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Life aboard Leprechaun
Cruising towards our dream, in search of the pot o'gold
Against the current
John and Cheryl
06/27/2012, Lake St. Clair, MI

Cheryl's Notes:

We took our time and left Grosse Ile a little before 9 am. Local knowledge told us that it would take over 5 hours to travel upriver to Detroit. They were right on. The view going upriver was pretty much the same as downriver, just at a slower pace. We did not pass too many other boats, but that was the plan for a midweek trip. We are now anchored in Lake St. Clair, right in front of the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club. I don't think that they extend guest privileges to our little club. We didn't even try.

We did see some Canadian Geese trying to make their way across the river to the US border. I wonder who checks their credentials. Where do they carry their passports? We figured that they wouldn't stay, Canada has a much better health plan.

John's Notes:

Nice quiet day. Just the way we planned it. We switched taking the helm often to break up the boredom. Sometimes boredom is good. Nothing eventful happened.

We have been anchored for over an hour and no private security force has approached us saying that we can't anchor here. If they do, I'm going to ask for a plat plan and see how far their riparian rights extend into the lake. That should keep them busy till we leave in the morning. We have anchored right in the middle of Wednesday night beer can races. We had a ringside seat as the boats tacked right past our boat.

Go figure. We had absolutely no phone service or internet access last night in Grosse Ile. Today, we were able to transmit from the middle of the Detroit River. We have made a couple of posts today, check them both.

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