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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
125 days back
windy outside, of course, even though I'm writing from my desk in Tucson
04/03/2009, Law Office of Keith A. Singer

Hello sailblog groupies! It's been over 4 months since I returned to Tucson. Jake and Anne (the golden retrievers) are fine. They are sitting on the floor of my new law office as I write this. They are happy to be off the boat but I think they miss being with me all the time since I'm out and about for several hours or more every day. Much has changed. Mostly for the better. Some things have returned to the way they were before I left. Singmeaway, the Catalina 25, has been sold. Tropical Dreamer, the Catalina 36, is under contract for sale and may be gone by the end of April. Life goes on. I'm living a semi-retired kind of life these days. Doing Family Law Mediation. Teaching Family Law at the Paralegal School. Working out twice a day. Got a cool girlfriend (in addition to Anne). I don't miss cruising but I wouldn't go back and change the past. My sailing experiences were awesome and important to getting on with life. Maybe I'll get back into sailing again someday. I'd be interested to crew on someone else's boat. Perhaps a charter boat in some far away place as well. In the meantime, I'm slowly starting to get the adventure bug again. I've still got the Rebounder (the motorhome) and its about time to head off somewhere again, at least for a few days. I was thinking about posting my continuing non-sailing adventures here. Is there life after cruising? Stay tuned.

- Keith

All Good Things
11/28/2008, My home in Tucson

Paste this You Tube link to a video I made while sailing into your browser. Farewell for now dear readers.

Is It Time Already
Keith, nice, it's gotten cooler and the heater has kicked on
11/24/2008, Greenlee Mountain Estates

It is dark as I post this. I've got the gen on and the lights blaring in the motorhome. Rolling Stones playing the radio and then The Clash. About to start dinner. Something vegetarian since I had a huge green chili burrito for lunch at my favorite place in Safford. Very good, but I wasn't sure whether it came from a can or was homemade. Met one of my neighbors here in this remote anchorage. Nice guy. Can't believe this appears to be the last night of the trip.

Future Site Of...
11/24/2008, Greenlee Mountain Estates Property


The Land
Warm and sunny, but not too warm or too sunny, just right
11/24/2008, Greenlee Mountain Estates

I'm parked at the entrance of development where the 40 acres is located. The picture shows the view from the fire pit Jodi and I constructed. That and the dirt road going to the land is all that has been developed on it. We took the motorhome all the way up to the acreage a year or two ago but I'm not sure the Rebounder is altogether up to that anymore. The hike there and back this afternoon was the toughest the dogs and I have experienced the whole trip. This is vast, rugged, open country. It is located in the southeastern part of Arizona, near Safford but closer to Clifton. I'm debating whether to stay here tonight or head down to Roper Lake and the hot spring bath. Can't believe I have internet access out here.

What Splurging Looks Like On The RV

We had TV and electricity and everything.

Real Mexican Food
Great, windows open to let the cool breeze in
11/23/2008, Lordberg, NM

I'm parked tonight at the KOA in Lordsberg, NM. I thought I would get farther but the sun was setting and I wanted to get off the road and here is where I wound up. $31 more than Walmart, I'm splurging. Nice day driving through southern, New Mexico. Good southwest weather. I picked up this dinner in Hatch, the chili capital of New Mexico. It appears to be red even though its green chili season at present. I had a craving. It was so hot I didn't dare take down the Hachul.

Cable TV On The Rebounder in North Platte
Cold, but nothing like the last week or two
11/22/2008, Presently blogging from Las Vegas, New Mexico


Back In The West/Southwest
Dry and warming
11/22/2008, New Mexico/Colorado area

This photo was taken at a rest stop hours south of Denver after a sleepover at the home of childhood friends Brett and Heather and their two little girls. Although no dogs live in the house, they allowed Jake and Anne into their home for the night. We slept in the guest bedroom on the 3rd floor. For the record, I did not sense any ghosts whatsoever. I was tormented, however, by the two dogs who determined to sleep with me on the otherwise very comfortable futon. Visiting friends in Denver was a very special little adventure. Back to the picture, traveled through this land for hours and it continued for hours after we departed this location. The highway between southern Colorado and northern New Mexico is awesome, especially leading up to and including sunset. I came this way years ago in a car with my mom. We enjoyed the same experience together. It has become much dryer and sunnier since we entered the west. Big sky, vast open areas of land. Almost like an inland sea.

Anniversary Dinner With Family
Really really cold
11/20/2008, Omaha, Nebraska

This picture shows (from left to right) Brother in law Andrew, sister Kimberly, niece Brenna, nephew Brett, niece Sydney, and me. Andrew and Kimberly honored their 19th wedding anniversary by including all the kids in their fancy dinner. That is so like them. How lucky are Jake, Anne and I to have immediate family in Nebraska and California and Arizona that are all so great.

I am blogging presently from the Holiday RV Park in North Platte, Nebraska, about 300 miles west of Omaha. It's supposed to get down to the teens tonight, colder with the windchill factor. So nice to be hooked up with electricity. I've got the new electric space heater going full tilt but the propane ducted heat system is still going on frequently to keep us warm and toasty. This place has 80 cable channels and the Rebounder has two cable-ready tv sets, so we're styling tonight. For $24 it's just not worth it to stay at the Walmart and run the generator to supplement the house batteries. Tomorrow we'll be heading on to Denver to hopefully visit childhood friends Brett and Heather and their two girls.

To the kind blog groupie who pointed out that I seem happier on land than cruising in the Bahamas... I think you may be right and I'm sorry for my defensiveness. Sometimes the truth hurts a little. Blog groupies are entitled to keep me real. I love cruising and adventure and I'm sure there will be many more adventures ahead... but I think I love being with family and friends and dry land even more. Now if I could somehow manage to combine the two, that would be something truly special. All in due time.


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