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LeuCat Adventures
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Sundowners On The Beach

Here is a shot of folks from Tahina, Salamander and Leu Cat all enjoying their sundowners on Lizard Island. Starting on the right (Leu Cat) Mary Margaret, Tahina) Karen, Patricia, and Frank, (Salamander) Chris, Sue and Hilary.

Cheers, everyone!


Boo! Hiss! Here is the Snidely Whiplass (that dastardly bad guy) of the coral reef. It's a crown of thorns star fish munching away on the reef. This is the first one we have seen in Australia.


Here is one where to polyps have died completely and now you can clearly see the sculptured coral skeleton.


In this shot you can see where some of the polyps have died off.


If anyone can tell me the name of this coral, I sure would appreciate it. I have been calling it "furry" coral since it looks to me that it is wearing a fur coat.

Today I discovered that the skeleton of this coral is also my other favorite "sculptured" coral. You will see the transition of the furry coral to the sculptured coral in the next few pictures.

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