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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
Cable TV On The Rebounder in North Platte
Cold, but nothing like the last week or two
11/22/2008, Presently blogging from Las Vegas, New Mexico


Back In The West/Southwest
Dry and warming
11/22/2008, New Mexico/Colorado area

This photo was taken at a rest stop hours south of Denver after a sleepover at the home of childhood friends Brett and Heather and their two little girls. Although no dogs live in the house, they allowed Jake and Anne into their home for the night. We slept in the guest bedroom on the 3rd floor. For the record, I did not sense any ghosts whatsoever. I was tormented, however, by the two dogs who determined to sleep with me on the otherwise very comfortable futon. Visiting friends in Denver was a very special little adventure. Back to the picture, traveled through this land for hours and it continued for hours after we departed this location. The highway between southern Colorado and northern New Mexico is awesome, especially leading up to and including sunset. I came this way years ago in a car with my mom. We enjoyed the same experience together. It has become much dryer and sunnier since we entered the west. Big sky, vast open areas of land. Almost like an inland sea.

Anniversary Dinner With Family
Really really cold
11/20/2008, Omaha, Nebraska

This picture shows (from left to right) Brother in law Andrew, sister Kimberly, niece Brenna, nephew Brett, niece Sydney, and me. Andrew and Kimberly honored their 19th wedding anniversary by including all the kids in their fancy dinner. That is so like them. How lucky are Jake, Anne and I to have immediate family in Nebraska and California and Arizona that are all so great.

I am blogging presently from the Holiday RV Park in North Platte, Nebraska, about 300 miles west of Omaha. It's supposed to get down to the teens tonight, colder with the windchill factor. So nice to be hooked up with electricity. I've got the new electric space heater going full tilt but the propane ducted heat system is still going on frequently to keep us warm and toasty. This place has 80 cable channels and the Rebounder has two cable-ready tv sets, so we're styling tonight. For $24 it's just not worth it to stay at the Walmart and run the generator to supplement the house batteries. Tomorrow we'll be heading on to Denver to hopefully visit childhood friends Brett and Heather and their two girls.

To the kind blog groupie who pointed out that I seem happier on land than cruising in the Bahamas... I think you may be right and I'm sorry for my defensiveness. Sometimes the truth hurts a little. Blog groupies are entitled to keep me real. I love cruising and adventure and I'm sure there will be many more adventures ahead... but I think I love being with family and friends and dry land even more. Now if I could somehow manage to combine the two, that would be something truly special. All in due time.

Flying the F-18 Simulator With Nephew Brett
Very cold and windy
11/20/2008, Strategic Air Command Museum

I just spent several wonderful days in Omaha with my sister, brother in law, nieces, and nephew. It was so nice to be with family after all this time and they were so kind to us. Jake and Anne were in heaven with so many people and other dogs to play with, not to mention all the rawhide bones. The last afternoon we sprung Brett from school an hour early so I could take him to the air and space museum. I almost made him hurl from too many high speed rolls, climbs, and inverted loops (this simulator literally rolls and inverts, thus the roller-coaster-like restraints), but we still had a blast. Never underestimate the aerobatic skills of a former two time speech and debate team captain. This morning Brett returned the favor by decimating me on the X-Box.

Morning At The KOA Kampground
Sunny but very cold


KOA Sunset From Inside The Rebounder


Sunset On The Prairie
11/15/2008, KOA South Of Omaha

I wouldn't have expected it on such a cold and blustery day but I wound up being treated to a spectacular sunset. Listening to a Prairie Home Companion, which seems fitting. Garrison is confirming that it is winter now and I can feel it. Good thing I brought that duffel of heavy weather clothes, including gloves and synthetic material hat. There's been a north wind blowing today that makes anything I experienced on the water seem mild. I stopped at several rest stops for the dogs today and it was crisp, to say the least. They are playing folk guitar tunes on A Prairie Home Companion and it is comforting. A lot of thoughts have been passing through my mind about what I'll do when I return and what will happen in the next year. Nothing too concrete. It's bittersweet coming back from such a grand adventure as sailing to the far side of Abaco and back. But life goes on, as you can see. There will be more cruising in the future, but for now we're here and that's good. I checked and the weather at West End, Bahamas is 80 high and 70s low. I wouldn't want to be there in spite of the relatively good weather (another cold front is coming through there in a few days). That trip is over for me now. This is where I want to be now even though it is cold. The sunset here is as good as it gets for me tonight. Tomorrow I've got nephew Brett's basketball game and neices Brenna and Sydney's show choir performance to look forward to, among other things like seeing my parents, sister, and other family. The sunset has developed into something really stunning. Impossible to describe in words but take my word for it, it's grand. Does it sound like I'm trying too hard to make this place seem like part of the adventure, or is it just that way regardless. Goodnight and stay warm if you're where its cold.

