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Life aboard Leprechaun
Cruising towards our dream, in search of the pot o'gold
On the move
John and Cheryl
06/25/2012, Put in Bay, OH

Cheryl's Notes:

We are finally on our way! Left Sandusky yesterday morning and motored to Middle Bass Island. We had no wind the whole way. We anchored on the northeast side because the wind was supposed to pick up overnight and be out of the northwest. At midnight, the wind kicked up to 27 knots. It blew all night straight out of the north, not the northwest. This caused us to turn parallel to shore. We rocked from side to side the rest of the night. Everything in the boat rattled. We did not get much sleep.

We had met up with Craig and Vicky of Wings, who are on their way south from Bayfield. They pulled up anchor first and moved over to a mooring ball at Put in Bay. We went back to sleep for a little while, and when the wind didn't show any signs of settling down, we followed them. We grabbed a mooring ball and took the water taxi to shore. Put in Bay is like Bayfield, but on alcoholic steroids. There are more bars per capita here than I have ever seen. We wandered the town, had a late lunch and then headed back to the boat.

We are now trying to decide whether to leave tomorrow for the mouth of the Detroit River or wait out one more day of blowing wind. I know, most sailors get excited about filling their sails with wind. But, we are headed northwest and that is where the wind should be switching to overnight. We are currently in a holding pattern.

John's Notes: that all there is?? I've never seen a town where the bars all have bouncers at the door at 2:00pm on a weekday. They informed me that there were more inside. I don't know what they plan on "bouncing." It appears that during the week, the town is full of geezers like me.

If you added up all the square footage of all the bars in town, I'm pretty sure it would exceed the entire town of Bayfield, WI. One place advertises the longest bar in the world. Looking at the size of the building, could happen. Really glad we decided to skip pirate fest this last weekend. Twenty or thirty years ago I might have fallen in line with all this but not today. I did find a good deal though. I got a pint of Guinness for $6. In NYC it's about $10. At home, it's about $2. Guess I'll stay home. Cheryl has a new favorite drink, Jameson and ginger. I tried it. Not bad.

The weather is starting to be like the Bahamas. Front after front. Doesn't look like any relief in site. Really looking forward to getting back home and familiar waters.

Had a great time visiting with friends from Bayfield. They are heading east. Wish them the best of luck. I'm drooling over his new Garmin plotter/radar.

BTW, we will post pictures later, our internet is too slow for uploading.

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