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23 January 2017 | Blue Horizon Cottage Resort, St. George's, Grenada
22 January 2017 | Blue Horizon Cottage Resort, St. George's, Grenada
23 November 2016
23 November 2016
23 November 2016
23 November 2016
23 November 2016
23 November 2016
23 November 2016
23 November 2016
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23 November 2016

Year 10 Day 2 And The Work Begins

23 January 2017 | Blue Horizon Cottage Resort, St. George's, Grenada
Dave/Mostly Overcast With Brief Periods Of Sun
There is a tongue in cheek saying about cruising: "It is working on your boat in exotic places". Unfortunately, it is not so tongue in cheek many times. This is especially true during the start of each cruising season or after a major ocean passage. It is important to keep on top of every little thing that has or could go wrong so that it does not become a major problem later. With one major exception, that has been our mantra since we have had Leu Cat. The one excepiont was during 2015 when we had finished our Indian Ocean retrofit and started crossing the Atlantic Ocean. During that passage several things that we so heavily relied on failed, making what would have been a wonderful crossing a pure nightmare. It was at that time we discovered that things that are "maintenance free" on a boat, are like things that are "maintenance free" on a car. Specifically, such things have a shelf life and it is best to replace them before that shelf life expires even though they are functioning well.

We had a series of failures that we just did not anticipate. These included failures of our 8-year-old battery charger, our 9-year old headsail furler, our spinnaker head block, the rudder pin on the port quadrant and the radar. We never had any clue that these items were failing until they all failed during that long and frustrating crossing.

That passage and those failures are all but a distant past now, but they are reminder to keep ever vigilant on every item that we have on Leu Cat. Now don't get me wrong, I am not so naïve to think that we will not have future equipment failures or problems during major passages. Long ocean passages are hard on a boat and something always fails. It is just during that Atlantic crossing so many major items failed and they impacted other items on the boat. In fact, whenever we get together with other cruisers who have just made a crossing, we all tell our war stories of what failed and how we dealt with such failures out in the middle of the ocean. This is what differentiates blue water cruisers from those who stay in one general area and are never far away from a service center. We really know our respective boats and can generally make due with creative solutions until we reach a place where something can be replaced or repaired.

Today was the start of the work we had planned on doing after cruising up and down the West Indies last year. Last November, before we returned to the States for the holidays, I had instructed the manager of Spice Island Marina to have his people do our annual maintenance on our engines and saildrives, the generator and to scrape the old paint off the hulls so the new hull paint could be applied once we returned.

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the marina this morning, I discovered that the manager had been let go due to a difference of opinion with management and that nothing had been done. Grrrrr! On the positive side, the yard supervisor was very understanding and he hustled several of his workers over to Leu Cat to start work on our boat. Thus, today two engine mechanics came over, along with the fellow who is working on installing our new emergency hatch. While they started their work, I spent the day working on the first phase of replacing our windlass, cutting the new gasket for the emergency hatch and a sundry of other minor items that are on my list. Right now, I would say that we have a fifty-fifty chance of making our schedule to return Leu Cat to the water by this Friday. The off again/on again rain we had today delayed the work on the hulls.

It will be interesting to see if we can make our schedule since we have very little leeway in the scheduled work.

The photo for this blog is of Leu Cat being hauled out here at Spice Island Marine last November.

Year 10 Day 1 The Start Of The End?

22 January 2017 | Blue Horizon Cottage Resort, St. George's, Grenada
Dave/Overcast With Periods of Rain
We can hardly believe that we are now starting the first day of our 10th year of cruising. My gosh! Time has just flown by so, so fast. We still can hardly believe that we have circumnavigated the world and in the process, sailed to and lived in such exciting places, met so may wonderful people and experienced so many amazing things. We are hard pressed to say what and where we have enjoyed the most. Each place has had its very special aspects but each place has had a common thread with the wonderful people who have lived wherever we have sailed to. People have such big warm hearts and, thus, have invited us into their homes and lives and have shared with us things about where they live that tourists never experience. We have been so very lucky!

