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SV Lightfoot
Kilkenny Creek
31 May 2012 | Kilkenny Creek GA
We wound through the Georgia marshes for about 70 miles on our way to Savannah. The Georgia marshes extended for miles and it was nice to see so much unspoiled habitat. About 40 miles into the trip we noticed a large sloop with a French name slowly gaining on us. As we entered Saint Catherine’s Sound the French boat passed us by cutting off a corner. After a series of the usual French jokes, including the waving of private parts in their general we accepted defeat. As evening fell we found ourselves running low on fuel and turned into a creek in the marsh toward a marina and there we found our nemesis securely tied to the dock. As we tied up the two guys on board invited us over for Dark and Stormies. Turns out they had departed from Daytona Beach bound for Charleston in a race before diverting to Ferandino Beach due to Beryl.
Very interesting people and not French. After Dark and Stormies and the requisite trading of sea stories we walked a short distance to a nice restaurant. Kilkenny Creek Marina was really a very nice place to stop. Friendly local people and marina owner.