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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
A Change In Plans
Keith, cloudy and windy
07/06/2008, Oriental

If I haven't mentioned it in the blog, I got called back to Tucson for some court hearings in mid July. I scheduled flights departing and returning to Norfolk, VA figuring I would have plenty of time to sail there, board the dogs, and find dockage for a week. Well that plan is changing. I'm ready to depart, but thunderstorms are predicted for the next several days and I just don't think it is a good idea to slog my way through them while rushing to Norfolk. Rushing on a sailboat is generally bad and ruins everything. I've been stressing about it and trying to find flights out of another city closer by. No luck. Then it dawned on me. Norfolk is 4 days away by sailboat, but only 4 hours away by car. I think I can get the dogs boarded here in Oriental a lot easier than in Norfolk (I've been trying to find a good place in Norfolk for days without success). I know I can find dock space easily in Oriental. And I have a motorhome that can do the 4 hour trip easily and provide me a place to base out of in Norfolk. So I'm keeping my travel plans and flights already reserved and purchased but delaying the sail north until the situation is less rushed and the weather is more stable. This will give me another several days in Oriental to finalize things on the boat, work on the computer, and relax before the weeklong trip back west. Then I'll fly back into Norfolk, drive back to Oriental, pick up the dogs, re-store the motorhome in my already paid for spot, pick up the boat, provision as needed, and head off at a proper pace. This plan is subject to change but I'll keep posting as long as I have internet.

Fireworks From The Deck Of Tropical Dreamer
Keith, fine now, but last night...
07/06/2008, Oriental harbor

For a small town, Oriental put on amazing display. Watching from the deck of the sailboat was very special. I kept the dogs down below so they would be safe. The word in the harbor was that a big storm was coming later in the evening so I battened up the hatches before I went to sleep. Sure enough, past midnight, it hit. 3 inches of rain, winds gusting past 30 mph. I wasn't too sure about my anchor and chain and sat and watched for about an hour but it held fast. Eventually I went below and watched tv to distract me. Anne got a little needy during the storm; Jake slept right through it. I'm pleased to say the cabin remained almost completely watertight in spite of the huge amount of water coming over us. A dry cabin on a wet night is a great comfort. Woke up this morning, emptied the zodiac of water, took the dogs to shore, and enjoyed a very long morning walk.

The Dogs Take Things In Stride
07/05/2008, Oriental Harbor

It is an hour or two after this picture was taken, the excitement is over for now, and it is almost time for the fireworks to begin.

The Offending Boat Immediately Putting Other Sailboats In Peril (note skippers on the foredecks)
Keith, evening, getting windy
07/05/2008, Oriental Harbor


The Magic Box Of Leftover Fried Chicken and Biscuts
Early evening, thunderstorm coming tonight
07/05/2008, Oriental Harbor


The Unexpected Arrives
Keith, hot and increasingly windy
07/05/2008, Oriental Harbor

I came back to the boat to spend some time with the dogs in the late afternoon. I'm sitting at the computer reasearching something and I hear a woman yell that she's coming close to a boat. I look up through the forward cabin window and see a large cabin cruiser bearing down on me. I walk forward and watch as the driver glances back and sees how close we are, hits forward thrust, and then I hear my anchor chain being taken up and eventually grinding on their prop as it tangles and stops their one remaining engine. It was not a happy moment. But long story short we got to know each other pretty well cruiser style while waiting for the diver (who wasn't supposed to arrive until tomorrow morning), enjoyed some Bojangles chicken (which I've been craving for weeks), and wonder of wonders within moments of my reboarding Tropical Dreamer with the leftover chicken and biscuts and slaw, I heard yelling from the bow - the boats had separated themselves.

Oriental Sailing School In Parade


Oriental Throws A Grand Parade

I was only trying to get ready to depart. That involved numerous dingy trips from the boat to the docks in spite of all my efforts towards mass unloading. As if yesterday's festivities weren't enough, I dingyed into a full-blown parade. Well over one hundred different vehicles, from old women in electric wheelchairs to John Deaton in his marine cherry picker decked out and leaning far forward and dressed as a dragon riding through town - that was amazing. Politicians, summer camps, every business in the area. If there is a parade to rival San Diego in terms of Americana, dare I say Oriental's Croaker Festival is it.

Dogs Awaiting My Return
07/05/2008, Oriental Harbor

I left the dogs on deck when I went for a short solo trip into town. When I returned, they were outside the boundary I had set eagerly waiting for me. I will need to put the seat in which blocks the rear deck as they could easily fall off into the water if a rogue wave hit unexpectedly. The picture is blurry but I thought it was worth showing anyway.

Heading Back To The Boat
07/05/2008, Oriental Harbor



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