It has been a very rewarding, fulfilling and adventuresome lifestyle such that we now know we will have a difficult time readjusting to living on the land once this adventure comes to an end. While we both still have our health and strength and mental acumen, and still would love to continue sailing, we are facing the reality that it may be coming to an end sooner than later. This cruising year may end up being our last one as we are struggling with how to deal with the restrictive EU visa requirements and the fact that most of the non-EU countries that border the Med are undergoing some form of destabilization. We have always dreamed of sailing to the Med and spending a few years exploring that fabulous cruising area. As you may know, I love delving into history and the Med is the most historically rich area in the world. To miss an opportunity to sail there, to live a few years surrounded by that history and experience the uniqueness of its people make us very sad.

All hope for this dream is not lost as one of our blog reader friends, Jose (who lives in Vigo, Spain), is graciously trying to use his resources to help us get a residency visa that would allow us to claim residence in Spain while we cruise around the Med. Such a visa would mean that we would not have to leave the EU every three months for three months before returning. However, it looks like, to receive that visa, we must be in our own country to apply and the application process takes about three months. During those three months Spain, would have our passports while the visa request was being processed. Thus, we would have to stay in the US which is not practical at this point. We are waiting to hear from the attorney that Jose is working with on this for us but we have not heard back in a few weeks. We have our fingers crossed that this type of visa will come through as we would love to sail to Vigo and meet Jose and his family and share Leu Cat with them. Plus, it would allow us to explore the northern part of the Med.

We are now back in Grenada after spending the last 20 hours returning from San Francisco, California. The flights were all good and on time. It is just a tiring journey dealing with schlepping all of our luggage (6 bags, many stuffed with boat parts), a computer bag bulging with two computers, and two heavy carry-ons.

We will be spending this first week back in Grenada at the Blue Horizon Cottage Resort as Leu Cat is on the hard. We will be working on Leu Cat this week on replacing one of the emergency hatches, putting in the new windlass, and applying a couple of coats of new bottom paint. Everything else is in the best of shape so this effort should not be too bad.

While we are enjoying the pleasures of staying in a resort in a plush exotic garden island, such as Grenada, we are anxious to get Leu Cat back in the water and start this cruising season. The wind, water and sea life are whispering sweet little nothings into our ears and we can hardly wait to fire up this year’s adventure!

The Basis Of My Angst With Trump

30 December 2016
This is the last of the various parts of the missive that I started a few days ago.

In summary, my problem with Trump and his followers is that he and they have chosen to discard many of these core values to achieve an end to their means (his election). He has repeatedly demeaned women, blacks, Muslims, and immigrants, all in the name of making us “great” again. He has repeatedly made statements that were flat out lies and made promises that no sane person can believe he can do without bankrupting our country. Contrary to what some of his supports have written about me (i.e., that I have been away from the US too long to know what it is happening in the US), I believe that I know better than they what America currently has as compared to any other country in the world. Yes, we have many significant problems that need to be addressed, however, not one country that we have spent time in over the last 9 years comes close to having what we have in the US. The infrastructure of the US, while not perfect and needs addressing, it the best in the world. The food we have is so abundant, cheap and of such high quality as compared to any other country in the world. Our economy is the strongest in the world. Just compare the strength of the US dollar to any other currency. Our unemployment is the lowest it has been in over 10 years and we are actually facing a shortage of workers in many of our industries including farming ( Click here for the article , Click here for the article , Click here for the article , and Click here for the article). Please take the time to open and read these articles and reports as they are eye opening regarding the labor shortage we are facing. This has been so under-reported by the main stream media that these very credible reports just blow me away. For example, the February 15, 2015 article by Deloitte, one of the largest and most respectable accounting firms in the US states:
“The skills shortage pervades all stages of manufacturing—from engineering to skilled production,” said Jennifer McNelly, president, The Manufacturing Institute. “This challenge will only grow as the demographics of our workforce evolve with retirements, new technological advances requiring a higher level of training and certification, and our K-12 education system which continues to lack the necessary focus on STEM education.” Added Gardner Carrick, vice president, The Manufacturing Institute, “With nearly half of executive survey respondents indicating they plan to re-shore some portion of their operations back to the United States by 2020, the urgency to expand the domestic talent pool and address the skills gap is increasing day-by-day.”

Such a labor shortage means we need to have more immigrants come to our country, not less. Otherwise, industry will chase after where the labor is and go overseas or will more quickly move to robotic and AI (Artificial Intelligence) device workers and we will lose these people-based jobs forever.

Another aspect of the labor problem America is facing is that much of our work force is not skilled/educated for the opportunities that are now and will become available. It’s a pretty daunting task to try to bring (especially older) currently unemployed and underemployed workers up to the levels needed. Moreover, many of these workers would like to stay in their homes near their families, but that’s not where the jobs are located.

