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29 March 2017 | Rick and Bret's House, St. Croix, USVI
29 March 2017 | Rick and Bret's House, St. Croix, USVI
28 March 2017 | Rick and Bret's House, St. Croix, USVI
27 March 2017 | 15 nm West of Philipsburg, Sint Maarten
26 March 2017 | Bobby's Marina, Philipsburg, SInt Maarten
25 March 2017 | Bobby's Marina, Philipsburg, SInt Maarten
24 March 2017 | Bobby's Marina, Philipsburg, SInt Maarten
23 March 2017 | Bobby's Marina, Philipsburg, SInt Maarten
21 March 2017 | Bobby's Marina, Philipsburg, SInt Maarten
20 March 2017 | Bobby's Marina, Philipsburg, SInt Maarten
19 March 2017 | Bobby's Marina, Philipsburg, SInt Maarten
18 March 2017 | Bobby's Marina, Philipsburg, SInt Maarten
17 March 2017 | Bobby's Marina, Philipsburg, SInt Maarten
16 March 2017 | Bobby's Marina, Philipsburg, SInt Maarten

The Mayor of Ziggy's

29 March 2017 | Rick and Bret's House, St. Croix, USVI
I will post more photos of our tour of St Croix that Rick gave us today but that will take a few days. In the meantime, I just had to post the picture I took at Ziggy's with Billy and Mary Margaret. What a hoot!

Year 10 Day 62 The Grand Tour

29 March 2017 | Rick and Bret's House, St. Croix, USVI
Dave/Mostly Sunny
The day started by us adjusting our clocks to Island Time. Next, Rick took me to the TLC Bakery to pick up a few homemade bagels and a loaf of sourdough bread. Upon our return I got Mary Margaret up and we had a light but delicious breakfast of toast, jam and coffee.

Next, Rick and I returned to the marina where the rental car folks were waiting for my arrival so I could sign the papers and they gave me the keys to the car. We then boarded Leu Cat, prepped the boat and tossed the dock lines. We motored from the fuel dock to "C" dock where we tied up, plugged in and secured the boat.

It was then time to return to Rick and Bret's house and pick up Mary Margaret so we could start our tour of St. Croix. Rick's goal was to drive us all around St. Croix, pointing out the island's highlights so we could go and explore them more in detail during our stay here. It was a great tour as we crisscrossed St. Croix, hitting the East Point, which is the eastern most point of the US, along the remote southern shore which is entirely enclosed by reefs, reaching the western end of the island with its beautiful white sand beaches and great dive sites, through a rain forest with vines hanging down from the trees over the road and almost hitting the car, into the two major towns of the island: Frederiksted and Christiansted with their charming Danish architecture, and then back to the marina. Along the way Rick took us to his favorite deli for lunch. The Turtle Deli served huge sandwiches and subs that were heaped with meats, cheeses and goodies.

Once back at the marina, Rick dropped us off so we could take our rental car and do some shopping at the local supermarket. Mary Margaret had suggested that she cook tomorrow, making her special lasagna and rich Pots of Gold for dinner.

Once we returned to Rick and Bret's beautiful house, we cleaned up a bit and then we were off again. Rick and Bret were taking us back to Christiansted where their favorite restaurant is located. As we entered, we were given a warm greeting from the two owners of Galangal. They are very close to Rick and Bret and we were made to feel as part of the family. Galangal is a gourmet restaurant with white linen table cloths, elegant place settings and relaxed but formal ambiance. Since it is St Croix, the dress was casual, if not downright informal. The ambiance and dress were bit of an oxymoron but since it is the tropics and not New York City, it works wonderfully.

The menu was extensive as was the wine list. To start, I ordered the chef's Duck Dual, a pairing of foie gras and liver pate and followed that with a duck red curry that was to die for. Mary Margaret opted for the rack of lamb which was cooked to perfection. Rick and Bret ordered their tried and true favorites: one being a green curry and the other being the red curry. Being stuffed once again, the four of us opted to order just one serving of the dark chocolate flourless cake with a side of vanilla ice cream. It was a great topping to a wonderful meal.

On our way back to Rick and Bret's house, Bret suggested we stop by Ziggy's. Ziggy's is their local gas station that has an outside bar which is the local's hangout. Wow! What a scene! Very laid back but filled with a zany cast of characters. We met the barkeep (Joe), Kelly, Billy (Ziggy's former "mayor"), Heidi and others. All were very friendly and adopted us into the scene immediately. Billy, a former amateur boxer, regaled us with his stories which were fascinating.

By the time we return to Rick and Bret's house and our cottage, we were ready to fall in bed and enjoy a good night's sleep. Tomorrow, Mary Margaret will spend the day cooking up a great dinner while I run around with the rental car to do some errands. Life is good in Paradise!

