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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
Anne and Jake Have A Playdate
Keith, a nice summer afternoon (they do exist - note today)
08/09/2008, Charleston Harbor

One of the gentlemen who helped me with the boat this afternoon brought his pet racoon. He left the cute little creature with me while he went below with the plumbers wrenches, ect., so I had a chance to get to know the thing. I could tell it was lonely without any other racoons to be with, but otherwise it was making its way the best it could. I got it to take a nap between the towels covering the seat cushons but my boat became the location of a little Charleston Harbor cruisers party and he had to go home with his owner not long afterward. He was just a baby - really cute - but wild - looking for a teet, so to speak. Evidently it is fed cat formula. I would criticize, but I understand Jake was a runt and needed to be bottle fed. And look at him now. The dogs accepted him reluctantly when I explained that we were babysitting this afternoon.

Charleston Farmer's Market On Saturday Morning
Keith, nice

This place has a kick ass Saturday Farmer's Market. The land was granted for use as a market hundreds of years ago and the people have honored that ever since. I enjoyed many hours there and stocked my fridge with the choicest vegetables, in addition to a hearty lunch of BBQ.

Charleston Farmer's Market Tomatoes
Keith, hot but nice, dare I say


Sunset Someplace Near Where I've Been

This picture is probably from my boat in Charleston harbor, but who knows, it all blends together sometimes.

Charleston, The World City
Keith, hot but nice

I spent the day in Charleston, USA. It could have been Budapest or Hong Kong - there is something about this place. It is wordly. I've gotten to know a few people today, including an Austrailian couple that have been crusing for 17 years or more and an old burnout who helped me when my anchor dragged as I returned from a day exploring this historic city. Is the guy in the picture the Austrailian or the Burnout. You tell me. The point is between the two of them, the slow leak on Tropical Dreamer has been put under control with the tightening of my packing nut assembly.

Sunset In Charleston
Keith, nice

It is 6:30 a.m. and the sun is about to come over the horizon. The dogs are still sleeping but they'll be happy to jump into action as soon as we're ready to go to shore. We took the dingy to the City Marina yesterday late afternoon. It was a long ride past a lot of fancy boats to get the place where dingys can dock. Even then it was very urban and built up and we didn't stay on shore for long - just enough time for the dogs to do their thing. Met a nice Austrailian couple on the way back. They have cruised for 10 years or more, from Austrailia, Indonisia, the whole shebang. They are heading north for the season. He said his draft is over 7 feet so he does all his traveling in the ocean and not the ICW. Says all the engine driving would drive him crazy. I kind of like it. I'm sure the dogs prefer it.

The View Ahead
08/08/2008, 60 miles to Charleston

We're anchored in a nice large secluded area about 35 miles from Charleston. We cruised about 35 miles today. It was so beautiful. South Carolina cruising is wonderful. Great scenery, deep water, plenty of places to anchor. It got a bit blustery as the sun set but the anchor held fine and we made a little power from the wind turbine while waiting out the storm. Evidently it hit much worse farther south. Cool evening. I'll bring the dogs to shore at first light and then either head the rest of the way to the big city or break the trip into two days, depending on how we feel. Need to get a few things done in Charleston, but it can wait another day or two.


And I've seen many of these along the way so far. Today the dolphins seemed to be following us - or vice versa.


I've seen several of these since arriving in South Carolina as well. As I've said before, no more free for all playing along the shores for the dogs. They would make a fine meal, but not on my watch.

Georgetown, NC
Hot and Humid

Yesterday we spent the night off the town docks in Georgetown, SC. Another nice town, but we don't have much to do except take nice walks. I don't know why I gravitate towards towns when there are so many beautiful secluded anchorages out there. My anchor dragged in a light thunderstorm due to not enough room to lay out scope, but I reset it without too much trouble. The rest of the night it held.


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