With Trump’s election, not only am I concerned for the more disadvantaged, I am also concerned for our future generations who will suffer from the longer-term impacts that Trump will cause. I am a Federalist at heart and believe in a strong Federal government. I do not support pushing such programs as Medicare or Medicaid down to the states as that will cause larger, wealthier states to have better programs while the smaller, poorer states struggle to cope with the inevitable rise in health care costs. It would result in uneven health care across state lines. I would prefer a stronger control over Medicare and Medicaid’s budgets and the budget of the US government instead of pushing the programs down to the States and letting them struggle to do the dirty work of controlling costs.

Regarding saving jobs, I think the Carrier deal is a bad example of what we should be doing. We need to protect our workers by helping them job shift so they can make up part of the labor shortages we face. Few people like change, most find it to be very stressful. However, whether we like it or not, change is coming with new technology, increased robotics and implementation of AI devices. Many workers whose jobs are being threatened by modernization have fallen for Trump’s promise that he can halt change and take us back to the fifties, which I don’t believe. Unfortunately, efforts such as the Carrier deal are only stop gap, short term deals. They waste the tax payer’s money because Carrier will be using the $70,000,000 in tax breaks to modernize their plants with automation and AI devices. The result will be that we tax payers are paying Carrier to replace people in these jobs with robots and AI devices. It is only going to happen faster and faster as both technology and AI development continues.

Recent examples of robots and AI devices that are replacing workers are the automated cars that Uber has installed in Pittsburg and is installing in Phoenix. Another case in point that is a bit closer to home is that we have just bought a Roomba for one of our kids for Christmas so they will not have to rely so much on cleaning ladies. In fact, as you may know, a number of US companies have already brought production lines back from overseas as robots and AI have replaced the need of expensive workers (see Click here for the article ) . The replacement of laborers with robots and AI devices is not new and its implementation is rapidly increasing. Just look to the automotive industry as a clastic example. Other examples include the manufacturing of computers and cell phones. Even farming is moving to the use of robots and AI devices. We need to position our labor force to be able to reflect this new direction in manufacturing and farming and it is going to be difficult and will take time. We do not need to pay companies though the use of tax breaks to more quickly implementing this change.

With Trump, I am afraid that we are losing our focus and trampling over the core values that this country was built on in a chase after dreams of how it used to be. We are following a pied piper who will lead our country down a path of ultimate chaos as he lines his pockets to the detriment of our people. In the process of following this man, we, as a country, have lost our moral compass. It is the moral compass that this country was based on and it is what our Constitution is based on. That is a pretty harsh and bleak statement and I hope that I am wrong.

The Basis Of My Angst With Trump

29 December 2016
This is the third part of my missive that I started a few days ago. There will be one more part to post tomorrow.

4) To Establish and Maintain Equality:
According to our Constitution, people in our country, whether black or white, young or old, male or female, are guaranteed the right to be treated equally and fairly when it comes to politics, the law, economic issues or life in general.

Much of what I wrote yesterday in (3) applies also to how Trump has violated this core value. Trump has repeated demonstrated that he is a misogynist, a racist and a bigot. As an additional demonstration of that rather remarkably sad statement, I offer the following to make this point.

To demonstrate Trump's long history of making racists statement one can go and watch a 1993 video of his testimony in front of the 1993 Congressional committee which held hearings on casinos operated and owned by Native American tribes . Trump stated: "They don't look like Indians to me and they don't look like Indians to Indians." Watch the video linked here to be amazed at his statements in front of this Congressional committee ( Click here to watch the video).

Another example of his racism was his "birther" activity. He stated: "He (Obama) doesn't have a birth certificate, or if he does, there's something on that certificate that is very bad for him. Now, somebody told me -- and I have no idea if this is bad for him or not, but perhaps it would be -- that where it says 'religion,' it might have 'Muslim.' And if you're a Muslim, you don't change your religion, by the way," Trump said of Obama during a March 2011 appearance on The Laura Ingram show ( Click here to watch the video ).

Fortune Magazine, in a June 2016 article, documented a long history of Trumps racist statements and actions ( Click here to read the article ).

