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LeuCat Adventures
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2nd Day Reef Pics

Here is another one of those feathery balled soft corals.

2nd Day Reef Pics

I am not even sure what this is let alone what it is called. Does anybody know?

2nd Day Reef Pics

We have made our next anchorage but, alas, the Internet is still very poor. However, I thought I would give it a yoeman's effort in seeing if I can pos some more pictures from yesterday's snorkeling adventure.

Cheryl, of Sea Mist calls this starfish a starfish covered with blueberries. I think so has just about called it right!

Year 5 Day 201 41 Years Ago I Robbed The Cradle
08/27/2012, Ratong Island, near Riung on Flores Island, Indonesia

41 years ago I swept this pretty young sophomore in College off her feet and married her. She was the prettiest girl on campus and I was the luckiest guy in the world. I am still the luckiest guy in the world and she is still the prettiest girl around!!!! Time sure flies when you are having fun.

We celebrated by having a nice quiet dinner on board Leu Cat and enjoying the special dessert that Mary Margaret made: her first pineapple upside cake. It was delicious.

We enjoyed the afternoon together by snorkeling the reef next to our boat. It was not much of a reef to enjoy but we saw a few things that were pretty cool. I will try to post their pictures but the Internet is so slow here the pictures may have to wait until we get to a better location.

In the morning, Captain Black John of S/V Sea Mist organized his armada of dinghies for the Bintang Beer raid on the village of Riung. This motley group of old salts raced across the bay with lusty thoughts of carrying off a number of cartons of the beautiful brew. However, after getting to the market place we discovered we were too late. The last carton of Bintang had been sold.....

Not to accept defeat Captain Black John found Nick, a local who spoke English and told him about our plight. Nick took pity on us old salts so he took us to a little shop and spoke to the lady who ran it. In no time, we had placed an order for 17 cases of Bintang that would be delivered to the wharf at 1800 tonight. Alas for me, I would not be able to partake in this pick up since we would be having our anniversary dinner then. Even I am not so foolhardy as to be running around Indonesia on a wild goose chase for beer while my bride of 41 years sits over an anniversary spread and watches the food get cold.

However, Captain Black John took pity on this poor sailor and offered to bring back a few cased for me. Thus, in the end, I had my pretty spouse, my dinner and my Bintang. Man o' man, anniversaries just don't get better than that!!!!

Tomorrow we weigh anchor and keep plugging west. Our next anchorage is just over 30 nm away so it should be an easy sail (or more likely, motor).

Snorkeling The Reefs

One last photo of our snorkeling adventure today. Here is a close up of the chromis around the branches of the coral.

Snorkeling The Reefs

More colorful staghorn coral.

Snorkeling The Reefs

Here is a feathery soft coral that is wrapped up in a ball.

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