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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
The Water Is All Around Us
Keith, better weather over the last few days, or maybe I'm just getting used to the heat and humidity more and more, or perhaps both
06/20/2008, Oriental, NC

Oriental is full of creeks and little inlets that can eventually lead to the ocean, but which more often make great little anchorages or dock spaces Some people keep sailboats right outside their homes. How convenient. I've always had to drive a long distance to sail (until now) I came across this image during the morning walk with the dogs.

High Wire Assembly
Keith, Nice Today
06/18/2008, Oriental, NC

Putting the finishing touches on the tower assembly for the wind turbine. It won't be long now before the actual turbine comes out of the box for assembly and installation. I have developed my mechanical skills considerably since we started this refit, but this operation 15 feet above ground was admittedly out of my league. When I wasn't wasting time taking pictures, I was handing up tools, parts, etc. Later this day we installed the solar panels on the bimini. Pictures will be posted tomorrow.

19th Century House
06/18/2008, Oriental, NC

When I am walking with the dogs, my eyes are drawn to the historic houses. This one was originally built by the Oriental town doctor in the late 1800s/early 1900s.

Another Morning In Oriental, NC

There have been forest fires in North Carolina so it is sometimes smokey. This morning the sun was practically red from the haze. Bayboro has the closest "ABC Package" store and New Bern is the nearest "city." Amazingly, New Bern has a Delta connection, which is the airline Matt uses (his brother is a Captain).

Northwards Destination

This is the 1995 vintage Autohelm displaying the first track northward from Norfolk. Believe it or not, the previous owner left me the map cards all the way to Nantucket, so I've got that going for me.

Country Road In Oriental

This is the road off of the main drag in Oriental. We walk it pretty much every morning. There is little to no traffic at that time of day so one hears the birds chirping and the neighbors coming outside with their coffee in the early morning.

In Spite Of The Hard Boat Work We Eat Well
06/17/2008, Self Storage RV Park, Oriental, NC

As you may recall, my first attempt at tacos on this trip did not go well. This time, they were great. Without a doubt the best (and only) Mexican food in Oriental NC is served at El Singero's.

Anne Gets A Shave
Keith, hot and humid, but getting used to it
06/17/2008, Self Storage RV Park, Oriental, NC

I had both dogs shaved before we departed (Anne a few weeks before Jake) but it is a month since I did Anne and she's starting to get thick with fur again. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but with all the heat and humidity, it just can't be comfortable for her. I've started getting the dogs adjusted to being without air conditioning, but it will be a lot better for them if they are not covered with a lot of fur in this weather. In a few months when I'm in Maine and it is much cooler, I can let them grow out again, but now, in North Carolina, they are best kept shaved. As you can see, Anne doesn't seem to mind.

Still Working The Timber Pads
06/16/2008, Oriental, NC

Because we are constructing the timber pads out of a marine plywood base, it is necessary to resin coat them several times, paint them with epoxy, and then paint with outer color, in order to make them as waterproof as possible. It is excruciatingly time consuming, but Matt seems to thrive on it (note the appearance of the Phil Collins shirt again, "No Jacket Required"). Will we ever get done with the three major projects (wind vane, solar, and wind turbine)? Keep tuning in and see. The final construction may be done this week, or not. Of course, there are so many other potential projects on a machine this complicated it seems I'll be working on them all summer while cruising. Come Fall, the boat should be in as good a shape for long distance cruising as I can make it. This assumes Jake and Anne are up for the adventure. They are so happy with all the freedom in our gated self storage neighborhood it may be difficult for them to adjust. We'll see. Finally, I've been using Matt's computer because my internet has been dead for days. I'm going to either have to come up with some internet myself or start blogging a lot less frequently.

Cutting The Hydrovane Arms To Size With a Hack Saw
06/16/2008, Deaton Yachts in Oriental

It took about 20 minutes to get through the 2 inch stainless steel pipe. One more arm to go. We'll probably have the yard cut that one.


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