5) To Embrace Diversity:
Someone once told me America is a mixture of different cultures blended together with equal liberties under the law. While the reality is that there are equal liberties under the law, the law, many times, is not equally enforced. It is something that we need to work much better to achieve. Instead of doing so, I am very concerned that we have taken huge steps backwards by electing Trump as President. Cultivating and promoting diversity is not what Trump is doing.

To make this point, I once again reference the various statements I have written above in numbers 2, 3 and 4. Furthermore, while I do not believe that Trump is a White Supremacist, I am very disappointed in that he has appointed Steve Bannon has his Chief Counselor in the White House. Bannon is a well know bigot (Click here to read the article and Click here to watch the video). I suggest that you read the Forbes Magazine article referenced below and research for yourself the many articles that its cites Bannon wrote. The Forbes article and the reading of Bannon's articles demonstrates the point that Glenn Beck makes in the video cited above. I have read some of Bannon's articles but they are too numerous to cite here. They are so repugnant to me (Click here to read the article). I am shocked and dismayed that we, the American people, elected a man as President who has relied on and will continue to rely on as an esteemed adviser who is a white supremacist and who will have an office in the west wing of the White House.

6) To Be Truthful:
I believe that the concept of Truth is the one of the most important core democratic values. American democracy depends on our government and its citizens telling the truth. Our nation works best when the bond between its citizens and its leaders is strong. Truth is the glue of that bond. Truth requires trust, and without trust, we have nothing. We expect our government and its leaders to be truthful to us and in return they can expect our trust. Unfortunately, throughout the history of America, this core value is the one that gets abused the most. The lies that our politicians have told seem to me to have been increasing over the last 25 or so years and most people believe that this needs to be corrected as we move forward. The trust that the American people have in its government is the lowest that I can remember in my 66 years.

Trump has demonstrated that he lives in a culture of lies to justify an end to the means. Throughout his campaign, Trump lied to the US public more than any other candidate that I am aware of. Now do not get me wrong, Hillary Clinton told a number of lies during her campaign also. But fact checking her statements versus Trumps statement demonstrated that Trump by far lied the most and his lies were the more outrageous (see: Click here to read the article). There are many examples that I could cite but I will use just a few to make my point. I have provided links that allow you to make you own assessment who lied the most during the three presidential debates:
Click here for the first example
Click here for the second example
Click here for the third example

7) Popular Sovereignty:
This is the idea of majority rules. While under the US Constitution and the 12th Amendment, as it turns out, it is not the majority of the people that rules but, instead, the majority of Electoral College voters from each state who actual determines each President. The Electoral College was created as a compromise between having the Congress vote on the Presidency versus those "qualified voters" (who at the time were white property owners). However, most people now agree that the use of the Electoral College is now outdated and it should be the popular vote that determines who our President should be ( Click here to read the article ). To learn more about the Electoral College look at: Click here to read the article .

While I have longed believed that the Electoral College has outlived its usefulness and the Presidential election should be placed in the hands of the voting public, Popular Sovereignty is more than that. It's the idea that the power of this government comes from "We the People", that the American government, our government, is ruled by its people through their votes.

While I do not diminish the legitimacy of Trump being elected President, I do resent that he lost the general vote by more than 2.8 million votes and, as a result, we will be governed by a person backed by a significant minority of the voters. I felt the same way when G. W. Bush won in 2000 when a majority of Americans voting against him.

I have to laugh at Trump claiming that he has a mandate through this election. There is no mandate because the majority of Americans voted against him. He only received 46% of the popular vote (Click here to read the article). This means that 54% of Americans voted against him. This is not a mandate and Popular Sovereignty was not achieved.

The Basis Of My Angst With Trump

28 December 2016
This is a continuation of the blog I started a couple of days ago:

2) Work To Promote The Common Good:
The common good is when we are working for the greater benefit of everyone in our community. As President Kennedy said: "And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country." Examples of common good are the building of roads, schools, libraries, and safe drinking water systems. Others examples are participating or donating to charities, creating and maintaining a sound Social Security system to protect our aged along with a reasonable Medicare and Medicaid programs, and an affordable health care system to aid the less fortunate.

Trump violated this core value on many fronts but the one that plays on my mind the most is that he wants to push the running of Medicare and Medicaid to the states by help funding them with block grants ( >Click here for the article). If you are not familiar with what a block grant is, you can learn about it at: Click here for the article. This allows the federal government to limit its funding of Medicare and Medicaid and force the individual states to pay for the difference. The result would be large states with a large tax base would be in a better position to cover the required costs while smaller states with smaller tax bases will not be. Thus, the quality of coverage would vary from state to state with the poorer states being forced to cutting elements of support. Thus, instead of the US Government working to control the cost of these programs (a responsibility they have repeatedly failed to do), we would have 50 states trying to control the cost of them, each independent of each other. It is a plan of drastic failure across our country.

