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Year 5 Day 58 Returning To Queensland
Dave/Cloudy and Grey
03/29/2012, Brisbane, AU

Today was a travel day as we spent the day flying across the continent of Australia. We left Perth at 0900 AM and arrived in Brisbane a bit after 1600. It was only a 4 hour flight but with the time zones we lost a few hours in transit.

Tomorrow we hop on the Tilt Train at 1100 and arrive back in Bundaberg around 1530 (with luck given how the trains tend to run a bit late). We look forward to being back on Leu Cat and are anxious to see how well she has weathered all of the rain storms that she has been racked by since we have been gone.


Another shot of the Indian Ocean and one of the cargo ships going in to dock.


This is the office of the Fremantle Shipping Company


Here is the Fremantle Post Office


One of the charming streets of the city center.


Here is the old City Government Building. It is closed now but still dominates the city center.

Year 5 Day 57 Fremantle
Dave/Sunny And Cloudless
03/28/2012, Perth, AU

We decided to watch a couple of BBC made for TV movies this morning. One had just started when we woke up and turned the TV on. We became hooked so we just lounged the morning away, enjoying ourselves. Around noon we hoped in the car and headed off toward the coast and Fremantle.

While Perth is located a bit up the Swan River, Fremantle is situation on the coast and it is where the ocean going vessels dock and load or unload their cargo. Unlike Perth with it skyscrapers, Fremantle has none and most of the buildings we saw were built years ago and reflected their age by the type of architecture used. Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco styles dominated, making for a very charming scene as we drove to and then walked around the center of the city. I will post a number of photos that I took but it may be a day or two before I am done since we leave early tomorrow morning for Brisbane.

We had lunch in an old, dark Irish Pub and I complemented my meal with a pint of Guinness Stout. I love Guinness Stout and get it whenever I can.

After taking in the center of the city, we drove over to one of the many beautiful white sand beaches that Fremantle is famous for. Here we faced the Indian Ocean for just the second time in our lives. The first time was over 12 years ago when we spent some time in Bali. The water, while slightly cool, was most enjoyable and certainly much, much warmer than the Tasmania Sea or the South Ocean that we enjoyed while in Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania. The ocean colors were rich and most inviting. I hope the photo I took captures it well for you.

Today is our last day in the Perth area since we start our return journey to Leu Cat tomorrow. We first fly to Brisbane and then on Friday, take the train back to Bundaberg. Our good friend John, of Sea Mist, will be picking us up at the rail station and returning us to the marina.

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