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LeuCat Adventures
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Leu Cat's Photos - Virgin Islands Adventure 2007
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foundary: Half Moon Party on Trellis Bay and here local artists are making pottery using an ancient Japanese technique.
Dinner: This was our dinner, caught fresh from the sea that day.  Huge lobsters on Anageda.
flowers: More unique flora.
Heather Mary and Dave on hike: Mary, Dave and Heather hiking towards the Baths in Virgin Gorda.
flower: BVI flora.
Heather at buring ball: Amazing fireworks at the Half Moon Party in Trellis Bay!  These fire balls are actually on the water!
Sammy The Shark Welcomes Us To Trellis Bay: While waiting for Heather
Trellis Bay and BVI
Marina Cay and Pusser
Salt Pond Bay: After spending five days at Ensenada Honda we then started our process of easing back into society.  We accomplished this by sailing to one of our favorite spots: Salt Pond Bay, at St. Johns, US Virgin Islands.  This is a great spot that few people know.  You can get a mooring ball for $15 and it has two large rock reefs that have swarms of fish and sea fans.  It is a snorkler
The Protective Reef: Here is Mary swimming out to the reef.  Unfortunately, the reef is dead, distroyed from the effects of a hurricane an number of years ago.  It will take decades for it to return to its past glory.  Each day we had entertainment as a fellow took his dog and a kite onto the reef.  The dog would chase the kite as it dove and hovered just above the reef.
Checking Into Customs: We met the live-a-board on the boat next to us.  He was a fellow from Puerto Rico that has been moored here for four years.  He helped us check in with US Customs.  If you are a US Registered boat, you just need to call in and get your clearance number.  The phone number to call is 787-742-3531
Ensenada Honda: We moored in Ensenada Honda, Isla de Culebra.  It is a long beautiful natural harbor and is protected from the seas by a long reef.  You can pick up a mooring ball from free.
Week 1 Voyage: Mary and I sailed a Lagoon 440 from Tortola (British Virgin Islands) to Isla de Culebra (Spanish Virgin Islands).  We could not take Leu Cat as it was in charter so we had a sister 440.  We had light winds our entire trip, which is unusal for the Virgin Islands.  We typically had 5 to 10 knots, and many times less than that.  While a Lagoon 440 will make 4 kts in 6 kts of wind, we ended up motoring about 1/2 the time.
Who: Mary Margaret and Dave Leu
Port: Dana Point, CA
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