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SV Lightfoot
Jekyll Island
29 May 2012 | Jekyll Island- ICW Mile 695
We started late today (11:30 am) to avoid some heavy rain in the morning. We traveled up the ICW and saw a group of three manatees swimming south of the town of Ferdandino Beach. On one section we saw a shrimper with one of his outriggers deployed. At first we thought he was fishing in the ICW but then we realized he was aground and using his fishing gear to pull himself free. He freed himself and we followed him for several miles until he split off into what I thought was a dead end. Before long we saw him turn around retrace his path and fall in behind us. Now I am starting to think, this guy must not have charts. So he followed us through some tricky areas and then pulled ahead when the town of Ferdandino Beach was in sight. We saw him make one aborted pass at rafting up with some other fishing boats before we passed and left him to it. Must have been a new guy.

Later we passed the US Navy submarine base at King's Bay. There were two boats with security personnel present to make sure we stayed in the channel. I saw one of the submarines that I refueled back in my working days tied up to a pier. After passing King's Bay the skies opened and Beryl wet us down again. We passed Cumberland and Little Cumberland Island and through Saint Andrews Sound seeing two sea turtles poke up their heads in Saint Andews sound. We pulled into a small creek west of Jekyll Island, dropped the anchor, and now it is Miller time. Fried egg sandwiches and baked beans on the menu tonight.