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Mary Margaret/Sunny and clear
12/13/2012, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Tucson, Arizona, USA 2012

This is our first blog since we arrived in the United States on November 11, 2012. It has been a month (it is now December 13) since then and it has been a whirlwind! We spent a few days in the Los Angeles area where we used to live. We met up with some friends and "took care of some business". The business part was going to our dentist, dealing with taxes and meeting with our financial manager. It was crazy busy and dealing with jet lag was not fun. Just an FYI, DO NOT fly China Southern Airlines - they are not service oriented and you are treated like cattle. Enough said, but I am NOT looking forward to our flight back!
After spending 5 days in So. Cal., we got on a plane and got to meet our grandson when we landed in Tucson. What a wonderful experience! We were soooo happy to see our daughter, Christina, our son-in-law, Micahel, and to touch and kiss Isaac! What a sweet child! No I am NOT biased! He has a great little personality, is bright and doing so well! After these last three weeks I TOTALLY understand why people love being grandparents. You get to experience the miracle of a child without any of the responsibility. I have noticed Isaac doing things that I did not notice my children do (I KNOW they did but I was too busy to notice!). It really is a lovely experience! Especially since Isaac is such a sweet little boy.
Thanksgiving was another wonderful experience. We had all of Michael's family here for the meal. We spoke with our other children over the phone but they both had to work so we did not get to spend it with them. It was disappointing but totally understood. We get to see them all for Christmas so that is super! The Thanksgiving meal was amazing! No one in the world has turkeys like the USA! They are large and succulent! Dave makes the best turkey and stuffing! When we first married I had never lived on my own and I sure did not make a turkey! Dave said "no problem! I will cook the turkey!" He did such a good job he has made the turkey ever since! I have yet to make a turkey! I usually do all the sides but this year I shared the responsibility with Peggy (Michael's mother) and Chrissy. It was delicious and making all of them was a piece of cake because we all shared the work.
Since Thanksgiving, we have worked on getting things for Christmas and the boat. We have also spent LOTS of time with Isaac and observing our children being loving and wonderful parents! What a joy to see our next generation doing a lovely job with all of our futures!
There will not be many blogs until we go back to the boat - maybe 3 or 4 more since we really enjoy the time off. However, it is a lovely way of knowing where all time goes! It is a wonderful memory to take out and experience again.
One not so nice experience that has occurred is that I can no longer endorse Kindle as an e-reader. If you are in the market for an e-reader I can recommend the Nook from Barnes and Noble. If you have questions e-mail us and I will answer you.

Year 5 Day 271 The End Of Our Fifth Cruising Season
11/10/2012, Langkawi Airport, Langkawi, Malaysia

By the time you read this blog, we will be on our way back to the US to spend 3 months enjoying the holidays with our kids and new grandson. This year, as with the previous cruising years, just flew by. It seems that is was only yesterday that we had returned from the States to Bundaberg to start this cruising season.

We enjoyed our year which including land traveling around Australia, cruising up the Great Barrier Reef, going "over the top" when we passed Cape York, and then our sail to Darwin. We met a number of very nice people in Australia, including Steve and Wendy (Sydney), Phil and Heather (Sydney), and Brian and Gayle (Darwin), all who invited us into their homes and shared with us the famous Australian warmth and hospitality. They really made our visit to this country something very special for us.

We also enjoyed Indonesia with the various cultures they have and the great snorkeling and diving reefs. While Sail Indonesian ended up being a bust this year, due to the canceling of most of the festivities, we still enjoyed our time there. What made it very special was the month that Portia and Steve (formerly of S/V Dream Caper) were with us. We were not sure how it would be having someone with us for a full month, given that we are used to having the whole boat to just the two of us, but it turned out great and we are hoping that they will come and visit us again next year when we sail over to the eastern side of Malaysia.

While we have been in Malaysia for a few weeks now, we really have not had a chance to get to know its people and culture. We have been on the go since we first arrived trying to finish a number of boat projects and then mothballing the boat this last week. However, these last few days at Rebak Marina has been most enjoyable and getting to know Rick and Robin (S/V Endangered Species) and Dick and Lynne (S/V Wind Pony) as well as a few of the other cruisers here made it very, very nice. We felt so welcomed.

We are looking forward to our next cruising season (Year 6), when we will have more time to explore Malaysia, Thailand and then do some serious land exploration of China, Vietnam, Cambodian and possibly Laos. We hope to explore parts of China with our good friends Joe and Valerie, who we explored Peru and a bit of New Zealand with a few years ago.

Thank you for following our blog this year and a special thanks to everyone who either left us a blog comment or emailed us. We really enjoy getting those comments and emails. It helps shrink our world down knowing that we have people who care enough to write and offer words of encouragement.

We will be returning to Leu Cat in early February 2013 and will pick up the blog again then. Until then, have a prosperous rest of 2012 and here to an even better 2013.

Rebak Marina

WHen Happy Hour started, the girls joined us and we all had a great time.

Rebak Marina

Here is the beach that is in front of the resort.

Rebak Marina

The three old salts enjoying some fine leaf. That is Rick (Endangered Species) next to me and Dick (Wind Pony)

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