NW Passage

29 January 2015 | Ushuaia
28 January 2015 | Antarctic Peninsula
28 January 2015 | Cape Horn
23 January 2015 | Enterprise Island
21 January 2015 | Cuverville Island
20 January 2015 | Argentine Islands
20 January 2015 | Petermann Island
19 January 2015 | Lemaire Channel
19 January 2015 | Summit Mt Matin
19 January 2015 | Hotine Glacier, Lemaire Channel
15 January 2015 | Bigo Bay
14 January 2015
14 January 2015 | Rambler Harbour, Bragg Islands
13 January 2015 | E of Levoisier Island
12 January 2015 | Jabet Peak, Port Lockroy
11 January 2015 | Mt Banck, Paradise Harbour
10 January 2015 | Unnamed Peak, Curtiss Bay
10 January 2015 | Langley Peak, Curtiss Bay
06 January 2015 | South Trinity Island
05 January 2015 | Mikkelsen Harbour, Trinity Island

Vo-a-la! (with Simon's auzzzie accent..)

05 September 2010 | Mount Ngunngun
Marielle and family
It was fabulous to share during the last month some nice moments with friends before being on the road again.

The time spent with the Rees allowed us to catch up after 11 years (for those who don't know, we met back then at a prenatal class in Sydney as Naïma and Chester were still "on the way", enjoyed Bronte Beach together, heliskied a couple of months later together in New Zealand, ..).

The girls liked the carousels and especially the company of ChupaChup, Marielle is still delighted of the kayaking under the rain and loved the book "the architecture of happyness" and Phippu had a wonderful fathersday!
I won't say that we still cannot believe that Jules and Simon won this gorgeous house because of a reality show!!!

Vo-a-la! See you again next time in the swiss mountains!
Vessel Name: Libellule
Hailing Port: Switzerland
Crew: The Cottier family on s/v Libellule
Extra: Un tout grand merci à Transa (outdoor shop à Zürich) et à Oxygène Montagne (magasin spécialisé en matériel de sport à Ependes, FR) pour leurs généreux rabais ;)))
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