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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
The Center Of The Fortifications
Keith, warm and humid, but bearable because its a bit windy
09/01/2008, St. Augustine, Florida

We are spending the day hanging out in St. Augustine and figuring out whether to continue on or not. It appears that tropical storm Hanna's wind and rain will arrive here Thursday or Friday and will be mild to worse. If I head south I just head into it. Yet I really don't want to hang around five days waiting for a storm like I did in Hilton Head (though this is not a particularly bad place to wait it out). Again, if there is a time to take a break it is now. I just don't know whether doing so is smart or stupid since I am so close to the Bahamas, whatever that means.

Sleeping Quarters In The Spanish Fort
hot and humid, but I'm used to it

I really enjoyed touring the Spanish Fortress, now a Unites States National Monument. They really knew how to build things back in mid-evil times.

A Simple Meal In St Augustine
nice, building wind, which the wind turbine likes, maybe I'll let out a little more chain

I got the dogs to the shore early this morning and paid my $10 to the marina so we are full fledged members until noon tomorrow with access to the showers, laundry, air conditioned lounge, trash cans, and dingy dock. I took a dingy ride to town after breakfast by myself and got cleaned up in the very nice bathrooms. Got to feel the odd sensation of using as much hot water as I want for long as I want like I read about in other cruisers' journals. After over 500 miles cruising this boat down the inland waters of the east coast on this trip and about 850 total miles cruised in this boat since leaving Annapolis last September, I can't deny I'm getting a little wearied of the ICW routine. Plus, I'm listening to report after report of tropical storms coming and starting to think about whether it makes sense to continue to head south at this time. If there's a time to take a break from this cruise, it would seem to be now until late October. I just don't know. The decision whether to cross to the Bahamas in mid-September is coming close.

St. Augustine, Florida
dark, but dry

I'm anchored in St. Augustine, Florida. It is peaceful here right now. There are lights where I haven't seen light in a long time. I am cooking dinner and we will enjoy this scene tonight and then explore tomorrow.

The Love Shack
08/31/2008, Northern, Flordia along the ICW


Fancy Homes Along The ICW In Florida

I made it through Georgia without too much trouble. I got stuck once but backed myself out and there were various other challenges, but I've somehow made with my two Golden Retrievers to St Augustine, Florida. We will take a walk along the shoreline there tomorrow. It is supposed to be a big deal ICW town. All I know is that there aren't many, if any, cruisers here. There are a lot of sailboats,a few of which have people living aboard; but they are generally the sort that are stranded here, not actual cruisers. Cruisers I have not seen much of as I have traveled south in August.

Cumberland Island Atlantic Beach
Keith, perfect weather


The Ruins Of the Carnegie Mansion
08/29/2008, Cumberland Island

There are many pictures of the grand life they led in the early 1900s before the depression and during the plantation era. This mansion was spectacular in its day and lavish parties and events took place here. Now one can visit the ruins and imagine what life was like in this beautiful place.

The Road From the Cumberand Docks

It was really quiet and peaceful on the island and I got a sense of what it must have been like to live here by walking from the dock to the Carnegie mansion, now in ruins. The Carnegie family owned pretty much the whole island in the early 1900s and it was saved from development and remains in a largely natural state. It kind of reminded me of Panama.

Wild Horses On Cumberland Island
Keith, sunny

I decided, based on the recommendation of a blog reader, to stay the day here instead of rushing off to Florida. Turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. While dingying to the far dock I saw these wild horses walking along the water.


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