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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
The Famous Traveling Retrievers
Not too hot yet
05/16/2009, The Back of the Truck at Molino Basin

Its Saturday morning and that means Mt. Lemmon hike with Jake and Anne. I took them on a shorter hike than last week since Jake nearly passed-out going up Bog Springs trail. This time we took our usual hike from Molino Basin up to the saddle and back.

The view from the top of the road at Sabino Canyon

On my way to work out yesterday morning I biked to the top of Sabino Canyon. It's 3.8 miles from the visitor's center. I have a yearly pass which also allows me to park on Mt. Lemmon. If you hike north from the end of the road there are trails up to Mt. Lemmon, but that's for another day and another season. I've biked Sabino Canyon many times, but its been a long time. We used to drive up there when I was a kid. Cars are no longer allowed. I've taken the tram a dozen times on various group trips. First biked it in middle school. It wasn't much easier today than it was back then, but I made it without too much trouble. There's still water flowing down the canyon and under the 7 bridges. After my morning workout I had a busy day, including a few law-related appointments and administering the final exam to my Family Law students.

Looking North from the end of the Road at Sabino Canyon


Wine, appitizers, and blog
05/11/2009, Keith's kitchen

In this new, post-cruising, life I've substituted Bahamas-style rum drinks (glass of rum with a splash of coke) with a glass or two of heart-healthy red wine, vegies, and some low-fat cheese. Tonight its a Jarlsberg. I've also become somewhat of a vegetarian, though I'm not orthodox. My blood pressure has gone way down, among other benefits. Tonight its tabouli, hummus, and sauteed veggies for dinner, Netflix movie, and a chat with Sarah when she takes a study break. Life is good.

Biking Up Mt. Lemmon
Keith, hot (but its a dry heat)
05/11/2009, Babad Dog

As part of my new semi-retired kind of life I'm spending several hours every morning exercising. Today I started about 4 miles from the mountain, climbed for about 3 miles, then rode the 7 miles back to my starting point. It was hot and tiring, but it felt so good. I spent the rest of the day working with a law client, dealing with a broken window on the 3rd floor of one of my parents' properties, and continuing to supervise the renovations on my Popinac rental property that I'm preparing for sale. A lot of progress has been made thus far - well over 50 different projects. New carpet is going in on Wednesday. New blinds should arrive this week or early next. Taking a house from blah to nice is a lot of fun for me. It's almost like a creative process.

Sarah's Screen Saver
05/11/2009, Keith's Backyard Winter Morning View

This is the the first picture I sent Sarah. She has it as her screen saver. It's almost summer now and the mornings just aren't like that anymore this time of year. We get pretty good sunsets these days, though. I'll try and capture one. People used to say the photographs on my blog were pretty good. This says to them I'm getting back into the game again.

The Next Chapter
Keith, it's been 100 at mid-day for days now - welcome to Tucson summer
05/10/2009, Speedway Professional Center in Tucson

This is the my new Law Office sign. I was looking for new pictures to post to the blog and, believe it or not, I haven't taken one in many months on the Cannon Sure Shot that I brought cruising. The pictures I have taken are on my phone, but its so hard to get those into my computer. Much has happened since November, when I returned to Tucson. This time last year I was just heading out on the adventure. I truly didn't expect that I'd be back already, but its ok. Tropical Dreamer is sold, another thing I didn't expect, especially in this market. So at least I'm not hurting for cash. I don't own a single sailboat. Wow. weird. I've had the Rebounder in the shop for the last few weeks. I'm getting it ready for continued adventuring and, like any complicated machine, it takes a lot to keep it going. But hopefully, dear readers, you won't complain when you experience the upcoming land voyages. Lots of cool stuff in store for us. Life is good here in Tucson. I'm only working part-time so I've got plenty of time and energy to enjoy myself. These days I'm into long bicycle rides, lifting weights, eating healthy foods, sleeping through the night, taking things slow and easy, and generally living healthfully. I'm in the process of renovating and selling a rental house and may get into some more serious real estate investing with the proceeds from that and the money I got from the sale of the Catalina 36. I believe now is the time to buy real estate if one is able - before things get too expensive again. There's enough law work to keep me interested and its slowly getting busier. I'm doing some advertising to grow the mediation side of the practice, but I really don't ever want to go back to full-time all-out lawyering again. Jake and Anne are fine, though not young as they once were. We take a long walk every morning through the neighborhood, which is quite hilly, and they pretty much take it easy the rest of the day. Anne still loves to hike in the mountains but grandpa Jake gets a bit weary after the first hour. It's almost time for their summer shave, as its getting increasingly hot here in Tucson. At least the humidity is low, unlike last summer on the east coast - that was freaking brutal! Well, for those of you who get alerts of my postings, you should start to hear more from Jake, Anne, and me. We're over 6 months from returning from the sailing adventures and it is time to begin venturing out again.

125 days back
windy outside, of course, even though I'm writing from my desk in Tucson
04/03/2009, Law Office of Keith A. Singer

Hello sailblog groupies! It's been over 4 months since I returned to Tucson. Jake and Anne (the golden retrievers) are fine. They are sitting on the floor of my new law office as I write this. They are happy to be off the boat but I think they miss being with me all the time since I'm out and about for several hours or more every day. Much has changed. Mostly for the better. Some things have returned to the way they were before I left. Singmeaway, the Catalina 25, has been sold. Tropical Dreamer, the Catalina 36, is under contract for sale and may be gone by the end of April. Life goes on. I'm living a semi-retired kind of life these days. Doing Family Law Mediation. Teaching Family Law at the Paralegal School. Working out twice a day. Got a cool girlfriend (in addition to Anne). I don't miss cruising but I wouldn't go back and change the past. My sailing experiences were awesome and important to getting on with life. Maybe I'll get back into sailing again someday. I'd be interested to crew on someone else's boat. Perhaps a charter boat in some far away place as well. In the meantime, I'm slowly starting to get the adventure bug again. I've still got the Rebounder (the motorhome) and its about time to head off somewhere again, at least for a few days. I was thinking about posting my continuing non-sailing adventures here. Is there life after cruising? Stay tuned.

- Keith

All Good Things
11/28/2008, My home in Tucson

Paste this You Tube link to a video I made while sailing into your browser. Farewell for now dear readers.

Is It Time Already
Keith, nice, it's gotten cooler and the heater has kicked on
11/24/2008, Greenlee Mountain Estates

It is dark as I post this. I've got the gen on and the lights blaring in the motorhome. Rolling Stones playing the radio and then The Clash. About to start dinner. Something vegetarian since I had a huge green chili burrito for lunch at my favorite place in Safford. Very good, but I wasn't sure whether it came from a can or was homemade. Met one of my neighbors here in this remote anchorage. Nice guy. Can't believe this appears to be the last night of the trip.


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