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Out of Bounds
Can't Fish
March/16/2010, Rum Cay

On the way to Rum Cay I caught a small barracuda and let it go. Then a 2ft Mahi Mahi. I got excited and tried to pull it onto the boat with the fishing line and it jumped off the line as it came out of the water. Then I caught a large barracuda. I figured if the Mahi Mahi could jump off the line as I lifted it, maybe the barracuda would too. As luck would have it, it did. I didn't want all those teeth aboard. Maybe I had better buy more canned tuna!

I have to acknowledge that I got so excited when Steve (we) caught the Mahi Mahi. It was so colourful! I was so disappointed that we weren't ready to catch anything. When we do things stupidly we have a frank discussion as to how not to repeat what just happened. Now we are ready with all equipment out and a plan of action if we get another bite. Meanwhile, I'm trying to bake a Hawaiian Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese icing and tidy the boat for our arrival in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic
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