The View From The Rear Bedroom On The KOA Kampground
11/15/2008, About 60 miles south of Omaha

This is one of the most bare bones KOAs I've seen, but I've got a nice spot with a great view, plenty of farmland for the dogs to run free, a 30 amp electric hookup to run the electric heater, the electric hot water heater, and anything else electric on the Rebounder. I could boon dock another night but it's going to be in the 20s overnight and windy and it gets pretty remote south of Omaha and, well, I'm kind of splurging on my last night before going from lone traveling to being with family for awhile. With gas prices as low as $1.69 today, I could run the generator all night for less than this space costs, but that's a lot of wear and tear and noise and I don't want to be in a shopping center another night. Tonight I live large at the KOA. I could have made it to Omaha today but I wanted to clean the motorhome, give the dogs a bath, clean myself up, and enjoy one more night on my own. This is as good a place as there is in these parts. I stopped in Kansas City for BBQ... Well, more accurately I got off downtown and drove the motorhome around until I came upon Gates BBQ. Some places are so genuine you just know when you see them. Turns out this place is considered by many to be one of the best, if not the best, traditional KC BBQ. I got the combination platter containing ribs, sliced beef, sliced turkey (I substituted for the sliced ham), fries, plain white bread, and some pickles. Those of you who have been reading the blog and those who know me know that I've had a lot of BBQ in my day. Gates BBQ is the first BBQ I've ever had that is so authentic it needs no sauce. In fact Gates' sauce detracts from the flavor of their BBQ. I've got plenty of leftovers for dinner later tonight. Last night was so cold my propane heater had trouble keeping up with it and it ran most of the night. Used about 1/5 of my propane, which I just filled yesterday at $2.99 a gallon. Oh, that notice on the right, I printed it along with the proof of insurance form with a laser printer I brought for just this sort of thing. I couldn't get the motorhome in for emissions testing so, dare I say, my registration expired. I obtained a 30 day permit online. It lasts until December 10, 2008. I guess that becomes the official end to this adventure, unless I arrive home sooner, which I probably will.

Driving Through St. Louis
Rainy and cold

I used to live in St. Louis. University City. Lived there while working as a Midwest Regional Youth Director. That was part of what made me what I am today, whatever that is. The heat is pumping out of the ducted propane system on this cold, wet night. And I thought cold fronts in the Bahamas were significant. Try a mid-west cold front for a serious weather experience. I wouldn't want to sail through this sort of thing, that's for sure. It would suck. Driving a motorhome through it, now that's another thing altogether. Quite Doable.

At Least The Price Of Gas Is Low
Keith, plains cold front coming through, meaning very cold and windy
11/14/2008, Someplace in the mid-west

I'm in Columbia, Missouri tonight. It's a cold, windy, rainy night. Rained most of today as well. Doesn't matter. The Rebounder is an all-weather machine. It's supposed to get colder and windier tonight. I'm parked between two buildings and there's little likelihood that anything will happen to make us move from this spot no matter how bad it gets tonight. I filled propane this afternoon at one of the truck stops so I have enough energy in my tank to keep me warm for a week or two even in these cold temperatures. It's only another day or two to Omaha and then we will be warm and cozy in my sister's house. Also emptied the holding tanks today for the first time since leaving North Carolina. I've been having a battery-related starting problem but I'm trying to solve it myself rather than getting a tow to a repair shop through the AAA insurance. I think I've isolated the problem to a bad electrical connection at the battery and I think I've got it fixed, but we'll see. It seems I've brought bad weather with me most everywhere I've gone on this trip. I'm now hard weather trained. That's the breaks. At least I'm in travel machines that are designed to handle these conditions. At this point I've sailed from Little Harbor, Abaco Bahamas to Florida and then driven from Florida to North Carolina and then driven through a number of southeast and midwestern states to arrive here. Not particularly exciting adventures at present, at least those I can report, but I've covered about 2000 miles from Florida. About 2,500 miles to go to Tucson. A lot of traveling behind and ahead, both on this trip and generally. It took weeks to sail from Little Harbor to Florida with all the weather stops, but that part is pretty much memory and pictures.


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