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NW Passage

La pêche sur Libellule, une science aléatoire…
18/11/2009, Somewhere NW of Capverde Islands

Mercredi 18 novembre 2009
20°42'N / 029°55'W
ENE 4 à 5 / 7nds au 254°
Grande voile et Génaker en papillon

La pêche sur Libellule, une science aléatoire...

Sur babord, un lancé (canne + moulinet), bas de ligne multiple selon feeling, une longueur de fil entre cinquante et cent mètres. A son actif, une dorade et un thon, pas mal.
Au milieu, une ligne standard avec élastique + tresse + bas de ligne acier avec poulpe rouge. Résultat nul, zéro poisson.
A tribord, la même ligne qu'au milieu mais une bonne réussite : un thon, deux dorades, et deux dorades monstrueuses loupées pour cause de casse du bas de ligne.

Le plus important dans tout cela c'est ce qu'on a dans l'assiette, et un bon poisson, préparé avec amour à la crème fraîche sauce soja, farine beurre, marinade citron huile d'olive poivre, c'est délicieux...

Salivez bien, et à bientôt.


4 Lanzarote-Trinidad
Warten auf den Wind
16/11/2009, Somewhere N of Capverde Islands

Sonntag, ein schoener Tag, Sonne, gute Sicht, flache See. Leider wenig Wind. Dank dem in der Nacht gebackenen Zopf und Brot haben wir gut gefruehstueckt. Merci Ruedi. Nachdem wir den Tag langsam angehen konnten, wir uns der Sonne aussetzten, Broschueren ueber Takelage, Bordinstrumente, Navigation, Sternenkunde studierten oder in einem Buch lasen, gings richtig los . Treibstoff, wurde nachgefuellt. 286 Liter mussten aus 13 Kanistern in den Tank gefuellt werden. Dann das Deck schrubben um die Dieselrueckstaende zu beseitigen und alles wieder aufzuraeumen. Zwischendurch gabs belegte Brote aus dem restlichen Zopf und Brot, welche wir mit Schinken, Wurst, Eier, Kaese und Tomaten belegt hatten. Schlussendlich stieg Philippe noch aufs Bike. Siehe Foto. Vermutlich um seinen Hunger noch mehr anzuregen. Wie es sich an einem Sonntag gehoert, gabs ein entsprechendes Nachtessen. Entrecote, gebratene Kartoffeln und Salat. Es hat gemundet. Jedenfalls ist aufgegessen worden. Dann eine wunderschoene Nacht in der wir unsere Sternenkunde auffrischen oder ergaenzen konnten. Zwischendurch hatten wir sogar etwas Windunterstuetzung. Ruedi und Peter konnten zwei Wenden fahren. Nun ist es Montagmorgen, es regnet und der Wind hat leider nicht zugelegt. Und dazu kam noch, dass uns ein gefangener Fisch, Dorade corrifene, sicher ein Meter lang, (oder waren eventuell die Augen so weit auseinander) im letzten Moment wieder entwichen ist. Ja wir sind ja Bescheiden, wir begnuegen uns vorerst mit den drei kleinen Fischen resp. den Filet's davon, die wir gestern geangelt hatten und jetzt im Kuehlschrank liegen. Nun geht's wieder aufwaerts. ‸dr Sunne entgaege!"

Sorry," my bad englisch" hat's nicht zugelassen, dass ich in der Bordsprache geschrieben habe.
Gruss von allen Peter

PS: Hoi Pap, gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Alles goed hier, we hebben een zuidelijke koers zodat we snel in de Passaat wind zitten. Voorspellingen zijn goed 4-6 Bft. Verder weer dolfijnen gezien en een paar goede fotos gemaakt. Zie je in December. Groetjes, Rob

4 Lanzarote-Trinidad
14/11/2009, Somewhere SW of Canary Islands

Bad news first. We are still waiting for good wind and therefore have to "sail" mainly via the engine. According to the weather forecast we can expect better conditions within the next three days. We will keep you posted.
We could already sight some dolphins around our boat. They obviously like us as they came back a few times. Our crew is still arguing about whether these are "Zuegeldelfin", "blau-weisser Delfin" or "Grosser Tuemmler". I hope we have figured this out by the end of our trip. If you are a dolphin expert and able to identify them with the picture above, you are more than welcome to leave us a comment.
Yesterday, we made our first swimming stop out in the Atlantic. Armored with snorkeling gear we explored the "deep blue sea". There wasn't really much to explore though, besides the dirt at the bottom of the boat (which was cleaned by heroic Rob and Philipp) and some jelly fish.
Today the main task was to repair the water maker which was was heavily leaking. But our onboard mechanics Sylvain and Philipp were able to successfully bypass the freshwater outlet between the water maker and the water tank. We have to mention the full commitment for working on a weekend, which is highly appreciated by all of us.
Last but not least we want to thank you for the comments and let you know that everybody is in good condition, all of us are enjoying the good weather and trying our best to be "not too busy" ;)

4 Lanzarote-Trinidad
First tuna (bonita) catch provides fresh Sushi dinner
12/11/2009, South of Gomera

This is our crew:

Sylvain, our young French skipper, has a lot of experience on transatlantic turns. Immediately at arrival, he thoroughly checked all equipment on board, making sure all works well.

Philipp, the boat owner, has done a huge amount of preparation to make this trip as save and convenient as possible. Together with Ruedi, they carried loads of fresh and canned food, drinks and not to forget, lots of extra gasoline to substitute potential missing wind. Peter, our senior on board, has a lot of experience as a skipper, enjoys his first transat. Rob, a young Dutchman living in Switzerland since eight years, loves all water sports, despite not having grown up at the seaside. Sandro, our youngster on board, just return from a world trip and has been sailing since he was a kid. Ruedi, another senior and late starter as a sailor, likes to top his sailing experience by his first transatlantic trip.

First days on the water:

After leaving Lanzarote on Tuesday, life on board has quickly started to organize. All crew members did easily get acquainted and contribute to all tasks, be it behind the steering wheel under sail or engine, working in the kitchen, cleaning the boat or getting their portion of sleeping or leisure.
During Tuesday night we headed south under sail with good wind east of Fuerteventura, to pass south of Cran Canaria during Wednesday. Most of the time, there was enough wind for sailing (3-4 Bft). Sylvain installed his simple fishing gear and soon thereafter, the whole crew was busy with a lucky catch, delivering fresh Sushi for dinner. Not all of us were able to enjoy it, showing slight signs of sea-sickness. But we do hope to catch more fresh fish anyway.

Last night, we enjoyed a dark blue sky with millions of shiny stars making one dream. Smooth winds and easy waves made sure all crew members had a good night sleep. Since this morning we depend more on our strong engines. All of us have shown up for breakfast and feel fit again. Ruedi's first fresh bread was appreciated, but he sees some room for improvement. Today we enjoy lots of sunshine, perfect condition to clean the boat from the last Sahara sand.

4 Lanzarote-Trinidad
10/11/2009, Puerto Calero, Lanzarote

One last dinner onshore seperates us from departure. Mix of excitment and nervousness but we are all thrilled about the trip. Weather looks good, nice wind so it should be a good start! We will update the blog during the trip so keep posted!

4 Lanzarote-Trinidad
Waiting for the big departure across the Atlantic!!!
05/11/2009, Puerto Calero, Lanzarote

The view from Libellule's mast top, direction SW (Trinidad we are coming..)

4 Lanzarote-Trinidad

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