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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
Two Exhausted Boys And Pamela, The Perfect Hostess
07/18/2008, LA

I wanted to get in this shot of Pamela even though the guys are about to crash on me. She was very kind to hang out with me so much while I was in town. Between taking care of the kids and me during the day and working at night these days as a set designer for hollywood, she is busy. My brother Kevin similarly puts in 12 hour work days to support the family. I remember when I devoted most of my life energy to work. I didn't even have a family to support. The work regimine we follow here in the US doesn't leave much left for one's self or others. With all this time and energy on my hands in this coming period, I hope I will not waste it and that I will savour and appreciate the freedom. Before he left for work this morning, my bro assured me that if I needed money, I could call on him. What a guy. Lets hope I don't have to make that call.

Family Dinner
07/18/2008, Kevin and Pam's house

A little unpredictable with the youngins and all, but still enjoyable to be with family. I believe the pirate theme was in my honor.

Morning With Jasmine Before A Full Day In LA
Keith, best weather yet this trip, except in the middle of the day, when it got warm

My brother Kevin left for work early and I got to spend a few hours with my youngest niece. We played with play dough together, I made her breakfast, she taught me her version of checkers and tick tack toe. Then my sister-in-law Pamela got everyone organized for the day. We dropped Jasmine off at camp and took youngest nephew Cameron to the Guitar Center. Cameron is 2.5 years old. Guitar Center is a music instrument superstore. The boy was in his element. He especially likes the drum section. We had to drag him out of there after spending over an hour running from one drum set to the next. A nice mexican food lunch, rest time, work-out and clean-up at the Beverly Hills Country Club, a bit of food shopping with Pam and the kids, BBQing red snapper on the roof deck with my bro, family dinner, and bed time. I sure like this better than hanging out by myself in an empty house in Tucson, but maybe not as much as hanging out by myself with the dogs in a cruising sailboat.

Flying Away
07/17/2008, 10,000 feet up and 50 miles northwest of town

Somehow this is how the picture came out. I think I moved the camera when I realized it was going to flash and disturb everyone on the flight. I'm presently staying for a day or two with my brother, sister in law, and their two young kids in the city of Los Angeles. I feel better already. For one thing, its a lot cooler in LA than Tucson. Also, I'm traveling again, which feels right. From the calls and e-mails, the dogs and boat are fine. Only four more days, not that I'm counting. The highlight of Tucson was the friends and family that I spent time with. Going back "home" like that really taught me some things and put some things into perspective. Glad to be moving on in my travels.

Camping Out In My Parents' House
07/14/2008, Tucson, Arizona


Afternoon Thunderstorm In Tucson

I checked Dockline and the weather in Oriental this week is sunny. Tucson is in the heat of the monsoon, a humid, rainy season that lasts from the middle to the end of the summer.

Remember That Ticket I Got Right Before I Left In May
Keith, believe it or not, hot and humid
07/14/2008, Tucon, Arizona

My childhood friend Jen graciously picked me up from the airport and took me straight to our favorite sushi place. There we met Todd, who went to high school with me (though we didn't know each other at the time) and childhood friend and former roomate Zev, in from Israel. Zev was a big influence in Jake's life when he was a very young golden. It was really nice to go from being alone to being with good old friends. Jen took me to my parent's house, where I picked up my truck from their garage. I went back to my house on boulder canyon and spent the night there. It was a freaky night and I didn't sleep well. In a big empty house, no dogs or anything. The silence as I went to sleep was unnerving. I always felt comfortable and at home in that house. Not now. It was like I wasn't supposed to be there. By the next morning I couldn't wait to get outside. I went to defensive driving school from 7:30 a.m. until 12:30 a.m. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but it certainly wasn't fun. I could tell it was going to be a little different when the instructor had Grateful Dead playing on a boom box in the corner. Hours of rambling with a few jokes thrown in later and we were out of there. I went back to my house after running a few errands and again, I didn't want to be there anymore. My mother kindly offered for me to stay at their place and I took her up on the offer. It's still wierd to be here all alone, but better than my house. Cousin Jodi came over around sunset and we went over to my parents' clubhouse for a light dinner. I actually have a rather full schedule today so that should keep me busy, which is important.

Norfolk Airport
Keith, hot and sunny

I'm sitting on the ground near an electrical outlet in the terminal leading to security at the Norfolk/Hampton Roads airport. It is quite a nice little complex. Whatever problems I had with internet, electricity, and phone in Oriental, we've got all bars showing at this spot. The drive to the airport was uneventful and only about 20 miles. I found the long-term oversized vehicle parking without too much trouble and hung out in the motorhome for several hours before my flight. I was worried about finding a place to park the 34 foot motorhome near the airport but it wasn't a problem at all. No more expensive than using the regular long-term lot. I walked over earlier this morning and had crab soup and crackers for breakfast. Tasty. There are people from all over the world walking through this airport. Must be a popular tourist destination. Dare I say the trip out west has gone ok so far. Only 8 more days 'till we're back cruising.

Land Lubber Food At Last
Keith, warn, sunny, not so humid
07/12/2008, Chesapeake, VA

Since I was parked a short walk from the Taco Bell, I made a run for it. I also needed ice. I ordered my usual, two hard tacos and a bean burrito without onions. Taco Bell is the only place I know that puts enchilada sauce in the bean burrito without having to ask for it or pay extra. Good on them. The onions I could do without. Who wants a crunchy bean and cheese burrito. I like my Taco Bell with several extra-hot sauces. Urban bliss, I tell you. Slept fitfully at the Walmart parking lot and awoke to full-on sunlight. Took a walk, but its not the same without the dogs. Every time I came back into the Rebounder I half-expected to see them. I called the Pet Parlor this morning and they say Jake and Anne are doing just fine...

Parked At The Walmart In Chesapeake, Va
Keith, perfect

Around noon today I loaded the Rebounder, brought the dogs to the Pet Parlor in Oriental for boarding, and headed off to Norfolk. It was a long drive. Stopped at this burger joint for lunch and had an incredible burger and fries. I'm parked about 30-40 miles from the airport just outside the city. The sun is just about to go down at 8:00 p.m. The weather here is perfect. I will be able to sleep with just the windows open tonight. It's like a completely different weather experience here. I can see now that the outer banks of the Carolinas are holding the bad weather in - maybe its the arctic water and the gulf stream converging off the coast that creates the weather we have been experiencing in Oriental, but whatever, it is much more dry, sunny, and pleasant up north here, at least this time of year. Sometimes you just have to push through the present circumstances - give up the good to go for the great, so to speak. I have to admit I was really depressed today leaving Oriental without the dogs, but I have no choice. Traveling completely alone is not what I had in mind. Leaving the dogs in a kennal was not in the plan. But I have already learned that cruising on a sailboat means giving up set plans and living day by day or week by week and making decisions as needed even if the decisions are hard ones. I bought a few $5 DVDs at the Walmart and will watch one tonight on the surround sound home theater. Tomorow late morning I will head to the airport to park in the long-term oversized vehicle parking. Late tomorrow I will be back in Tucson. As long as I'm in populated areas, I have good internet from the Verizon card (which they finally replaced via Fed Ex to Deatons). So for now I can keep posting, but there won't be much of interest to cruisers or arm-chair cruisers, except the reality that you sometimes get called back home and you've got to deal with that with as good an attitude as possible.


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