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Life aboard Leprechaun
Cruising towards our dream, in search of the pot o'gold
Long Day
John and Cheryl
07/12/2012, Outer Keweenaw, MI

Cheryl's Notes:

Today was a really long day for us. It was 59 miles from Marquette to the lower end of the Keweenaw. At about 6 knots, that is a nine hour day. We left at 6:30 this morning and pulled up to the seawall at about 3:45 pm. We were able to put up the mainsail for a while today. Not a lot of wind, but enough in the right direction to give us a push.

We are only about four days from Bayfield now. Our inclination is to get there fast, but we might play a little in the islands. Tomorrow we are going to run around downtown Houghton, and then move to the other end of the Keweenaw.

Oh, have we mentioned that we always have an ongoing cribbage tournament when we are traveling? We don't play every night, but always play best of three games. I shouldn't brag, but I am up 2-1 in games and have three skunks on my side of the scoreboard. It has been humbling for Mr. Wilson.

John's Notes:

Playing cribbage with my wife is like paying with my dad until he was 80 or so. I'm getting my ass kicked. There aren't many things that the Irish have contributed to the betterment of mankind. Sure, there is Guinness and Irish whiskey, but, cribbage is different. It's the cultural center of any good pub. Now I'm going to have to hang my head in shame. I have played so bad in the last couple of weeks that I am going to have to find a new game to play. Well, ok, maybe it's not that bad but, it's bad enough.

I remember the last time we were tied along this quay. It took us forever, using every line we had to tie up the boat. The bollards are about two boat lengths apart. Duh, four years later we are tied to one with just four lines, only one of which we had to extend. Amazing what you can learn in a few years of cruising.

We are only a few days from home. Might be nice to surprise our favorite bartender next Friday night. Just have to see how much time we want to spend relaxing in the islands.

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