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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
The Display From The 10 Year Old GPS
Keith, hot but clear
08/11/2008, On The Way To Beaufort, SC

The image didn't come out as well as my view in real life, but perhaps you can see the vintage GPS (did I just say that) view of my course so far from Annapolis Maryland in the northern, Chesapeake to the southern edge of South Carolina. Just Georgia to go before I reach Florida.

Beaufort (S.C)
Keith, warm but not too humid tonight

I arrived here a few hours ago and took a nap in the heat of the day. The sun will set in about an hour and it is cool enough to explore. I'll take the dogs since they haven't been off the boat since this morning dingy ride to the boat ramp. That turned out to be a great stop. Lots of room to run around off leash with nobody around and the most spectacular view of the waterway. Then we cruised for 35 miles until we reached Beaufort, SC (remember the NC version - it was the first place I stopped after leaving Oriental).

Last Night's Dinner At Anchor
Keith, beautiful
08/11/2008, Some Pretty Anchorage in South Carolina

Those are the very tasty tomatoes and cucumbers from the Charleston farmer's market with some spices and oils, pasta with sauted vidalia onions and chopped mushrooms also from the market. The vegetables have a butter sauce that I used to sauce the pasta. I have just enough left over to put in the dog's food this morning.

Last Night's Anchorage
Keith, beautiful weather
08/11/2008, 1/2 way from Charleston to Beaufort

I know I will junx it by writing it here, but we've been through a snap of wonder summer weather. After the heat wave we lived in for about a week, the last few days have been just plain summer warm bliss. Maybe its that I'm really getting used to the weather. Yesterday we cruised 32 miles to this location. We got kind of a late start after final coffee and chat on Magnum, filled up with Diesel and water at the Megadock, and headed out. It was a very enjoyable day of cruising. The water is pretty deep here most of the time so its easy to drive the boat - it takes care of itself most of the time. I approached the anchorage late in the afternoon - that was beautiful. Made dinner and it was dark before long. I broke out with all the screens last night, even the companionway screen. It really helped keep the mozzies under control. I don't think I got bit once last night and this anchorage is known as buggy. There is a boat ramp and dock about a 5 minute dingy ride away. I'm going to make coffee, drop the dingy, and take the dogs for a long walk. Then we'll be off for a long cruise today to Beaufort.

Bahamas Charts And Guides Galore
Keith, nice
08/11/2008, Charleston City Marina Anchorage

The Austrailian couple I spent time with while in Charleston are slowly sailing around the world. They started in Austrailia (obviously) and have worked their way this far after many years. I can see why they are hanging out in Charleston as this is a major port for world cruisers and an interesting city with a good vibe. For me it was just an enjoyable and easy stop along the ICW. The Austrailian couple sailed across the Atlantic and landed in the Carribian, where they evidently hung out for a long time. As part of those travels, they geared up for serious cruising in the Bahamas. Unfortunately, their 40 foot boat (Magnum) draws 7 feet and that was too much for a lot of the good Bahamas anchorages. I draw 4.5 feet - much, much better. They determined they were not going to cruise back there even though they are going back to the Carribian this winter. Maybe I'll see them there. In the meantime, I can now travel from the top to the bottom of the Bahamas with these great charts and guides I bought from them for a fraction of the cover prices. I've already started studying them as I expect to be ready for the crossing in the next several weeks.

In Case You Didn't Believe It, A Shot Of the Racoon Crashed Out On The Deck of TD
A Nice Sunset
08/09/2008, Charleston


Anne and Jake Have A Playdate
Keith, a nice summer afternoon (they do exist - note today)
08/09/2008, Charleston Harbor

One of the gentlemen who helped me with the boat this afternoon brought his pet racoon. He left the cute little creature with me while he went below with the plumbers wrenches, ect., so I had a chance to get to know the thing. I could tell it was lonely without any other racoons to be with, but otherwise it was making its way the best it could. I got it to take a nap between the towels covering the seat cushons but my boat became the location of a little Charleston Harbor cruisers party and he had to go home with his owner not long afterward. He was just a baby - really cute - but wild - looking for a teet, so to speak. Evidently it is fed cat formula. I would criticize, but I understand Jake was a runt and needed to be bottle fed. And look at him now. The dogs accepted him reluctantly when I explained that we were babysitting this afternoon.

Charleston Farmer's Market On Saturday Morning
Keith, nice

This place has a kick ass Saturday Farmer's Market. The land was granted for use as a market hundreds of years ago and the people have honored that ever since. I enjoyed many hours there and stocked my fridge with the choicest vegetables, in addition to a hearty lunch of BBQ.

Charleston Farmer's Market Tomatoes
Keith, hot but nice, dare I say


Sunset Someplace Near Where I've Been

This picture is probably from my boat in Charleston harbor, but who knows, it all blends together sometimes.


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