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Lemons Way
The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.
Keith's Homemade Everything Bagels
05/22/2009, My Kitchen at Boulder Canyon

I made a double batch today (my 3rd batch thus far), which amounted to a baker's dozen. It would be a lot easier to just pick up a dozen at the bagel shop, but then they wouldn't be homemade now would they. There will come a time, perhaps, when I look back fondly on these days and think about how I had the time to make homemade bakery items before things got hectic again. OK, time to head off to walk the dogs in the rain... again. Then back home to feed the dogs and pop one of those crusty, chewy gems into the toaster for breakfast. Could be worse... I could be living on a boat during this weather and slogging to and from shore with the dogs in the rain.

Rain In the Dry Season
05/22/2009, View South from my Kitchen Window

We've been having the most peculiar weather in Tucson the past several days. Reminds me a lot of how things were frequently on the east coast of the US last year... Normally I'd be up and at 'em first thing in the morning but its been raining hard enough to discourage going out to walk the dogs in the early mornings. This is usually a time of year when it gets hotter and hotter and doesn't rain a drop until the monsoons start in early July. Well, as they say, no use complaining about the weather. I've been busying myself at home making bagels (see above post), helping my parents with their properties, paying bills at the office, and taking things pretty easy otherwise. I'm finally picking up the Rebounder from the shop this morning. New awning, new tires, 100 hour oil change on the generator. It should be in good mechanical condition as I've done pretty much everything I know to do on it. Now the question is, will I start to head off on adventures or will I drop it off at the consignment shop... stay tuned.

Home Made Waffles
05/16/2009, Home

Did you forget about my food pictures? With time on my hands, I've been able to cook for myself frequently. I've gotten into healthy eating - lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds... that sort of thing. This morning I made honey whole wheat waffles from scratch. They came out great, but not as sweet as the ones that come frozen from the store. I've been cutting out a lot of sugar lately. When I had a big bowl of honey nut shredded wheat cereal yesterday I didn't understand why I had a headache afterward until I read the ingredients; sugar is the second ingredient - and the milk is full of sugar too. I know these home-made waffles are healthy and I can pop them from the freezer to the toaster in the mornings when I want them. Pity the picture can't convey the aroma. I made bagels a few weeks ago and they came out great too. I'll do up another batch in the next week or so and show it off on the blog. In the meantime, the recipe for the waffles depicted above is located at

Thimble Peak View
05/16/2009, Morning Walk with Jake and Anne in My Neighborhood


Jake and Anne Are Still Happy
05/16/2009, Morning Walk Around the Neighborhood

Don't you just love Golden Retrievers. Note [Grandpa] Jake's snow white head.

The View From the Saddle
05/16/2009, Arizona Trail Mt. Lemmon near Molino Basin


The Famous Traveling Retrievers
Not too hot yet
05/16/2009, The Back of the Truck at Molino Basin

Its Saturday morning and that means Mt. Lemmon hike with Jake and Anne. I took them on a shorter hike than last week since Jake nearly passed-out going up Bog Springs trail. This time we took our usual hike from Molino Basin up to the saddle and back.

The view from the top of the road at Sabino Canyon

On my way to work out yesterday morning I biked to the top of Sabino Canyon. It's 3.8 miles from the visitor's center. I have a yearly pass which also allows me to park on Mt. Lemmon. If you hike north from the end of the road there are trails up to Mt. Lemmon, but that's for another day and another season. I've biked Sabino Canyon many times, but its been a long time. We used to drive up there when I was a kid. Cars are no longer allowed. I've taken the tram a dozen times on various group trips. First biked it in middle school. It wasn't much easier today than it was back then, but I made it without too much trouble. There's still water flowing down the canyon and under the 7 bridges. After my morning workout I had a busy day, including a few law-related appointments and administering the final exam to my Family Law students.

Looking North from the end of the Road at Sabino Canyon


Wine, appitizers, and blog
05/11/2009, Keith's kitchen

In this new, post-cruising, life I've substituted Bahamas-style rum drinks (glass of rum with a splash of coke) with a glass or two of heart-healthy red wine, vegies, and some low-fat cheese. Tonight its a Jarlsberg. I've also become somewhat of a vegetarian, though I'm not orthodox. My blood pressure has gone way down, among other benefits. Tonight its tabouli, hummus, and sauteed veggies for dinner, Netflix movie, and a chat with Sarah when she takes a study break. Life is good.


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