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Out of Bounds
Anchored off Port Ewen

We arose early today (early for Steve and I) in order that we would pass under that bridge I mentioned 2 days ago. According to the dock master they have been having 3-4 foot tides lately. Harley and Steve insist we had lots of room.. Janice and I beg to differ... but I'm so...oo dramatic!

The Hudson River
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September/18/2009 | Marie Pearsons
To me it looks like you touched. Wow. Is that courage ... or ?
The Historical Town of Kingston
September/15/2009, Rondout Creek

Photo of Bridge we `brushed`under today.

We are in the "The Historical Town of Kingston".
Lat night we stayed on a mooring ball alongside Blue Blazes. Mike who works the crane at Hop-O-Nose gave us his mooring ball for the night. Isn't that just wonderful! After filling the tanks with diesel ($2.89/gal) we headed down the Hudson.
We motored all the wind...but it didn't matter. We looked like a sailboat.
A large barge passed by us and I thought "I'm not even going to take a picture of that"; but I did. It seemed so blasé!
The trip today 22.5 nm Log 10869. We are anchored in Kingston, Rondout Creek.
Highlights for the day: Going under a bridge with 56 foot vertical clearance (our masts are around 54 feet) and with the was questionable. I read about the clearance after we had brushed the underside! Yikes!
History: Kingston, the capital of New York in 1777, was burned to the ground by the British after their ships had managed to slip up the river.

The bridge is in Round Out Creak in Kingston, We found a great anchorage past it but think we best leave at low tide. Are going to stay a day and see the sites because the anchorage is safe and no charge ( anchored out and tied to shore to stay out of channel )

The Hudson River
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September/16/2009 | Mum
Glad to hear that you decided to stop and smell the roses.
September/16/2009 | Lori
ahoy Captain! Doing a great job, I see! brushed the bridge did ya? read up in advance, I suggest! ;) the comments. enjoying your trip, I am!
September/17/2009 | rhonda
Glad you're doing the blog! Living this experience vicariously! Low bridge was very scarey. :-)
Hop-O-Nose Marina

I Just wanted to let everyone know that we are in the Hudson!
What a day! Lion's Paw looks like a sailing vessel again. Yippee!

The best part about this "marina", we have internet. Last night on Skype, we spoke with Mum, Christine, Vanessa, Dad (JT) and Betty, Mike and Thera, Kim and Elyse and Jim (all the way from Australia). I feel good!

Yes, we are exhausted; I've lost every finger nail (again); we need a shower; missed lunch... but we think it`s been a good day.

The Hudson River
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September/14/2009 | Lori
the pictures are awesome! you guys look great. enjoying your trip... keep it coming!
September/15/2009 | Dick Wingate
Always knew you had NAILS, but now you are worried about your finger nails???
Love you guys!!!!
September/15/2009 | Jack and Betty
Hello to you both: Good to hear that you are now cruising down the Hudson. Hope you can meet up with Thera and Sheridan in New York. Wonderful that we can keep in touch and know that you are both ok. Keep well and have fun. Weather grand here. Love Dad and Betty
September/16/2009 | anne stafford
Steve, Marg
What a great blog! I could almost feel the tension is clearing the bridge. You are both amazing. Thinking of you, the Hudson and lions paw. Wish I could talk on skype -must get it in gear. Love from everyone in France. Anne xx

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