn came over to enjoy the sunset. Matt and Albert in Panama City joined in for a time via Skype. Jenn and I enjoyed the speghetti, meatballs and salad my mother sent me off with. It is now 5:00 in the morning and I am about to take the dogs for a walk down in the wash. Then we'll head out. I've already had one unfortunate set back early this morning. I checked my e-mail and discovered I received a traffic ticket from one of those new computer photo-sensor systems. I was sure I had that light. Scary little brother. It uses sensors on the ground, takes photos from several angles, integrates that with the computer data feed from the traffic light, determines if there is a violation, and even offers a video. I hope they have a defensive driving school in Oriental, NC.

One Last Look At The View From Sabino Mountain
05/20/2008, Northeast Tucson, Arizona

This is the view as you drive out of my neighborhood. I went by it so many times over the last 5 years I practically stopped noticing.

Somebody Is Ready To Roll
05/20/2008, Outside the Garage, Boulder Canyon, Tucson

I'm into day four of the final push to take care of things in Tucson, clear out the house, load the Bounder, and head off towards North Carolina and Tropical Dreamer. So many material items that have to be dealt with. Throw away, give away, save, take. I'm really looking forward to simplifying. Jake and Anne have been watching me pack for the last several weeks and I'm sure they are stressed about it... actually they seem quite calm so long as we are all together. It reassures Jake that he is coming when I let him hang out in the Bounder while I pack it or clean it. He is definitely a traveling retriever. Anne, well she prefers to hang out inside the house within eyesight. It is looking like we may get out today. If not, then tomorrow.


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