Year 10 Day 61 Paradise in St Croix

28 March 2017 | Rick and Bret's House, St. Croix, USVI
Through last night, this morning and into the afternoon the winds remained light so we either just motored or motored sailed with the headsail up. The true wind as just 3 to 4 knots but since it was off our port bow, the apparent wind was 5 to 7 knots. It takes 6 knots of apparent wind to kept our sail full so at times we were able to fly the headsail.

The beauty of the situation was that we were not in any hurry since we had been asked by Steve, the Green Cay Marina manager in St. Croix, not to arrive before 1400. Thus, with one engine on at low RPMs, we ghosted across the 95 nm of ocean that lay between Sint Maarten and St. Croix.

During the night the stars were out in full glory as it was a moonless night. The Southern Cross floated across the southern sky, parked in the Milky Way. We have seen the Southern Cross many, many times before; tonight, however, was one of the best viewings we have had because the sky was so clear and the night so black.

Along the way we passed numerous cruise ships making passage for St Kitts. First, they would appear on the horizon as just a glow of soft light; but as we approached each one would get brighter and brighter and as we passed within a mile of each other, they would be lit up like a Christmas tree. We passed 5 or 6 of these behemoths, each being over a 1000 feet long.

When dawn broke, the eastern point of St. Croix appeared in the distance and its northern shore spread out before us as we sailed through the morning and into the early afternoon. It is actually a fairly long island, measuring over 19 nm from east to west and about 6 nm from north to south.

We snaked our way around reefs that fringe the island and made our way into Green Cay Marina. We were met by Steve as he instructed us to tie up at his fuel dock. The dock where we will be tied up to during our stay was still being used by another boat. That boat had delayed its departure until tomorrow.

Once tied up I made my way to the marina office to clear into the US and was greeted by our blog friend, Rick, just as he arrived in his pickup truck. We both entered the marina office and while there, Steve called Customs and Immigration and, over the phone, the formalities were taken care of. It was the easiest clearance I have ever experienced. We are now good to go throughout the US Virgin Islands!

Once done with clearance, Rick and I walked to Leu Cat and Rick was introduced to Mary Margaret. It was like old home week. We both took to Rick like a long-lost friend. He was so friendly and warm.

He had brought with him our mail that we had forwarded to hold for us. Within the mail he brought were my new crocks. Once those were slipped on we headed down the dock so Rick could give us a tour of his 38-foot power cat. He once had a Lagoon 500 but he and his partner, Bret, have since opted for engines instead of sail. They love it and it is a thing of beauty.

We next piled into Rick's pickup truck and headed east to where he and Bret live. When we arrived, we were at a beautiful large ranch house that overlooks the north shore of the island, including Buck Island. Buck Island is a National Monument and is famous for its underway sea life.

We were greeted by Brent and instantly were made to feel at home. Their house is large, open and spectacular with views of the ocean starring at us from every room. After a tour of their house we were next shown the guest cottage where we will be staying. It is a charming and very comfortable house with its own view of the ocean and the well landscaped grounds that are dotted with mahogany trees. It is paradise found!

Rick and Bret then took us to their favorite local eatery for dinner: Blue Water Terrace. Once again we had a wonderful view of the north of the island. The menu was amazing as were the various dishes we ordered. I could not resist the huge rib eye steak, smothered with sautéed mushrooms, onions and then covered with gorgonzola cheese. The beef was so large that I don't think I was able to eat half of it. However, I now know what is waiting for me for breakfast!

Mary Margaret had ordered a platter of fried calamari for the table which was tender, sweet and delicious. By the time we worked our way through with our main course, we were just too full for dessert but decided to punish ourselves by sharing a carrot cake that kept with the local tradition of being eye popping large but oh so good.

By the time we were done, we rolled away from the table and gave good bye hugs and waves to the very warm staff and owners.

Tomorrow, after moving our boat to its dock, Rick will be giving us a tour of the island. He and Bret are also making reservations for dinner in town at their favorite restaurant. It specialized in Thai cuisine. I can tell our diet days are over for a while...

Year 10 Day 60 St Croix Bound!

27 March 2017 | 15 nm West of Philipsburg, Sint Maarten
This morning we tossed our dock lines and then ran over to the marina's fuel dock. We wanted to fill our fuel tanks with duty free diesel. We took 289 liters and it only cost us $189 US. That is just $0.79 a liter or just a little over $3.00 a gallon. Whoo Hoo!