Another problem I have with Trump is that he has recently nominated Rep. Tom Price to head the Department of Health and Human Services. Price is a strong supporter of House Speaker Paul Ryan's plan to raise the Medicare eligibility age and partially privatize the program -- indicating either that Trump is tacking to a new method to cut Medicare and Medicaid or that there will soon be a conflict between Trump's cabinet and his own stated views on the issue. If you are not familiar with the concept of privatizing Medicare and Medicaid read the articles at Click here for the article and Click here for the article . No matter which path he ends up following, it is clear to me that Trump plans on changing these programs in a way that will lessen the coverages now contained in these programs (Click here for the article ).

3) To Preserve Justice:
Justice can be defined as the quality of being fair and reasonable; providing just behavior or treatment ( Click here to confirm the definition).

Trump fails this core value because in his campaign he was basically calling for a layered America with the white males at the top, and not protecting the rights of the other segments of the country which lie on the bottom. He did this by repeatedly degraded women (i.e., disrespecting Ghazala Khan (Click here for the article), demeaning Alicia Machado due to her weight and ethnic background (Click here for the article). Also, as stated above in 1c , he bragged about his ability to grab p*ssy. Such a statement is the epitome of demeaning women.

During his campaign, he repeatedly demeaned Hispanics and other Americans who come from a Mexican heritage. A prime example was his statement regarding The Honorable Judge Gonzalo Curiel. In June 2016, Trump suggested that a federal judge presiding over a fraud cases against Trump University wouldn't be able to be fair because of his "Mexican heritage." "He's a Mexican," Trump told CNN of U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel. "We're building a wall between here and Mexico. The answer is, he is giving us very unfair rulings -- rulings that people can't even believe." "I'm building a wall," Trump said. "It's an inherent conflict of interest." Curiel, who was born in Indiana, refused to dismiss a pair of civil lawsuits that allege Trump University tricked students into paying tens of thousands of dollars to learn the secrets of the real-estate mogul's success ( you can fast forward to 3:11 of this lengthy video to get to the pertinent segment Click here for the video). When I saw this video I just shook my head in disbelief. This interview, along with the various other statements he has made during his campaign convinced me that Mr. Trump is a racist and a bigot. The Huffington Post wrote an article with 13 documented examples of Trump being a racist and a bigot (Click here for the article).

My final example of where Trump trashed this core value was when he repeated stated at his rallies that he was going to put Hillary Clinton in jail if elected even though Clinton has not been found to have broken any laws ( to watch this video you may have to first sit through a brief commercial: Click here for the video). In fact, he used this to whip up his crowds to a fanatical level until they chanted over and over again: "Put her in jail, put her in jail". This disgusts me because after months of scrutiny by a Republican dominated House committee (Benghazi), no one found her guilty of any crime and this same committee recently quietly closed its investigations without making any claims that she violated any laws . The same was true with the notorious FBI investigation into her emails. To my knowledge, despite allegations made by detractors of Hillary Clinton, no agency or court has found her to be in violation of any laws.

The Basis Of My Angst With Trump

27 December 2016
Below I define each core value and with each, how Trump has violated that core value:

1) The right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness:
a. Right To Life - a good definition here would be that as Americans we have the right to live without the fear of injury or being killed by others.

I find it ironic that many Trump supporters turned to him due to their concern over this core value regarding the various instances of Islamic terrorism that has occurred in the US. They are correct that they should have a President that will work hard to establish a safe environment for them to live in. However, instead of working toward this goal, Trump violated this core value by running a hate based presidential campaign. At numerous rallies he intentionally stoked the crowds to such a frenzy that the crowds yelled "Kill her" and he encouraged such chants. I watched videos taken from a number of his rallies and it is frightening how he played to the hate that he was stoking (watch some of the videos of his rallies at Click here for article and its video and Click here for article and video

Trump has bragged more than once that he could kill someone in the middle of New York City and not lose supporters ( Click here for video). He was trying to describe how fanatical many of his supporters are and based on the comments that I have received from such supporters, I would have to agree with his statement. To have a presidential candidate state this and now be the leader of our land, shocks me. To play to such a fanatical base of support and stoke their anger is dangerous and contrary to this core value. Now, I am not saying that everyone who voted for Trump is fanatical but some of the commenters who have shared their views of my opinions would fall into this group.

b. Right To Liberty - This is the aggregate of those personal, civil, religious and political rights of the individual which are guaranteed by the constitution and secured against invasion by the government or any of its agencies.

