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NW Passage

Bienvenidos en Republica Dominicana
12/04/2010, Cap Cana Marina, Punta Cana, Rep Dom

Negotiating our entry with Immigration, Customs, Ministry of Agriculture, Navy, Port Authority, and various other Officials.

Pretending to be smiling, after a night long sail in heavy winds and waves..

6 Puerto Rico-Bahamas
Enchanted Island
11/04/2010, Salinas, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's nickname is the Enchanted Island. And now we know why. To our big surprise, Puerto Rico turned out to be very exciting, with beautiful beaches on Culebra and Vieques, a nice coast line around Jobos, Salinas, Isla Caja Muerto and Ponce, strong winds up to 30 knots (and yes, by now we are windsurfing like professionals), really friendly people and a very Latin American culture, especially at night when we want to sleep with 100 decibel salsa and bachata music. Also, we enjoyed the company of our dear friends, pirate Luca and his parents Beat and Deborah from Sydney Australia.

We are now in Ponce and are preparing our boat for the 120 Nm night traverse to Republica Dominica where we expect not only nice countryside and beaches but also a lot of administrative hassles and red tape. We have been warned by all the sailors coming from there. Vamos a ver..

6 Puerto Rico-Bahamas
Easter Turtle?
04/04/2010, Bahia Almodovar, Culebra, Puerto Rico

We don't know how he did it, but this morning EASTER BUNNY arrived. Or maybe it was EASTER TURTLE, since a) we are not sure how good of a swimmer Bunny really is, and b) we spotted a surprising amount of turtles suspiciously circumventing our boat last night. Or maybe Bunny was helped by the turtles?

6 Puerto Rico-Bahamas

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