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LeuCat Adventures
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Reef At Langford Is. Day 2

There is lots of soft coral along this reef.

Reef At Langford Is. Day 2

We we hopped into the water, this was our first view of the reef.

Year 5 Day 112 More Diving
Dave/Sun, Clouds, Rain: Then Repeat Ad Nauseam
05/22/2012, Stonehaven Anchorage, Hook Is. AU

While today was much more cloudy than yesterday, we still were able to dive into the water and snorkel around the reef at Langford Island. Mary Margaret was anxious to get into the water and view the reef. She was rewarded with views that were awesome. More than once she surfaced to shout out how wonderful this reef is. She was right. While the water was once again very murky, and the sun was not shining much, the beauty of the reef still exposed itself to us. I took some more photos and will post them to and above this blog.

After spending some time diving, we returned to Leu Cat and then took her back to Stonehaven Anchorage. The moorings at Langford get hit pretty badly by the tidal current and during rising tide the current flows contrary to the SE winds. This resulted in Leu Cat being pushed into the mooring ball and the ball rubbing against and pounding the sides of our hull. The wind pushed us off the ball but each time it slacked, the current would push us right back into it. Ugh!

At Stonehaven we were the only boat there for the rest of the afternoon, although in the evening a few boats did come in. It was great having the anchorage to ourselves as the solitude was most enjoyable.

We did have our daily dose of liquid sunshine as it rained maybe on four different occasions. Its weather, what can you do????

Three Champions

We received this photo of our three kids yesterday. They were at one of the Bay To Breakers parties. What a hoot! Christina is about 6 months pregnant with our first grandchild!

Reef At Langford Is.

I wish I knew the name of this type of coral. It is one of my favorites.

Reef At Langford Is.

You can see how varied the corals were here.

Reef At Langford Is.

I wish this shot turned out better. However, the sun had ducked behind a large cloud when I discovered this coral. It was so neat that I had to share it even though the photo did not turn out so well. The coral looked like a couple of purple stingrays sliding over the reef.

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