Trump repeatedly violated this core value when he campaigned on taking this right away from segments of our population. In December 2015, Trump stated that he would establish a "total and complete" ban on Muslims entering the United States. Watch the video of his speech contained in the article (Click here for article and video .

It is important to note that he did not restrict this to foreign Muslims but all Muslims which includes those who are US citizens. His campaign manager confirmed this when he explained that the ban would apply to "everybody" (Click here for article ).

Thus, US citizens of this religious faith would not be allowed back into their own country (the US). The courts have established that a policy categorically excluding members of a particular religion from the country would violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment by explicitly disapproving of one religion and implicitly preferring others (see: Awad v. Ziriax, 670 F.3d 1111, 1127, 1132 (10th Cir. 2012) (enjoining a state provision banning court consideration of Sharia law because the Establishment Clause prohibits any "programs or practices . . . which aid or oppose any religion" (quoting Larson v. Valente, 456 U.S. 228, 246 (1982))). While the Establishment Clause -- like the rest of the First Amendment -- is stated as a proscription on congressional action, it applies to executive branch action as well (Cf. Shrum v. City of Coweta, Okla., 449 F.3d 1132, 1140 (10th Cir. 2006) (holding the Free Exercise Clause applicable because "the First Amendment applies to exercises of executive authority no less than it does to the passage of legislation")).

Now don't get me wrong, I do wish to have stronger vetting of people coming into the US. However, basing it on a religion is not legal, not practical (people will just lie if they really wish to enter) or realistic. Nor is barring people from selected Muslim based countries as such countries have many people who believe in Christianity, Judaism, or other religions and are seeking safety from the violence that is ongoing in their respective country. We need to increasing vetting, not adopt any outright ban. As I will demonstrate below, we actually need more immigrants to fill the labor shortages we are currently facing. This fact has not be played up in the media and most people are not aware that we are facing such a labor shortage. Most people believe we have a job shortage, not a labor shortage. As I will show in a later installment, this is just not correct.

Increasing the vetting of people wishing to come into the US is not an easy thing to do and even if the people entering are not terrorists, there is nothing that will prevent them from becoming terrorist in the future. I have discovered that most Americans do not know that many more terrorist acts committed in the US have been done by non-Muslim US citizens than Muslims. In fact, based on FBI statistics, only 6% of the terrorist attacks in the US were committed by Islamic terrorists ( Click here for the article and Click here for article, Click here for article ). The conclusion from this is that terrorism is here to stay and it is not restricted to one religion or another. We need a new and better way to combat terrorism, here in the US and overseas.

c. Pursuit of Happiness - in our country everyone has the right to define and pursue happiness in their own way as long as they don't violate the rights of others.

Trump violated this core value repeatedly when he trampled on this right regarding women, Hispanics and Muslims. Examples of this are when he bragged that he can "grab women by the p*ssy" (Click here to watch video) , by characterizing Mexicans as rapists (Click here to read article and read the yellow highlight text in the article:), and stating that Muslims must be banned from entering our country (See b, above).

By doing this, he is explicitly creating an environment that prevents the pursuit of happiness for these groups as their anxiety and fear and moral outrage is heightened. I have seen this with the various females in my family as they are unhappy and anxious about the environment Trump is creating which will impact them and their children. They have asked me how can they explain to their children that this behavior is not acceptable when it has been accepted by the man who will be their new president and by the people who voted for him.

The Basis Of My Angst With Trump

26 December 2016
I have received many comments on our Facebook page and blog post from Trump supporters telling me that I am a sore loser that Trump won the US Presidential election and how they have suffered through 8 years of Obama and now it is my turn to suffer. They have told me that since we have lived the last 9 years on our boat, sailing around the world, that we are out of touch with the US and what has been going on there.
I have found these type of comments rather insulting and they do not reflect who I am and what I stand for. Thus, I thought I would end this year's sailing blog with a discussion on why I and my wife, Mary Margaret, are so distraught with the results of this past Presidential election and why we are disgusted with Donald Trump as a man and especially as the President of the US. This missive is so long that I have divided it into more manageable sections and will be posting each section daily until it is completed.

