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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
Keith, H & H
06/09/2008, Oriental

What you are seeing are the mock-ups for the wind generator mast and supports in the rear and the Hydrovane mock-up in the front. This actual equipment is heavy and bulky enough so that it can't just be set up on the boat right out of the box. The brackets need to be learned and mocked (so to speak) and the metal bars (we are using plastic pipe) measured and then cut to fit the boat. It took numerous steps to get to this point and there are numerous steps before actual installation. Mind you this is just the supporting equipment. The actual wind turbine and the Hydrovane are being stored safely in the boxes and will not be installed until last. I'm told my Mr. Deaton (of Deaton Yachts) that this has been the hottest weather in the last 50 years. Getting this far in these weather conditions has been a struggle, a sweaty uncomfortable struggle, but we're making progress. Paul at the hardware store lent us his hot air gun because they didn't sell one. We needed that to take off the old port of origin letters. The new US Coast Guard documentation for Tropical Dreamer lists Tucson, Arizona as my port of origin so that is what needs to be lettered onto the back of the boat. How I managed to sail from Tucson to here will be an interesting topic of conversation during the cruising. We are meeting the guy who makes boat lettering in a little over half an hour at his shop across the street from where we are staying. Then, an hour later, I've got a telephonic court hearing at the Juvenile Court.



Someone Else's Laundry
06/08/2008, Oriental, NC

Fortunately, we have free laundry machines at our little self-store RV park, which we are presently using to wash everything that has been used up until now. The cleaning towels are particularly in need.

The Old With The New
Keith, nice in the mornings before it gets hot
06/08/2008, Oriental, NC

Jake and Anne and I love morning walks.

The Dogs Are Fine
Keith, still hot and humid
06/07/2008, The Rebounder, Oriental, NC

A lot of people keep asking about the dogs. They are fine. Maybe better than fine. They hang out with us a lot of the time, and when we are working at the boat or getting supplies, they hang out in the air conditioned motorhome. I take a walk with them in the mornings. They get let out like 10 times a day. Not a bad life. They are even starting to romp around in the grass, which is a sign of happiness for Jake and Anne. We had a problem with ticks and fleas for the first week or so, but I gave them a wash with special tick/flea shampoo recently and they are clean, protected, and happy. I think Anne has a crush on Matt.

The Phil Collins Shirt Makes An Appearance (and the Hydrovane)
Keith, you know
06/07/2008, Oriental, NC

The picture of me holding the Hydrovane is even dorkier than this one, and I had to show the shirt Matt was wearing. I came prepared on this voyage with a pile of old shirts that I rarely (if ever) wore. We've discovered that this is a one-t-shirt-per-day worksite, considering the sweat and all, so I'm issuing a daily uniform to the crew.

Keeping The Crew Fed
Keith, you know
06/07/2008, Oriental, NC

In spite of the hot, sweaty conditions, we are eating well. Maybe too well. In case you're wondering, that's a butterball turkey roast, homemade mashed potatoes, green bean casserole with those little fried onions that go on top in the last 5 mintutes of baking, and brown gravy (admittedly, it came in a packet with the roast). An unexpected but pleasant surprise has been the huge tasty tomatoes available in these parts. Lemons himelf might even give his stamp of approval to those tomatoes, as well as the vidalia onions we put into everything that night. We had more of this as leftovers for lunch today.

Life Is Not That Good
Keith, so hot and humid its not possible to understand unless you are here
06/06/2008, Oriental, NC

This afternoon we pushed it a little too hard by working in the boat until about 2:00 p.m. My eyes were not working right there was so much salty sweat in them. I was running a towel across my nice wood floors every few minutes to mop up the sweat it was so hot and humid. And Matt has to custom install every dimension of the equipment. Each side has to be calibrated, then set, then checked. Its quite mad in these conditions. I'm sitting there sweating like a pig thinking how many more steps until just the solar charge controller box is in. 50. Frankly, I couldn't afford what it would cost to do this sort of work on the market. And nobody in their right mind would do it at any price. Yes, slowly but surely, Tropical Dreamer is becomming a Green Machine. It's not elegant, but it is happening.

Morning Commute
Keith, hot and humid
06/06/2008, Oriental, NC

I am writing from the floor of the Bounder (Rebounder as my mom calls it) at 3:00 in the afternoon. This is Anne time. This is also break time. We head off to the boat in the mornings before it gets too hot, then back for late-morning break and meal, then back until it is too hot and sweaty to go on. Then back for a few hours in the air conditioned comfort, then back for a final session before the mosquitoes kick in. Working in the hot humid conditions is brutal. We are soaking wet in sweat after a session and it is an effort for me just to get up and check whether something is straight. Progress is being made, but slowly. During the last 24 hours, Matt has begun flush mounting the guages for the solar andwind systems. It is going to look sweet and very professional, but it takes a lot of time. I am religated to clean-up, handing tools, and holding things. Most of the time I am too slow to be of use. My separate projects for now are sanding the bottom of the boat with 80 grit paper to prep it for new bottom paint and removing the old letters in preparation for the new letters. I'm making slow progress. This morning I was so blue from ablative bottom paint sandings that the kid at the hardware store called me a smurf. Some sort of running joke here. Still another round or two of sanding to go before it is time to think about putting paint on. I'm also pretty much responsible for making sure we are fed and that the dogs are cared for. So I'm not looking for suggestions for good books just yet.




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