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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
Jake & Anne Playing, Tropical Dreamer Can Be Seen At Top Right In The Distance
Keith, sunny and pleasant
07/25/2008, Beaufort Town Creek Anchorage


Our Anchorage Off The Sailing School
07/25/2008, Beaufort, NC

As soon a we arrived, a neighboring boater came right over on his dingy. He was broke and wanted to sell me an extra anchor by telling story after story of why I needed a third one. He's probably right, but the dogs were getting restless and he took his leave not soon enough. Said he had been anchored in this small town for four years getting medical treatment. Mind numbing. I lowered the dingy, attached the engine, and drove over to a beachy area nearer town and let the dogs play. It was quite calm last night but a little sticky - not enough breeze. Had to install the screens due to skeeters. Great telephone, internet, and even tv reception here (I have a sweet powered tv receiver that will become obsolete when digital takes over, but until then, works amazingly).

And We're Off
Keith, Overcast morning but the sky is cleaing and it looks like it will be sunny, calm conditions for the morning so far
07/25/2008, Beaufort, NC

Departed from Oriental around 9:00 a.m., found our way to the intercoastal waterway, and cruised 20.8 miles south. It was heavenly. Idyllic cruising for several hours just watching the shoreline go by. Jake and Anne slept the whole way. It got sunny as we left Oriental and we had perfect weather the whole day.

Pre-Departure Feast, Southwest Style




Gathering The Chartbooks In Preparation For Continued Cruising
Keith, who knows
07/23/2008, Whitaker


Awaiting Departure At The Docks
Keith, this place is a weather vortex right now, thunderstoms or the threat of them every afternoon and evening.
07/23/2008, Whitaker (I know I'm missing a k, and I'm leaving it that way)


Jake Is As Happy As He's Ever Been


Home Fries and Onions
07/23/2008, Whitaker docks

I was looking for a place to store some new books and I came across my onion and potato collection. It wasn't pretty. Evidently they need a place with more ventilation. I salvaged what I could into a cooked breakfast, which was only mediocre. Kept me full until dinner, which ended up being a run to the pizza joint for some spaghetti and meatballs, also only mediocre. I can't complain considering that my heroes from Wind Dancer (The Burns Family) have lost their refrigerator altogether and are limping to Samoa for repairs. They report experiencing 20 foot seas but confirm that their older model Catalina 36 has handled the heavy weather fine.

The Zodiac Gets A Second Name
Keith, hot and humid
07/22/2008, Whitaker Docks

Among today's projects was the inflatable dingy. I floated it around a few boats and under the dock, then hoisted it using the lift, cleaned it from top to bottom, de-flated it, re-assembled the floor boards like Richard (S/V Roxy, from Titusville, FL) showed me, attached the seat, pumped it up, and christened it with its new nick-name. She now sits proudly at the stern of the mothership.


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