Also, let me say that I believe that one cannot lump all Trump supports into one category. In general, I do not believe that most of them are racists or sexists. I do believe that his supporters, in general, are desperate for change and the reasons for such change are specific to the individual. Some are very concerned for our safety from Islamic terrorism, some are concerned about their jobs or inability to secure a meaningful one, some are frustrated with our government's inability to govern and wish to "drain the swamp". Some believe that our economy is in a shamble and want to see it improve faster than it has. Some are desirous to role back abortion rights or other social changes that have become law or policy under the Obama administration. There are a myriad of reasons and the many of these reasons and concerns are valid. Where I depart with them is in the belief that Trump will turn things around and fix the concerns they have. Normally, I believe reasonable people can disagree reasonably. However, this time, I have found the depth of passion on both sides of this electron run very deep and the nasty and insulting comments that I have received from a number (but not all) of Trump supporters demonstrates this.

I would like to dispel the notion that I and my wife are sore losers. Mary Margaret and I have many times voted for a presidential candidate that ended up losing. While we were displeased with the results of such elections, we were never distraught, as we are now. The reason was that we knew that the winning candidate shared all or the vast majority of our core values. His ideology was different than ours but the core values were shared. The US would shift to the left or to the right of our ideology but we could live with that. The belief in the cores values was to continue after each of those elections. As I will show below, this is not the case with Trump and this election.
Also, let me dispel the notion that we are going to suffer during the tenure of Trump's presidency. From a financial perspective, we are rather affluent and we actually anticipate that his economic actions will end up benefiting us financially. This applies also to our children, who all have great jobs, are making very good salaries, all own their own homes and are well established and secure in their jobs. If we will have any suffering, it will be the anguish for those less fortunate than us, as it is they who we believe will be hurt the most by the Trump doctrines.

I am a fiscal conservative but a social moderate. I strongly believe I have an obligation to help those who are less fortunate than I. While I am not a religious person, I believe this tenet is part of the New Testament and is a core value of the Christian Church and of any good Christian. It is also a fundamental tenet of many other religions. Mary Margaret is a bit to the left of me but our ideologies are very similar in most aspects. She is more demonstrative than I in helping those less fortunate as she has a long history of being very active in charity groups and always increases the amount that I suggest we donate each year to charities. She significantly puts herself and her money to work for those less fortunate that ourselves.

Regardless of my fiscal, social, political or religious beliefs, I hold close to my heart the core values that this country was built on. These core values are contained and defined in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I am a protector of these documents and will defend them from those who threaten them and I have found many of the things that Trump has espoused to be contrary to these fundamental tenets. Thus, I will oppose Mr. Trump as he has violated these core values and I will strive to restore the belief in these fundamental core values amongst his supporters.

To address the concerns from Trump supporters that I am not speaking of facts regarding Mr. Trump and my core values, I will be specific in this missive and back up my statements with multiple references. I have carefully researched each statement and have vetted my sources to make sure they are factual. To read any of my sources you should be able to pull them up by pressing "ctrl" and left clicking at the same time. If that does not work, just cut and paste the web address into your browser. If I am in error in any of these researched facts (vetted as best as I can do), please be kind enough to let me know. I do seek truth and desperately want my faith in those who support Trump to be restored. I will be the first to say that Hillary Clinton had a number of issues that made her a weak presidential candidate and, in retrospect, she and her team ran a very poor campaign. She ignored a major segment of Americans who have valid concerns regarding their future which have to be addressed and the sooner the better. Nevertheless, I found that Trump trampled all over my core values to get elected as compared to Clinton. It is this reason that I am so distraught.
Below is a listing of my primary core values, I have others but inclusion of those would make this already too long of a missive much longer. I believe you can get an understanding of the basis of my despair from these seven primary core values:
1) The right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness:
2) Work to promote the Common Good:
3) To preserve Justice:
4) To establish and maintain Equality:
5) To embrace Diversity:
6) To be Truthful:
7) Popular Sovereignty:

Tomorrow, I will start to define each core value and with each, how Trump has violated that core value.

ILL Fourchue

23 November 2016
Another type of coral we came across.

ILL Fourchue

23 November 2016
How cool is this type of coral.
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