We then went out to the center of Great Bay and anchored. We wanted to clean the bottom of our dinghy before we headed out for St. Croix. We had to have the dinghy in the water while docked to prevent the dinghy from banging into the concrete dock. Thus, the bottom was covered with slime and some barnacles. Since I still have my incision that is partial open, I could not go into the water. The cleaning of the bottom of the dinghy fell to Mary Margaret. The swells were coming into the bay so the dinghy bounced quite a bit in the water. This made it a were challenge to clean its bottom. It took over an hour and by the time Mary Margaret had it sparkling, she was exhausted and a bit water logged. I felt so sorry for her but was greatly appreciative.

Since our passage to St Croix is only about 95 nm, we decided to sit on our anchor until 1500. We have made arraignments with Steve, the Green Cay Marina manager, to arrive around 1400 tomorrow. That will give him time to clear out a boat that will currently where we will be docking. Since we knew we would have no winds during this passage. By leaving at 1500 and motoring at just 4.3 knots, we should arrive right on time.

I took the first 3-hour shift and it was easy, peasy. The starboard engine is running on moderately low RPMs, the swells are coming from our port stern quarter and we are having a leisurely way of it.

Every now and again a puff of wind teases us, coming from the south. I did unfurl the head sail and milked a knot out of the 6-knot breeze which allowed me to back off of on the RPMs. However, after about 30 minutes, the breeze floated away and I had to furl the headsail. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

We are looking forward to spending a short bit of time in St. Croix. Our blog friend, Rick, has invited us to spend some time with him and use his guest house. We are excited about finally meeting him and exploring St. Croix. We will not be spending too much time here since we need to head over to St Thomas so that can pick up our good friends, Portia and Steve, who will be spending a couple of weeks. We can hardly wait to see them. Once they leave, we then get to have our good friends, Valerie and Joe come and sail with us for a few days. They have sailed with us a few times, once in Panama and again in New Zealand.

As you can see, this coming month is power packed with great people and we are anticipating great times!

It is currently 1830, our position is 17 58.92'N: 063 17.85'W, our course is 263 degrees True, our speed is about 4.3 knots, and we have about 80 or so nm to go. The winds are nil and the swells are about a meter, coming from the ESE.

Year 10 Day 59 Meeting Old New Friends

26 March 2017
This photo captures Michael and Sara Lee's friends, Kevin and Robin (on the left), Mary Margaret, Michael's lovely wife, Sara Lee and their daughter, Larissa.

Year 10 Day 59 Meeting Old New Friends

26 March 2017 | Bobby's Marina, Philipsburg, SInt Maarten
Dave/Mostly Sunny

It was way back in May 2010 when we received our first blog comment from Michael commenting on our blog and asking a sailing technique question. At that time, we were literally in the middle of the South Pacific, still a few days from making landfall in the Marquesas in French Polynesia. Since that time, we have emailed each other close to 70 times. Whew! Thus, we feel that we have known each other very well. Michael is the proud owner of a Lagoon 440. His boat is only a year younger than ours. As you can see, we have a lot in common.

Well, today, we finally hooked up as he, his lovely wife Sara Lee, his daughter Larissa, and their good friends from Texas, Robin and Keven, came to our boat. They had just arrived up in Simpson Bay this morning. Once cleared in and tied up at the Simson Bay Marina, they rented a car and drove to find us. How great is that!

After introductions and a brief stay on Leu Cat we all walked over to The Green House to have lunch that Michael was gracious enough to insist on treating all of us to a lunch/dinner. We swapped stories and share views and just had a wonderful time. We so enjoyed each other that we ended up staying at our table until almost 1730. At that time, we then walked over to the boardwalk and find a gelato shop. As we spooned down our frozen goodness we continued to learn more about each of us and so enjoyed what we learned. By the time we finally said goodbye it close to 1900 and it was like saying farewell to friends that we had known forever. What a great day and wonderful friends.

Tomorrow, we sail off to St Croix. It is just about 95 nm and will be an overnight sail. The winds are predicted to be light so we might end up motoring most of the way. Once there, we will be greeted by Rick, another blog reader friend. He and his wife have kindly invited us to spend a few days with them and have offered us their guest house. They used to own a Lagoon 500 and we can hardly wait to meet them and listen to the stories that they can share with us regarding their cruising days.

If you have kept up with our blog, you know that it has led us to meeting all kinds of great people from all around the world and we are so fortunate to have that opportunity.

More Of The Cousteau Marine Park

25 March 2017
Without a doubt, this was the best diving spot we have come across in the Antilles. If you ever get a chance to come, be sure to stop at the Cousteau Marine Park in Guadeloupe.

More Of The Cousteau Marine Park

25 March 2017
We saw lots of colorful sponges and plenty of fish.

More Of The Cousteau Marine Park

25 March 2017
One last view of the Lionfish. He was very protective of his territory near this one coral bommie.
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